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momopotamus November 18th, 2013 04:36 PM

doctor appointment tomorrow-update post #13
I called today to make an appointment with my obgyn and they got me in tomorrow morning. I'm going in to see if we can figure out the cause of this bleeding. Every cycle I have a VERY heavy, intense AF for about a week (this cycle was a tiny bit better but still awful) and I just continue to bleed lightly or spot for a long time after, like 2-3 weeks. I had fibroids when I was pregnant with my daughter, I'm not sure if they could have grown and are now causing an issue (they never did before) Hopefully we can figure out the endless bleeding without him insisting I try the pill again.

MandyAnn November 18th, 2013 04:39 PM

Re: doctor appointment tomorrow
Sounds like what was going on with me when I had cysts last year. Was an easy fix though! Hope it's something simple. :-)

momopotamus November 18th, 2013 04:44 PM

Re: doctor appointment tomorrow
Thanks :) What did they do to treat the cysts, if you dont mind me asking?

MandyAnn November 18th, 2013 04:46 PM

Re: doctor appointment tomorrow
We're not shy here. ;-) Well tell all!

I had to inject an estrogen cream in to my vagina for 2 weeks or so. She also had me take an antibiotic for 3 days just to make sure there was noting else going on. Been regular ever since. Before I was spotting daily for 3 months in addition to really heavy periods.

momopotamus November 18th, 2013 04:50 PM

Re: doctor appointment tomorrow
That does sound like what im going through. 2 weeks huh? I could totally deal with that as opposed to this nonsense!

MandyAnn November 18th, 2013 04:53 PM

Re: doctor appointment tomorrow
Yep, just put it in right before bed so it does not come out.

rusticbythesea01 November 18th, 2013 08:27 PM

Re: doctor appointment tomorrow
I used to get bad, painful cysts and have longer cycles a couple yrs ago, and af like you explained. My dr put me on metformin pills....but then again, its still a pill. But it helped and I stopped taking them after about 6 mos when I got pg with my daughter and I haven't had much issue with them since having her. I hope your appt goes well! Let us know tomorrow!

THE angry uterus November 18th, 2013 08:38 PM

Re: doctor appointment tomorrow
:o Hopefully they get that figured out. I used to have long heavy periods with random spotting through the cycle and then I would spot from about 7dpo until AF arrived. Now I just start AF at about 7dpo with a day or two of spotting before hand. They never did figure out what the cause was, but then they never did hormone testing either. :glare: I did have an HSG(?) and it was negative for anything like polyps or fibroids.

Good luck!

Hope2Be13 November 18th, 2013 10:06 PM

Re: doctor appointment tomorrow
Good luck! I hope you get everything figured out tomorrow!

Danielle.W November 18th, 2013 10:33 PM

Re: doctor appointment tomorrow
I have an appointment tomorrow too!

I'm dealing with the same crap. Long AF, spotting most of my cycle and SUPER early AF!


I hope we both get answers :D

momopotamus November 19th, 2013 04:52 AM

Re: doctor appointment tomorrow
Thanks everyone, and I hope so too, Danielle! Good luck to you too!

aarafko November 19th, 2013 10:26 AM

Re: doctor appointment tomorrow
Good Luck! Hope they figure it out and an easy fix. :)

momopotamus November 19th, 2013 07:27 PM

Re: doctor appointment tomorrow
Well, it wasn't horrible but it wasn't overly productive either. He gave me a script for provera to jump start a "real" period. I'm a little concerned though, considering I've always been told to abstain for 2 weeks then begin the med, and I've also never had it prescribed so quickly. Normally he waits like 6+ weeks to give it to me. I'm not sure whether to just start it tomorrow since I'm on CD 21, still bleeding and no O signs. Or just wait longer to see if I even out on my own. Regardless of all that, I didn't feel comfortable with how passive he was, so I gave my family doctor a call and she is having me come in tomorrow morning to talk and order some blood work and possibly an u/s just to see if we can get an idea of WHY I won't stop bleeding, so I feel good about that. I guess its better than being put back on the pill right?!

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