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SmilingSam June 22nd, 2013 09:26 PM

Sam's pregnancy journal
I have been putting it off and putting it off and putting it off. But the reality is that we are pregnant and it's time to move from the TTC #1 journal section to the GRAD section. I tell you I really am torn because those ladies were my support. Nicholle, Jen, Ashley, Elle, Cait, Jessica, Reba (where have you been, lady?), Ashley, and all of the newer ladies were good to me.

But here I am, somewhere between 6 weeks and 2 days to 6 weeks and 6 days, depending on what you look at. If you go by OPKs and FF, then I'm almost 7 weeks. According to the measurements from the ultrasound I had yesterday I'm actually 6 weeks and 2 days. What difference does a couple days make anyway? Wouldn't it just be more simple to tell pregnant women, "Hey, you're due in Early February." Instead of making it some big deal, "Oooohhh, you're due on Feb 10. No, wait! Feb 13!"

This baby is a Clomid baby. The OB GYN put me on Clomid after several months of annovulatory cycles. I was trying for a Decemember baby. I was aiming to have a baby inbetween semesters. That way I figured I could atleast take one class in the spring semester. But we make plans, and God laughs.

My betas all increased in a textbook pattern. I was signed up for an ultrasound to check for a heartbeat. I was so excited about the ultrasound that I think I built it up a little in my head. I ended up walking out of the doctor's office feeling pretty down. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that I thought I explained it to my husband that I wanted him to VIDEO the ultrasound so that I could send a DVD to my grandmother. Just as I was asking the tech if he could use my iPhone she cut me off and said, "Oh, I'll give you pictures, don't worry." So he didn't catch any of it. :( My grandmother lives in another state and this was my way to try and include her in the appointment. My husband felt guinely (sp?) bad that he hadn't understood what I wanted.

The way the ultrasound worked was we were walked back to a big room. I undressed from the waist down and sat on the table. Then my legs were put into stirrups. The wand was thinner than I had imagined, and it was warm. That was a nice change! The tech had to look all the way in the very back of my uterus to find baby. So it didn't hurt, but it sure was uncomfortable. The baby looked like a line with a flicker, next to a blob. The flicker was the heartbeat (122 bpm) and the blob was the yolk sac. I have two pictures that I will post when I'm back on my desktop.

Oh yeah. Husband had the great idea that we should go whitewater rafting this weekend. So we rented a cabin in N GA with some friends and then went on a long raft ride this morning. We got soaked. But we had an incredible guide. He was very experienced so I wasn't worried about his steering. He got us good, though. He would sometimes wedge the raft in the middle of a rapid and let us be pounded by the water. The very last route he convinced us that we should take the "Hero route" where there was a "99.9% chance" that we would flip the raft. Everyone wanted to do it, so I agreed. Well, he told us to get down and lean to the left, then he left the water rush in over the left side and sweep us all out. The guide stayed in the raft. That trickster! So we had a good laugh and got back on board. I highly recommend it to anyone. But maybe not anyone who is pregnant. I think that will be the end of my extreme adventures for the next nine months.

So now I'm sore in my quads and glutes. Which reminds me that I need to get back into the gym. I had to take time off because the day I found out I was pregnant I tripped in the yard and sprained my ankle. BUt it's pretty much healed now. I don't think I'll be doing the high impact aerobics stuff, but I need to get back to BodyPump, which is a strength training class. And yoga. I need some yoga in my life.

denalibear June 23rd, 2013 06:54 AM

Re: Sam's pregnancy journal
Yahoo for starting a preggo journal!! :excited:
Your whitewater rafting sounded like a blast!!! Sorry you didn’t get the video of the ultrasound :( hopefully you can get a video during the next visit.

Crystallee June 23rd, 2013 08:30 AM

Re: Sam's pregnancy journal
Sounds like a crazy adventure :) Welcome on over to the grads :) Most of us were in TTC#1 for along while so we feel your pain of leaving but you never truly "leave" just go to a different section. I am a major ttc#1 stalker lol.

[email protected] June 24th, 2013 09:44 AM

Re: Sam's pregnancy journal
Glad to see you started a grad journal Sam, i'll be following you over here now!

Sorry you weren't able to get a video of the u/s for your gran, hopefully you'll be able to next time.

I cant believe you went white water rafting - i'm such a wuss, i'd never do anything like that - nevermind whilst preggo lol Glad you enjoyed it tho, just think - next time you do it could be with a little one!

Cait&AngelAbove June 24th, 2013 11:04 AM

Re: Sam's pregnancy journal
I'm so glad that you started a journal over in the grads. I'm so happy for you! I'm so sorry you weren't able to get the video you wanted! White water rafting sounds like so much fun!

SmilingSam June 24th, 2013 11:12 PM

Re: Sam's pregnancy journal
I definitely overdid it yesterday (Sunday). After all the whitewater rafting I was soooooo sore. But since we weren't slated to check out of the cabin until today (Monday) we decided to go hiking. There was a short but beautiful loop up one of the local mountains. So we started climbing. The teenager whined a great deal, so her step mom and I took the lead. The trail was GORGEOUS. We were walking up this trail and I had the insane thought, "Gosh, I kind of want to run this..." Later, after we get to the top, the teenager's dad decides he wants to jog the trail for a while. Now, I can't let him think he's in better shape than I am, so I jog off with him. It felt SO. GOOD. I've really missed riding on the road and missed the feeling of pushing my body physically. Jogging on this crazy up and down path with tree roots and twists in the middle of nature just brought up the euphoria of EXERCISE. And listen, I am NOT a runner. I ended up running over a mile down and around the mountain. Poor husband, who picked up smoking again, that wimp, had to stop because he got out of breath.

After the jog we took a float down a calmer section of the river. It was ice cold water. And the tubes were small. So we floated uncomfortably in the sun with numb behinds for a couple of hours. I was exhausted when we loaded back in the car. I spent the rest of the afternoon/evening in my room drinking water and laying on the bed. Too much. They were like, "Why are you so tired? You must need more protein!" Eh, no. I think it's more like my body is growing another body inside it, and I just rafted yesterday, jogged today. That's A LOT!

I'm dreading tomorrow. I have a meeting at 10, which means I have to be up early to eat, fight traffic, and ride the train. Then I don't have class down there until 4:30. So I'll have time to kill. I think I'll probably end up using that time to write up my homework assignment for my 4:30 class. It's kind of cutting it close, but I have no motivation to do this stupid assignment. I've done one just like it a number of times in undergrad school.

Symptom-wise I'm suffering with nausea. I figured out that plain waffles go down easily and can rescue me from being on the verge of vomiting if I haven't eaten enough. I dug out some old Zofran. One of the tasks I may accomplish in my down-time on campus tomorrow will probably be dropping by the campus health office to ask for some anti-nausea medication. Phenagren or Zofran will do! Anything to make it so I can function.

denalibear June 25th, 2013 07:06 AM

Re: Sam's pregnancy journal
:yougogirl: there is no way I would be able to run while hiking...I'm way too clumsy.

Sorry the nausea is getting bad....hopefully they have something to help ya out.

What are you going to school for?

momology June 25th, 2013 07:20 AM

Re: Sam's pregnancy journal
I am so glad you started a grad journal Sam!!!!! I am so excited to follow your journey on here! And I want to see those pics lady so get em posted :)

Sorry you have been so nauseous I know that makes it hard to do anything :hug:

SmilingSam June 25th, 2013 11:31 AM

Re: Sam's pregnancy journal
Quick update from campus...

I learned today that the school clinic won't see you if you are pregnant. What kind of nonsense is that??? I'm sure it's for "liability" reasons. But ugh. So I'll have to wait until tomorrow to go to the local Urgen Care to try and get a Rx for an anti-nausea medication.

I'm working on my Master's in Public Health (MPH), with a concentration on Biostatistics. Basically that means that I'm a nerd. I like statistical software and data analysis. My dream job will be analyzing all the data that epidemologists and research groups collect. I'll look at it, give them results, and they'll take it and go on their merry way, pushing whatever agenda suits them. I want nothing to do with health promotion or increased regulation. I'm kind of wacko/extreme on my political beliefs, so that's where my hesitation to join the public health campaigns comes from.

I'm about halfway through my homework assignment for my 4:30 class. :rollseyes: Its such a laaaaaaaame assignment.

AshleyO June 25th, 2013 12:02 PM

Re: Sam's pregnancy journal
Sam today is the first day I have gotten to read your grad journal and it made me smile girl!! I am so happy for you but sorry about the nausea. I don't do well with nausea, meaning I curl up into a little ball - so I think your doing fantastic! Sounds like your masters is going good. I have always thought that homework itself was a tedious thing. I saw the pics on FB from your whitewater rafting, that's insane! I would love to do something like that, especially in Colorado where I hear there are some good "waters" hehehe.

This is from my most recent pregnant friend and she said yoga is such a wonderful release and good for you when your all bloated and yucky feeling. I would assume it alleviates some of that tension in your body.

Nicholle ttc June 25th, 2013 02:18 PM

Re: Sam's pregnancy journal
Yay you started a journal!!!! :cheer: I definitely will be stalking, but not always posting! ;)

SmilingSam June 26th, 2013 07:51 PM

Re: Sam's pregnancy journal
The exhaustion is starting to set it...I think.

I normally teach RPM (indoor cycling) at 5:45am on Wednesdays, but the teacher who was previously coaching it offered to sub for me this week. WONDERFUL! Because after Tuesday's long day at school I was so happy to have the opportunity to sleep in. Not to mention that it meant I didn't have a SINGLE thing on my calendar for the day. So I slept in, ate waffles, went to yoga, accompanied my husband and his friend to the local bike shop, came back home, napped, and took my dog on a long walk.

Today that nausea wasn't as bad as other days, but I still dropped by my local doc in hopes of getting a RX for Zofran. Mission accomplished. The pharmacist's jaw dropped when my insurance covered 60 pills with no problem. Apparently that just doesn't happen too often. It's nice to catch a break.

So my husband and his buddy decided to go down to a local bike/run route and take the road bikes. That meant that my husband had to buy road shoes and the clips to go with them. With road bikes you often buy a stiff soled shoe and clips that "clip in" to the pedals. It's just a weird thing but they are actually called "clipless" pedals. Anyway, my husband is loaning his road bike to a friend and riding mine in the meantime. I won't let him take off my pedals because I plan to get a trainer (bike stand you can ride on in the house) so I can keep up my fitness as much as possible...and I want to use my road shoes. Botton line the deal was that if my husband was going to ride my bike then he had to purchase the shoes with clips because he wasn't going to be changing my pedals. It was hilarious to see him trying on the shoes and then watching his look of terror as he tried to clip in and out with one foot. The danger with having your shoes stuck to your pedals is that you may either 1) forget to unclip at a stop and fall over or 2) fall over because you can't unclip bc you aren't used to it. He said he didn't fall over. But that's probably a lie. Poor husband ended up texting me that he was out of juice and sent his friend to ride back to the car to get it to drive to pick him up. Poor guy! But it was hard for me to watch him drive away with my bike from the bike shop. :( I'll miss riding on the road.

Tomorrow is my midterm for my summer class. People are all worried, which is silly. It's only 30 multiple choice questions. Nothing hard. I've taught this class in undergrad 3 times so it's been a WASTE of time for me. Waste of time. The professor is evening allowing an 8.5x11 piece of notebook paper as a cheat sheet. Part of me wants to use no cheat sheet to test how well I really do know the material.

We settled our travel plans to see both my parents and the in laws in a couple of weeks. I need to start thinking about how I will announce. :) I think with husband's dad we can just say it. But for my parents I want to give them a gift and then watch them open it and figure it out.

I guess I'm pretty boring today.

plan4fate June 26th, 2013 08:19 PM

Re: Sam's pregnancy journal
YAY Grad Journal!

How'd I miss this for this many days? Sheesh!

denalibear June 26th, 2013 09:07 PM

Re: Sam's pregnancy journal
Yahoo for not having to pay for the medication.

I don't know how ya do it girlie...I am so freaking tired all the time I could never keep up with ya...you rock!

momology June 27th, 2013 07:51 AM

Re: Sam's pregnancy journal
Good luck on your midterm today!!!!

When is your next doc appointment?

[email protected] June 27th, 2013 10:41 AM

Re: Sam's pregnancy journal
Hope the midterm went / goes well today. Sounds like you will do great!

Glad to hear your taking it easy hun, a break from teaching a class as 5.45am sounds like a gift! :giggle: Thats great your insurance covered the pills

ErinBoshnyak1985 June 29th, 2013 10:07 AM

Re: Sam's pregnancy journal
YAYYYY SAM!!!!! I wish I had time to read this now but I will come back later and read the WHOLE THING!!!! I'm so glad you started a journal!!!!

ErinBoshnyak1985 June 29th, 2013 12:45 PM

Re: Sam's pregnancy journal
Wow Sam this is great stuff!!! For ideas for pregnancy reveal, check out some youtube vids---there are a lot of good vids on revealing. Some made me cry!!!!

Check out the vlog Bumpsalongtheway on youtube it's AWESOME! She did an awesome pregnancy reveal to her husband it was so cute!!

SmilingSam June 29th, 2013 08:33 PM

Re: Sam's pregnancy journal
Update time!

Erin, you were so sweet to read my looooooong journal entries. I'll definitely check out the youtube stuff.

TTC #1 ladies, you all are sweet to drop by.

Yes my midterm went off without a hitch. The teacher used TERRIBLE questions that were most likely book questions (test bank questions that the writers of the text book provides). I felt sorry for the 1/3 of the class for whom English is a second language. Because of my pride I did not bring a cheat sheet. Some people brought them with every word from the power points written in tiny, tiny letters. Wouldn't it just be easier to study? But grad school is full of overachievers so it shouldn't surprise me.

I admit it, I'm living off of Zofran. I hate this. I'm not whining about the nausea, I'm whining about feeling tied to food. It's terrible. Really what I'm struggling with is losing control of my body and my weight. I've lost a lot of weight since I started riding outdoors almost this time last year. When we started TTC I made the decision that having a baby was more important to me than having the perfect body or spending my every weekend on the bike. And I STILL feel this way. But I hate NEEDING to eat. Before it was like if I got hungry, okay I'll get something when I have time. Now if I get hungry its about 20 minutes before I'm ready to hurl. That means I can't go to bed hungry. I can't lay in bed in the middle of the night if I wake up. That means I have to get something before I ride the train to school. I. HAVE. To. Eat. And I hate it. I'm working with my therapist on 1) radically accepting that I'm going to gain weight and 2) using wise mind to balance the emotions and logic that I will gain weight because I am PREGNANT. I just hate being chained like this. Panic! :(

Since Zofran is helping keep the nausea at bay so I can eat I'm also enjoying my good friend, Colace. I gotta keep things moving you know?

I tried to pump myself up the other day by dropping by Babies R Us when I had some free time. I just don't like that store! And I didn't like the resale store "Once upon a time" either. One thing that I was really hoping to avoid was shirts with words. I feel like babies don't have opinions so we shouldn't be putting these shirts on them that speak for the babies. It's silly. And I don't judge people who put such clothes on their child. I'm Libertarian, I don't care what YOU do. I just don't want those kinds of clothes on my kid. But 9/10 clothes have words like "Mommy's boy" or "I'm adorable" or "My first Dawgs shirt" or "Send me to grandmas!". Why can't people make plan clothes? Why does everything need a label? I'm sure my baby will be cute enough without all the words expressing it.

I'm feeling kind of poopy because there were a bunch of good rides lately. There's a big century ride tomorrow (100 miles) where they will shut down a major interstate and let the cyclists on it early in the morning. How cool is that? I really wish I could go. There is a short route but I just don't think it's smart to be riding on the road right now. A friend sent me an email about a girl's ride on the bike path from Atlanta to Alabama. They are planning 60 miles. Before I could do that in my sleep. I'm tempted to go and maybe only go 40 or so miles. It's on a bike path so I don't think that it's unsafe. I'm thinking that maybe I could make it my goodbye ride. Like one last really good really fun group ride before I retire to a trainer. My therapist says I need to find another hobby to replace biking since she can see how much it meant to me. But what? The first trimester has me so tired that anything physical seems out of reach.

Since I'm so full of cheese and WHINE... Let me just say that getting pregnant turns you into a worry wart. I don't want to ride on the road because suddenly it matters if a car mows me over. I'm constantly worrying. I worry about the baby suddenly being dead inside of me. I worry about my husband coming home safely at the end of the day. And from what I hear this is the beginning. Like, it never eases up. Once the baby is out you worry about them breathing. Then crawling. Then walking. Then falling! You never stop worrying. It's like I've opened up this can of worms that I can't close. I feel instantly older. Yikes!

I don't want to seem ungrateful that I'm pregnant. Because I'm so excited. This is what I have wanted since I was a kid. I'm just trying to work through some of my internal struggles in the meantime.

The next update should be much more exciting and happy, I promise.

ImALittleTeaPot June 29th, 2013 10:04 PM

Re: Sam's pregnancy journal
:bighug: Right there with you about the whole worrying thing and feeling like it appears I'm ungrateful. :hug: I just remind myself that this is all normal and I will be the best mom that I can. And if that means dealing with my worries and headaches and nausea, then that's what I need to do.

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