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Nayomi80 September 9th, 2012 01:49 AM

9/9/12 CD 18 AF due 9/23 Happy 5 months to my niece Tamara

31 years old

Hi my name is Nayomi 31. Married to Chandler 29.
10 years and counting.
We have 6 Baby Angels possibly more prior to having our daughter.
We have a daughter named Jakaira Destine who is 3 months old.
I had her via C section. June 7,12.
We are ttc natural #2 a boy :) We do not mind how long it takes
for this miracle to take place.
Thanks to those that followed my journey to Jakaira.
my old pregnancy journal, when preg with Jakaira:

Chandler&Nayomi's baby Jakaira (belly pix#146)
Jakaira's birth story: Jakaira Destine's Birth story ( 5 baby angels ) Chandler& Nayomi(we had one more loss right after we had Jakaira)

Read more: http://www.justmommies.com/forums/f4...#ixzz3PXyksH6W
and thanks to who ever will follow my journey to baby#2.

What worked for us last time that resulted in Jakaira Destine:
Quick, quick update. I wanted to include in my old ttc journal
what dh & I took for the month of Oct 2011 that lead to my bfp....
1st of all Prayer & Faith.

He took L-Arginine,FertilityBlend for Men, Geritol

(not on purpose but he had to cut down on his drug for depression)
and one night either on O-day or real close to it...he took Damiana (suppose
to help with getting in the mood (tmi) kinda like a fertility drug (kinda) its
for men & women.....

I took Fertility Blend SP-1 by Solaray the 7 days of my last period. Geritol.

and one night either on O-day or real close to it...I took Damiana.
I would sometimes take L-Arginine for energy purposes (but not during the 2ww)

and during ovulation window we tried something new for/to us...called

Conceive Plus by Sasmar....I highly recommend that. (he prefers that
over everything else that we had tried prior.

I tried to have more healthy eating days than not. tried to go out and do something weather it was walking/riding my bike....

til l see my nurse& doctor real soon.... I am taking Welcome Womb and

progesterone supplements (just in case) time will tell on how this goes.

(something i did not do previously) is go to the dentist regularly( which i will always do now ) the dental hygenist recommended that when brushing my teeth & swishing with listerine that i use a tongue scraper to get bad bacteria off of my tongue so that red blood cells can go to the other parts of my body instead of staying on my tongue to fight the bacteria. She recommend that I floss twice a day( the last time i do it, before I go to bed) and going to the dentist regularly for checkups, cleaning and to get any work that needs to be done.(i floss, brush, swish with Listerine and scape tongue after every meal/snack)

something i read (when you are pregnant)

Dehydration During Pregnancy

p.s. took DHA (for baby's brain development) during pregnancy.

What I did to help keep my anxiety down:

saw a counselor and spoke about my concerns (past & present)
Chandler and I took his and her parenting classes 1-0-1 (separatly except twice)
went to church til it was too hard to leave the house (every sunday)
&&& eventually I was put on bed rest.
stayed active almost everyday...til l was on bed rest.

Pictures of the three of us check out my siggy)
AF is Due 9/23 cycle day 32

Talked to dh and he is not ready for baby #2 any time soon, not to try and not
to even play talk about the idea.....so that is why I have a journal to express
my thoughts and have a place to go til my dh is ready. I told him he will have
to let me know when he is ready to go from ttc natural to Serious TTC....since
he is not ready right now. I say its up to God and always will be.


Sept 9-Niece turned 5 months today(: *
Sept 22-1st nephew turns 4 *
Sept 23rd Af due
Sept 25th- sis in law turns 32
Sept 29-2nd nephew turns 4
Oct 7-Jakaira is 4 months!!!!!
Oct 9-Niece Tamara is 6 months!!!
Oct 24th- a year ago this date I found out that I was pregnant with Jakaira

Nayomi80 September 10th, 2012 01:56 AM

Re: TTCNatural#2(boy) Jakaira's mom Nayomi&Chandler :)
9/10/12 Cd 19

Talked to my sis that just moved to Japan....and will be back in the
states when
Jakaira is 2 years old. She has not met my daughter yet...because when I was pregnant, then had Jakaira her military schedule has just
been clashing with my life schedule.... I guess everything happens for
a reason. So I look forward to when she gets to meet her 2nd niece for the first time. I will be crying and with the camra to share in my journal....by then it should be my pregnancy journal with #2....a girl like me can dream :D My sis has plans of living out of state once those 2 years are up....something has to work out for her to meet her niece before she moves out of state.


Sept 22-1st nephew turns 4 *
Sept 23rd Af due
Sept 25th- sis in law turns 32
Sept 29-2nd nephew turns 4
Oct 7-Jakaira is 4 months!!!!!
Oct 9-Niece Tamara is 6 months!!!
Oct 24th- a year ago this date I found out that I was pregnant with Jakaira

swtneka September 10th, 2012 08:03 PM

Re: TTCNatural#2(boy) Jakaira's mom Nayomi&Chandler :)
Can't w8 to read your journey on# 2!

Nayomi80 September 10th, 2012 10:51 PM

Re: TTCNatural#2(boy) Jakaira's mom Nayomi&Chandler :)
9/11/12 CD 20

Thanks Neka :D Also thanks for checking on me and helping me through
my last journey to Jakaira......friends make the journey so much better
(especially during all the different stages of waiting)

Remembering all the victims and their families of 9/11.
Praying for World peace.

Jakaira is able to lift her head and upper body before and after laying her down on Boppy Pillow. So sitting is one of her goals of learning.
she can also hold up her head when doing tummy time....very early stage of crawling... I am so proud of her. She enjoys laying on her back and kicking her feet the most.

Yesterday I made known in the private group that I am in, on facebook
that I have started this journal. I cant wait to some of the girls in the July 2012 ddc decide to try for their next baby...it would be cool to be in another ddc with them in the future (as well as the ladies on here) all though I hope the ladies on this board all have their babies in their arms long before I am pregnant next.:D

Love the show The Voice!!! It will be on tonight and tomorrow night.
So addicted.

What I need to do in the near future is find ttc journals of ladies that were ttc #2 then pregnancy journals of people with little ones and pregnant with their 2nd. I like having an idea of what something is like before I jump both feet in and get involved.....its how I started my journey to baby # 1. It all helps in my opinion.

In your own time Jesus send # 2, a little boy with medium brown skin and medium light brown eyes like me.:D and black curly hair .only if it is your will. If not we will enjoy Jakaira as an only child just the same.:D


Sept 22-1st nephew turns 4 *
Sept 23rd Af due
Sept 25th- sis in law turns 32
Sept 29-2nd nephew turns 4
Oct 7-Jakaira is 4 months!!!!!
Oct 9-Niece Tamara is 6 months!!!
Oct 24th- a year ago this date I found out that I was pregnant with Jakaira

cycles since having Jakaira:
June 7th,12 Jakaira was born.
July 25th 1st cycle
Aug 23rd 2nd cycle

Nayomi80 September 12th, 2012 08:05 AM

Re: TTCNatural#2(boy) Jakaira's mom Nayomi&Chandler :)
9/12/12 CD 21

My siggy got completed today and has me exited about Fall this year...
9/22 which is also around the time that af is suppose to start.... I actually dis like af even MORE than before I got pregnant and have been parenting Jakaira...... everything about it..... Tmi the pain the mess ... who likes it really. When the ugly af shows her ugly head ... my mind quickly says I so prefer pregnancy 2nd & 3rd trimester (the most) when I saw that I am cd 21 today it made me think about in the past with my POAS addiction that I would start testing between now and until af showed.... I miss that....but dont think dh would give into my addiction any time soon.

Nayomi80 September 13th, 2012 04:09 AM

Re: TTCNatural#2(boy) Jakaira's mom Nayomi&Chandler :)
9-13-12 cd 22

Talked dh into getting me some preg test... he does not want me going all crazy and taking a bunch....(like in the past) he wants me to wait til l miss af. I will be taking it on the day that I expect af. Because we are going completely natural and basically what happens, happens.... I think my test(s) will be negative. Taking one the morning of Sept 22. 9 days away. Though pregnology saids to expect af Sept 23rd, they are usually a day off for me, for some reason.


Sept 22-1st nephew turns 4 *
Sept 23rd Af due
Sept 25th- sis in law turns 32
Sept 29-2nd nephew turns 4
Oct 7-Jakaira is 4 months!!!!!
Oct 9-Niece Tamara is 6 months!!!
Oct 24th- a year ago this date I found out that I was pregnant with Jakaira

cycles since having Jakaira:
June 7th,12 Jakaira was born.
July 25th 1st cycle
Aug 23rd 2nd cycle

Nayomi80 September 14th, 2012 12:27 AM

Re: TTCNatural#2(boy) Jakaira's mom Nayomi&Chandler :)
9-14-12 cd 23

The weekend is almost here.:D [email protected] cd 23.... this is when I would normally started testing with those skinny strips but have to give that up, plus I have heard a lot of bad about those.... even though they always worked for me in the past....but I made a promise to myself since I was preg with Kara that I will always wait til atleast cd 28 before testing....the last thing I need in my life is stress. But the other side of me def. miss the testing early..... I need to find people who test early so I can live through them.:p 8 days til l test.
:excl::smile: One of my friends is 15wks pregnant and I am exited to find out what she is having. I am not into politics but I want to know who is going to be the new president. Im ready to not have to look @ all these tv ads of who to not vote for and who to vote for and all the judging of each other when no one is perfect. Ready for the holidays.......ready to be the big 32 in Dec. anyway thanks for stopping by and reading my journal.

Baby Dust To Everyone!!!!! (who wants it)

Nayomi80 September 15th, 2012 12:56 AM

Re: TTCNatural#2(boy) Jakaira's mom Nayomi&Chandler :)
9-15-12 cd 24

Update on my baby girl Jakaira... she is 16lbs 22 1/2 inches long.
Her latest like to do is lift her head up while she is laying on
her boppy pillow. When she is not eatting she likes to sit up on
my lap instead of laying on her boppy pillow....my little girl is
growing up so quickly. She likes to squeal and yell as well as
baby talking. I hope for her to start liking tummy time. ( holding her
head up is a little hard, but she will get there)

So I asked dh did my preg tests come yet... and he says that he did not order them yet...sigh....looks like that is something I will have to wait for it to come in the mail next week.....the 22nd is next weekend. (1 week from today)

Nayomi80 September 17th, 2012 05:48 AM

Re: TTCNatural#2(boy) Jakaira's mom Nayomi&Chandler :)
9-17-12 cd 26

Happy that it is a new week and that I am getting closer to knowing
the fate of this cycle. I think it was yesterday on my cell or online I
did this game for fun on facebook....How many kids will l have???
and the answer is 2....and I had a strange feeling that it would say 2.
At the least I would like 1 girl (that I have) and 1 boy (waiting for him
to be sent from heaven) :heart: Asked dh to buy a couple of preg test from the dollar store, lets see if he remembers....cause he is doing a whole lot of errands this week. I am hoping this week goes fast, just so I can test this weekend lol.... I am exited about today and tomorrow cause of The Voice blind editions....and then Wed. is Finale of Big Brother....
I want Ian to win, but would be surprised if he wins. 4 more days til l test.

Nayomi80 September 18th, 2012 12:54 PM

Re: TTCNatural#2(boy) Jakaira's mom Nayomi&Chandler :)
9-18-12 cd 27

Hey! Since I get to name dh and I's future 2nd son...
I am letting dh come up with our 2nd daughter's name...
I hope he comes up with something cute that flows with
Jakaira Destine (but does not have the a sound at the end like
Jakaira) he has til right before we find out we are pregnant with
our 2nd girl and or when we first see her.... why we plan so early...
do not ask...but it is fun to plan and think about the possibilities.
I will be keeping all of our future kids names secret (just like
what we did with Jakairas....for the same reason that people
like to suggest,opinionate and put in their input when most time
people are not asking. (they telling lol) anyway enjoyin mommy hood
of 1. and still dreaming of the possible others. Its weird that I do not
feel much going on with my cycle...so if af is coming this weekend its
probably just going to sneak up on me with no warning.....

I was watching part of The View earlier
and they showed on a video of Courtney Kardashian (tmi warning)
giving birth to her baby #2 (lil girl) she pulled her out....I think that
is neat... l am sure some people are thinking that is a little too much
for the public....but it made me wonder wouldnt it be neat if I could

swtneka September 18th, 2012 01:23 PM

Re: TTCNatural#2(boy) Jakaira's mom Nayomi&Chandler :)
I would love to pull my baby out! Its something I wanted to do for years. I had a c section as well. My last pregnancy the dr told me I could have a vbac. When I get preg I'm asking my dr if I can pull him/her out. If they won't then im going to find one who will.

Nayomi80 September 19th, 2012 01:50 AM

Re: TTCNatural#2(boy) Jakaira's mom Nayomi&Chandler :)
9-19-12 cd 28

Neka you are a strong woman...and I can see you doing that in
your future birth plan. I hope you will find the right doctor @ that
time. I hope you will keep a pregnancy journal on j.m. when that
time comes :)

Well I think af is on her lovely way. I was hoping that all symptoms
would hold off til this weekend...but I guess its better to have an
idea than not know...so I can plan accordingly. Wasn't able to get
my preg test(s) but when I do I will have it ready for my countdown
next cycle. ( not much of a reason to buy them right now anyway, with the symptoms that I am having(af coming). Praying for so many people, so many things and I am hoping for good news for all of us before this year is over :) BFP,PREGNANCY and Good Things to come Dust !!!!!

I so needed this news today :) http://www.justmommies.com/celebrity...cics-baby-here


So I was looking at the pattern of my cycles so far from the last two cycles, and based
off of that, af should be here in 2 days on 9/21 we shall see.

Nayomi80 September 19th, 2012 10:55 PM

Re: TTCNatural#2(boy) Jakaira's mom Nayomi&Chandler :)
9/20 cd 1
Ready for af to go away.
I was so happy when I found out that Ian won Big Brother.:D
He was my first choice from the beginning.
2 days til Fall!!!!!!

Nayomi80 September 21st, 2012 02:56 AM

Re: TTCNatural#2(boy) Jakaira's mom Nayomi&Chandler :)
9/21 cd 2

Happy that my nephew C will turn 4 years old tomorrow!!!
Yesterday my mom and her boyfriend went to get their
marriage license and ring. They are looking for someone
to marry them....and their goal is to get married before his
bday which is Oct 2nd. so I wish them nothing but the best.
I heard 2nd marriages have a higher rate of failing compared
to the 1st marriage.....but no matter what.... everyone deserves
to be happy. So once they tie the knot another prayer of mine
answered cause I been knowing that my mom wanted to marry
again someday. Only 9 more days of this month. So I happend
to look back in the July ddc 2012 that I am apart of....to see when
I first posted in that ddc and it was on Oct 24,2011 the first day
I discovered that I was pregnant with Jakaira. When that day comes
it will bring so many good memories and a circle completed.:D By
then also I will know if I am preg or not.

Nayomi80 September 22nd, 2012 04:53 AM

Re: TTCNatural#2(boy) Jakaira's mom Nayomi&Chandler :)
9/22/12 3rd cycle CD 3

Happy 4th Bday to my nephew C!!!!!!

Mom in law was in my last dream for awhile, I take that
as a great sign of some sort. (She R.I.P. back in 09)
The June DDC is up. I smiled when I found out about that...
I am interested in all who will end up with the edd of June
7,13 because my daughter will be 1 then.Seeing ddc June
2013 completes a circle for me. I know I am odd lol... l celebrate the oddest things.....if I were to conceive this cycle
my edd would be 6/27/13. Yesterday my mom gave me the news that her pastor will be marrying her and her fiance on
9/30 I am very exited for her. (that is in 8 days) praying for her many happy years with him. Praying bfps & babies for so many. Baby dust !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will be working on coming up with a girl's name if we have a 2nd
girl someday(and going with my game plan of not telling anyone
her name. I am exited about this. Told hubby he can name any
boys that we may have some day.


Sept 25th- sis in law turns 32*
Sept 29-2nd nephew turns 4
Sept 30-mom is getting married(for the 2nd time)!!!! Exiting day!!!!!!
Oct 7-Jakaira is 4 months!!!!!
Oct 9-Niece Tamara is 6 months!!!
Oct 18-af is due,which would be 4th cycle
Oct 24th- a year ago this date I found out that I was pregnant with Jakaira

katinagj September 22nd, 2012 12:17 PM

Re: TTCNatural#2(boy) Jakaira's mom Nayomi&Chandler :)
You have a lot of self control to wait until AF to decide whether to test or not, lol. I ordered internet cheapies because I kept wasting too much money. (25 for $7!). I think it's crazy that we are both back to TTC journals! Your daughtar Jakaira is adorable!! Take advantage of the early stages! When they get older you can barely keep up with them enough to keep them out of trouble! lol.

Nayomi80 September 22nd, 2012 06:11 PM

Re: TTCNatural#2(boy) Jakaira's mom Nayomi&Chandler :)
Post 2

-I think its very crazy that we are TTC#2 and on J.M. ttc board journals where all the fun 1st began (: I have a strong feeling you will be out of here long before I will be (since you are serious ttc ) secretly it would be nice if we could be in the same ddc...but a girl could dream.
(: Thanks for saying Jakaira is adorable. I heard boys are harder than girls......but we will see..... I did the internet cheapies last year, so I know how fun they are (and the years before that) I am trying to have self control this time around, atleast til dh & I start serious ttc whenever he is ready...not going to rush that I do want to enjoy dd, cause I imagine things getting challenging once I find out that I am expecting again.... are you wanting a little girl this time around???????
Think I will just go ask you in your journal lol.....

Still did not come up with a girl's name yet...but its been a busy day...
one thing after the other mostly taking care of the l/o.....all l want to do is sleep. Yawn!!!

Nayomi80 September 23rd, 2012 04:18 AM

Re: TTCNatural#2 Nayomi&Chandler :)
9/23/12 3rd cycle CD 4 TTC Natural

Katina-I only have self control to wait til af to decide weather
to test or not (when i do not have any cheapie tests or regular
test in the house.

Happy its a new week. Happy that af is about to be out the
window. So a strong feeling came over me that maybe
Chandler and I's baby #2 will be a girl( I will still pray for
a boy like what we did before we found out that we were
having a girl the first time ....so that is why
yesterday maybe its time for me to start thinking about
coming up with a unique girl's name and then treasure
the name in my heart til she is born someday. Originally
I wanted to just wait til the day that I give birth to her
1st and then just come up with a name right then and there,
but I am a first born and a planner so.... I do not have that
kind of Will power that some people have. There are the
names that I previously wanted to name Jakaira...
Genesis, Haleigh. I stopped liking the name Genesis for her
and then I have a friend that named her daughter Haleigh with
a different kind of spelling...her daughter is like 2 weeks older
than Jakaira....my heart broke when I found out that she named
her that. But then I got over it and said that was my sign that
Haleigh was not meant to be her name. (plus that name is too
common anyway.) my baby sister said I should of named my daughter
Genesis and that she looks like a Genesis and I think dh agreed...
but we both love the name Jakaira and my baby sis gave her the
nickname Kara (which had to grow on me) I like it.... so I look forward
to when I figure out what new girl name I like......that goes with the name Jakaira but does not rhyme with it. Some family members
are going to be [email protected] me....but I had to do, what I had to do... I cut
my hair real short..... I had let it get to dread locks....so what is left of it, I will be combing out and perming soon.... I will be growing it out and down my back again...to get it to where it was it will take 1 full year.....and this time Im a keep up with my hair.... I have Very course Very Curly Thick Nappy hair (even with a perm ) I hate the comb but will make myself love the comb. I am so glad that Jakaira's hair takes after dh....its nice and thin and straight.......so thankful for that. I am a brush kinda girl when I am able to manage it. Dh is not happy about my short hair @ all....but I had to remind him...that it will grow out again. So my first milestone with my hair will be when I can put it in a short pony tale..... Anyway... I got 4- 4 1/2 hours of sleep.... and will goal to get another 4 hours real soon so that I can function and be happy cause I have a lot to do today and a busy week ahead.

2 days til my sis in law's 32nd bday.
1 week til my mom gets married for the 2nd time.

Nayomi80 September 23rd, 2012 09:20 PM

Re: TTCNatural#2 Nayomi&Chandler :)
9/23/12 3rd cycle CD 4 TTC Natural

Post 2

2 weeks til my baby girl Jakaira turns 4 months.
2 months 2wks til she turns my favorite age
for most babies (which is 6 months)
I never got that other 4 hours that I needed.
So hopefully I do better with sleep tomorrow
cause I have so much to do.

swtneka September 24th, 2012 01:28 AM

Re: TTCNatural#2 Nayomi&Chandler :)
I'm thinking of cutting my hair as well. I too have thick curly hair n must keep it permed. Be very thankful your daughter has hair like her father. My daughter takes after me with thick curly hair except hers is more curlier than mine. It takes me 4ever to comb. I hope u get some sleep. I can't function if I don't get adequate amount of sleep.

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