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JessicaW August 5th, 2013 01:59 PM

Introducing myself!
Hi Ladies,

I'm scheduled for IVF in September here in Jersey. I start OCP today, Lupron in a few weeks and Follistim on Sept. 7. I'm on the "long Lupron" protocol.

I have mixed feelings about being here. We were having success with Follistim and IUI's (First IUI resulted in our DD and the second one in a very early m/c) but we were concerned about multiples with the IUIs. We've decided now to do IVF with single embryo transfer and CCS (comprehensive chromosome screen). Anyone else doing SET? We wanted to be certain we'd have a singleton and to possibly bank some embryos while I'm youngish (36).

So...overall it's a good thing that I'm here. And I'm certainly happy to be TTCing when so many of my friends are still trying to find the right situation to even start TTCing.

So hello! and I hope to get to know you ladies better!

Brooke3208 August 7th, 2013 07:34 AM

Re: Introducing myself!

Good Luck with everything. It is a long, sometimes hard process but it will be well worth it in the end. =) We have been trying for over two years and decided to try IUI, so we did 3 IUI's and all were unsuccessful. We took a few months off and decided to try IVF and it was the best decision! We are now pregnant with twins! I know you said were asking about single egg transfers and I did a 2 egg transfer. It is everyones own preference. I was so scared about being pregnant with twins! But I took that risk because we have been trying for so long and have had no success. I thought 2 eggs was a better chance of attaching, I really didn't think both would and they did and I am so greatful!! =) We have 4 frozen for the future if we decide to try for another, but if we were to try for another, I think I would only do a single transfer. =)

Good luck with everything! Keep us posted!

JessicaW August 7th, 2013 10:20 AM

Re: Introducing myself!
Thanks, Brooke! Congrats on your pregnancy!!! Great also that you have four frosties. We are really hoping to get some frosties...

Guess I won't have any news to report for more than a month but I'll be popping in and out to see how folks are doing.

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