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topato October 24th, 2013 12:01 PM

mini pill vent!!
this is so frustrating!

i had my son harvey in january, and started the mini pill at six weeks postpartum, so i was on it forrr *does math* seven? months. i never got a period, due in part to the pill, and in part to breast feeding.

but, here's the thing-- harvey is eating solids, and has been for a while now. i'm still breast feeding two or three times a day, but he gets most of his calories from actual food. honestly, i was hoping to not wean him further until he's ready... even if i get pregnant.

and now i've been off the mini pill for almost a month in our attempt to start ttc. but--- no witch! none at all!

the mini pill isn't supposed to stop ovulation. it isn't supposed to stop periods. breast feeding *can*, but c'mon, my son is 9 months old and it's, like, twice a day, that can't be the reason i'm not seeing af!

before i started ttc harvey, i was on the combined pill for a few YEARS. the day i came off it, i had breakthrough bleeding, and i got my period a week later. and that month, i found out i was pregnant. so the effects of the mini pill is supposed to be easier to reverse... what's going on?!

i'm really trying to avoid getting consumed by ttc, and want to let things happen. i bought about a dozen internet cheapies so i could test weekly for my bfp, and i don't really want to get more involved than that, whether it be with charting or temping. but no af means i have no idea what's going on with my body, and i don't know when i should be testing.

i hate to say it, but, i want the witch!

can you imagine-- i get my bfp, i go to the obgyn... they ask, when was your last mp? ummmm.... april 22, 2012?

meld10 October 24th, 2013 12:59 PM

Re: mini pill vent!!
Oh that must be frustrating. Sorry you are going through this. Comon witch!

I'll first say that I have not read much on how breastfeeding or the minipill affect cycles so I am really just throwing around this hypothesis but I think this could be caused mainly by the fact that you are still breastfeeding...

But as I said, what the eck do I know! Hopefully ladies who've had similar experiences can chime in. Hoping you get AF soon to get started with TTC!

Belita October 24th, 2013 02:24 PM

Re: mini pill vent!!
I think it can vary between women and PP cycles. I know many women in my PR from Oct '12 still don't have their periods. I know it's frustrating when you want to start TTC but try to relax. And I can't remember what but I know there are some herbs that can induce ovulation.

only 2x/day at 9 months? Is he getting formula in addition? That doesn't sound like enough. my 12M DS is still nursing multiple times per day. The bulk of their calories should be from BM or formula for the first 12M.

topato October 24th, 2013 03:01 PM

Re: mini pill vent!!
sometimes it's more than 2x, but he eats a LOT of solids so he's not all that interested.

Danielle.W October 24th, 2013 03:13 PM

Re: mini pill vent!!
I think for some people bf can hold off af until it stops.

I know your frustration! Hang in there!

topato October 24th, 2013 03:32 PM

Re: mini pill vent!!
yeaaaah, i know. :( bummer.

i don't want to take away the few feedings harvey still wants- i don't want him to have to suffer so we can give him a sibling, kwim? that just seems silly and kind of mean, and it's why we're not forcing it. we're just trying to let it happen, not trying, not preventing.

but the fact remains-- without periods, i'm still left completely unsure of my cycle, if/when i've ovulated, or even if i'm pregnant, unless i go poas! ugh. i could be pregnant right now, for all i know, and the test i took on sunday was just a day or two early.

thats the frustrating part!

Belita October 24th, 2013 07:46 PM

Re: mini pill vent!!
I know you love Harvey and want what's best for him, but 2x/day sometimes more is NOT enough breastmilk or formula for his age. The Academy of Pediatrics and the World Health Organization both say that breastmilk/formula should be given before solids and solids should supplement the breastmilk/formula before the age of 1. If he's not nursing you need to be giving him formula.

Weaning Your Child

hiskid1324 October 24th, 2013 07:56 PM

Re: mini pill vent!!
Whoooaaahhh, 2-3 nursing sessions a day for a 9 month old is NOT enough at all. All three of mine have been nursing at least 6 times during the day and 2-3 times through the night at 9 months. They need breastmilk before they have solids, always, until they are 12 months old, and at THAT point it can become less often or even wean off completely if that is what you want to do, but until then breastmilk or formula should be your baby's main source of nutrition. The phrase "Food before one is JUST for fun" is very true, and something to keep in mind when feeding solids to a child under one year old.

As for your cycle not returning, I didn't get my first cycle back after my son until he was 16 months, and there are plenty of people I know who COMMONLY wait a year or longer before they get their cycles back. My body isn't nearly as consistent, and I have cycled starting immediately after finishing my pp bleeding, at 6 months, and at 16 months. I dream of having another baby that puts my cycles on hold for 15-24 months pp, LOL. Your body might just not be ready to cycle again yet! It is entirely possible you could wait another 6 months or more before you get your cycles back, and it isn't just breastfeeding that affects this-- there are people who never nurse their baby and still end up waiting a year or more for their first pp cycle. Rare, but it happens.

topato October 25th, 2013 06:54 AM

Re: mini pill vent!!
wow, i kinda feel like everyone is attacking me here about the food thing. i kinda brushed off that first comment that questioned the 2x a day thing, thinking it was a fluke, but maybe i need to clarify because im giving the wrong impression.

i am certainly breastfeeding my child. i said that in the original post. he used to have more marathon sessions, but now he is down to two or three long sessions during a day.

that said, hes always eating. apparently i really need to say that because we're witch-hunting on just mommies today. ::face palm::

ok, i have no idea how many times i actually offer him my breast in a day, but that number is much higher than three. he takes a bit before and after every solid food meal he eats, he nurses for a few minutes before naps, and he comfort nurses once in a while.

thing is, i dont, nor have i ever pumped, so i dont know exactly how much he gets in those super short sessions he has during the day, and i cant imagine it's much. so, i said he breast feeds 2-3 times a day. and i stand by that! because other than those three major feedings, morning, noon, and night, he doesnt take much, and prefers to eat food.

and if you're still keeping score, by food, i mean, rice cereals, pasta, yogurt, cheese, fruits, vegetables, meats, eggs, etc etc.

look, if during a day, you ate a distinct breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but had a bunch of tiny snacks in between, before and after, how many *meals* would you say you had in a day? because i would say three. therefore, he breast feeds three times a day. and if he has something heavier at lunch time, guess what, he falls asleep after a few minutes of feeding, so that makes two times a day.

ugh, i am so disappointed. im sorry i am being so defensive, but i feel like im being accused of abusing my child, and that is not fair. no, im not starving my son, and i am offended that several people have kinda jumped to that conclusion when ive only given minimal information.

the whole point of my post was frustration because i was on the mini pill and because i am breast feeding my child. i stopped the pill thinking it would kick start my cycles, but it didnt. i am unwilling to stop breast feeding. so, no witch, no periods, and no new pregnancy.

thank you to those who read this post and didnt think they needed to phone child protective services.

Alexandrite October 25th, 2013 07:39 AM

Re: mini pill vent!!
:smackshead: I think people can get very emotional about breastfeeding and perhaps their good intentions came off a little too harsh, I know I am guilty of doing this too sometimes so I will apologize on behalf of all the ladies above for offending you :) I am sure that was not their intention.

Back to your original question re the mini pill...

You said that the mini pill does not stop ovulation, only periods. Now, I have only ever been on the normal combination pill so I could be wrong here but my logic tells me that it is not possible. For something to stop your periods, it would need to stop ovulation. By my logic, if you still ovulated then you could fertilize and have a whole ton of eggs chilling in your womb until such time that you come off your pill. Like I said, I could be wrong though lol but I am pretty sure it inhibits ovulation.

I think that your best bet would be to pick up a thermometer and start charting. Because you are still breastfeeding (and that WILL mess with your cycles unfortunately), there really is no other way to regulate yourself short of stopping breastfeeding. I would suggest watching your CM, using OPK's when you see some fertile mucus and then chart your temp constantly. This way you will be able to hopefully predict ovulation before it happens, and your temps will be able to show you if you have ovulated or not. The only other solution I can think of is sexing it up every 2-3 days and then take your hpt's weekly :P It could take you months before you ovulate, so it could get pretty exhausting... but atleast you will be covered? :D hehe! If you are interested in charting, there is a Fertility charting board where you're more than welcome to ask any questions and the ladies will help you to get started, or feel free to message me with any questions :)

I hope your wait is a relatively quick one! As someone with looooooooooong cycles (last cycle was 80+ days!) I really feel your pain!

topato October 25th, 2013 09:04 AM

Re: mini pill vent!!
thank you. maybe i over reacted, but it's not easy to feel like your skills as a mother are coming into question by total strangers.

but anyway... about the mini pill again... i agree with you, and you're using good logic-- if you're ovulating you should get periods. but, the mini pill doesn't stop ovulation, it works by thickening cm and uterine lining. and that's why lots of women accidentally get pregnant while taking the mini-pill. it is an effective means of birth control, but if there is any user error, you are fertile, the end.

...it's not supposed to stop periods.

i saw my obgyn in may for my yearly, and i told him that i hadn't gotten a pp period yet, and he told me that it's the combo of breast feeding AND taking the pills that's keeping the witch at bay. he told me that as long as i'm doing both, i'm unlikely to get a period. ...he told me to enjoy it. but, i dunno! it seems odd to complain, but even if we weren't thinking about trying for number 2, i'd rather know what's going on with my body than be spared the "inconvenience" of menstruation.

so, i was hoping that removing the one variable i'm willing to remove-- the mini pill-- would get my cycle started again. but it seems i've been unlucky there so far, hense the frustration. i suppose there's a chance it still might, though. breast feeding may continue to prevent ovulation for me, but it sounds like a lot of women who come off the mini pill just have really REALLY long cycles for a while. and that sucks, but i guess you hear me on that one! 80 days, eesh.

as for ttc, dh and i are just dtd as often as we can, which, because of my little one, is about every other day. i know there's always temping and opk's, but i think, for now, we'll just stick to what we're doing-- i'm testing for pregnancy once a week, and that's enough poas for me right now! who knows, maybe we'll get lucky sooner rather than later.

good luck to you too, and thank you again.

Belita October 25th, 2013 09:07 PM

Re: mini pill vent!!
I'm sorry you were offended, it was certainly not my intention. I know there is a lot of confusion about how to properly balance solids and breastfeeding/formula so I simply thought you didn't know since you said 2 nursing sessions. I've never talked to anyone who didn't count shorter sessions since at 9 months babies often intake just as much, if not more, in a shorter session than a longer session. It's all about how efficiently they feel like nursing.

Thanks for clarifying and again, we were just trying to be helpful and make sure you were well-informed for the sake of your son.

topato October 25th, 2013 10:12 PM

Re: mini pill vent!!
its ok. i know you were only concerned for my son. i guess its my fault for not realizing what constitutes "a feeding". if im supposed to count all the short feedings, my little one feeds closer to a dozen times a day. and saying it that way makes me think that, yeah, maybe thats why i havent seen af.

like i said, i dont really ever pump, so i have no clue how much he gets each time. he wont take expressed milk from a bottle or sippy cup, even if it is fresh (as opposed to thawed), so i dont think there is a way to find out.

ah well... ill see the witch when i see her, and we'll just keep not preventing in the meantime.

hiskid1324 October 25th, 2013 11:26 PM

Re: mini pill vent!!
Yes. ANY feeding time is a valid feeding at 9 months. it is incredible how efficient a baby is at nursing by the time they are 6 months old. They can suck down 4oz in 5 minutes! Typically they only have longer sessions when they are sleepy. If you are nursing in the night at all that often contributes to keeping AF away as well, and if you have a dozen feeding sessions going on, I can totally see that as being what is causing you to not cycle yet. I would second the recommendation to use a thermometer and chart. You CAN effectively chart even if you aren't getting *wonderful* sleep. Temp and CM combined can give you a really good idea of what your body is doing even if you're not sleeping a full 3-4 hours prior to temping. :)

Alexandrite October 26th, 2013 08:49 AM

Re: mini pill vent!!
Ok, I get what you are saying about the mini-pill... makes sense!
I totally understand you saying "it sounds silly complaining about not getting AF". Each AF for me symbolizes the chance to start again, but only getting it every 3 months means I only have 4 chances a year! I would also much rather trade the inconvenience for peace of mind and something to work toward.

Be patient with AF though, a month of the pill is really soon in perspective. It took me 6 months to get my first post-pill period and my doc said the average was 3-6 months, but possible to wait up to a year. Synthetic hormones really stuff up our systems and add breastfeeding to the mix... chances are it is going to take a little time to adjust.

It sounds like you have everything covered though, fingers crossed you have a sneaky ovulation soon ;)

bella88 October 26th, 2013 06:57 PM

Re: mini pill vent!!
Sounds like your body is just not ready for a PP AF yet. From the sounds of it you are breastfeeding enough that it is keeping it right away. You could probably get it started quicker by supplementing some of the feeds with formula instead to lessen the time he is actually breastfeeding but of course that is a personal choice. As he starts to feed less it'll probably come back in the next few months :).

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