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KaiyaRae'sMomma July 14th, 2009 08:00 AM

Andie's Journey, TTC #1
Hi! This is DH's and my 1st month TTC. I decided to start this journal to document my journey (which I hope is an amazing, but short one!). We both went into this journey thinking it would probably take 3-6months to get pregnant, as long as everything was normal on both our ends. Now I am going crazy thinking...6 months...how can go crazy wondering every month for 6 months. Right now I could potentially be pregnant..we BD'd..well lets VERY often lol, during our projected prime fertility days. Now I think I have symptoms and my husband thinks I'm insane, no way it would happen that fast and no way I would have symptoms so early (I'm only somewhere between 4-8 dpo), but from what I'm seeing from all the ladies on here...I just might be getting a BFP soon...or a BFN...just no way to know for sure, but its a definate possibility (oxy mornon hehe). So far my biggest symptom and the one that made me think, woah I might be pregnant, is sore/painful nipples, that started the end of last week. Just over the last 2 days I noticed that I have to pee A LOT. I've also been really bloated. The only sympom I can't say "oh it's just something else" about is the nipples, I have never had that before, sometimes heavy, tender breasts RIGHT before AF (like a couple days before), but never this nipple thing, and in the middle of my cycle. I would be so so so happy if the first month was our month! I haven't tried any OPK or taking temps or any of that, since its the first month, I thought lets try on our own for a few months, then if it doesn't happen I'll try some of that. Therefore, I don't know exactly when I would have ovulated or any of that, just going on "averages." So that is why we BD'd (well that and well, it's fun) so much just to make sure we did it at the right time! So my first day to test is July 19th...I'm going crazy waiting! I can't wait to find out, and I hope it is a BFP. :p

Coley July 14th, 2009 08:09 AM

Re: Andie's Journey, TTC #1
Congrats on starting a journal! I hope your stay is a short one!

If you find that you don't get your BFP this month, I would encourage you to think about charting your temperatures. It takes mere minutes each morning and gives you a TON of information about what is going on with your body and helps to keep the guessing at a minimum.

Best of Luck to you on your journey to parenthood!

<>*NaYoMi_BaBy_Dreamer*<> July 14th, 2009 04:38 PM

Re: Andie's Journey, TTC #1
i hope you get your :bfp: and that your stay here is not long...nice to meet you!!!

KaiyaRae'sMomma July 15th, 2009 08:31 AM

Re: Andie's Journey, TTC #1
July 15, 2009. 4 days until Test Day! I can't stand it, I want to test so bad, but I know it will probably be a BFN even if I am pregnant, since it's still so early!
New Symptom: BLOATING and BAD GAS w/pains I had some bloating last week but just decided, well I get bloated easily so it's just me. Lastnight by bloating and gas was SO bad I definately thought- OK something is up. I just hope this is not all in my head. I swear my nipples are getting darker too...
I might just be crazy...we shall see.
On that note, the last 3 nights I have had CRAZY weird dreams all night long... Could this be a symptom...haha or is it something I ate? ;)

KaiyaRae'sMomma July 17th, 2009 06:49 AM

Re: Andie's Journey, TTC #1
July 17, 2009. I haven't been able to log in on my home computers for some reason. It was so frustrating not be able to respond all day yesterday! Anyway. I'm having some really mixed feelings/emotions right now. There are moments that I am SURE I am pregnant...then others I'm sure I'm not. I think I'm just prepping myself for that BFN so it's such a low blow. I want BFP so bad, but I know it's only our first month TTC and I have time. I just don't want to feel like a crazy women for feeling all these symptoms...if they are not really there! I'm testing on Sunday, 4 days befofe AF is expected. If it's a BFN then I'll just wait it out and see if AF arrives on time or not! :confused:

KaiyaRae'sMomma July 20th, 2009 07:09 AM

Re: Andie's Journey, TTC #1
July 20th, 2009. Tested yesterday at 5:30am- BFN. Too Early, or just a plain old BFN? Time will tell. My symptoms are increasing, but I'm also aproaching AF due date, so PMS or Pregnancy??...too hard to tell. I've been getting an upset stomach almost every time I eat the last 2 days, this and the sore nipples are the only things I have right now that I don't usually get with AF. Time will tell, back to waiting for a few days. I am going to test again Thursday morning if AF has not arrived yet. :huh: Waiting and wondering is no fun. If it's BFN I'm ok with that, it's only our first month trying...but I just want to know so I can move on and try again!! BFP would just be amazing though :p

chrissy323 July 20th, 2009 08:26 AM

Re: Andie's Journey, TTC #1
Hey girl! YAY for starting a journal!!! It is soo cruel how AF and Preg symptoms are so similar. Hope yours are the real thing! Good luck:)

KaiyaRae'sMomma July 23rd, 2009 06:52 AM

Re: Andie's Journey, TTC #1
July 23rd, 2009. CD 29. The ups and downs of TTC Month #1 so far. So during the 2ww I had all kids of symptoms, which I couldn't tell if they were all in my head, early PMS symptoms, or actual early pg symptoms. Some days I had myself convinced I was pregnant. Other days I was convinced I was crazy and that I was not pregnant! After all, the chances of conceiving in our first month of trying are SO low. Then on CD 27 (2-3 days before AF due date) early morning a sharp stabbing pain that doubled me over to the floor took me by surprise. Then moderate cramps and a bad headache all day. I was certain AF was making an early visit. I kept checking all day and expecting spotting or something more, but nothing. CD 28 another sharp, stabbing pain 1st thing in the morning and pink on the tp when wiping. "Ok, AF is here, I'm not pregnant" right? So mild cramps getting worse as morning went on and getting ready for work. Put on a pad, took some Advil (ahh kicking myself in the *** now for that one) and headed to work. Cramps never returned, even after Advil wore off and NO more blood, not even spotting, nothing. Now today is CD 29 and still no more signs of AF anymore. No cramps, no spotting, nothing. Now here I am again...am I pregnant? Is AF just teasing me? What is it? I guess a few more days and I will no for sure. If AF does show, I'm ok with that, bummed, but fine, we just started trying, I know it can take some time. If she doesn't, I'm testing again on Sat. morning. BFP?? Who knows...this is all so confusing!!! If you are reading this, thanks for you support! :dust: for everyone!

MommaLee July 23rd, 2009 07:52 AM

Re: Andie's Journey, TTC #1
Good luck! Your symptoms sounds promising.

chrissy323 July 24th, 2009 05:39 AM

Re: Andie's Journey, TTC #1
I still say they are very good signs!!! Stalking ya Saturday!! HAve a wonderful weekend!:)

KaiyaRae'sMomma July 28th, 2009 01:50 PM

Re: Andie's Journey, TTC #1
July 28th, 2009. CD 6 of Cycle #2 TTC. Last cycle I drove myself crazy thinking I had all these symptoms and that was preggo! I guess I'm just a crazy women, AF showed over night between CD 29 and 30. So here I am again. Waiting to O so we can try again! Hopefully I won't go as crazy this month...haha I doubt that!!! Praying for a BFP in August. ^_^

KaiyaRae'sMomma August 24th, 2009 11:27 AM

Re: Andie's Journey, TTC #1
August 24, 2009

Wow, I haven't posted to this journal is a long time. For the longest time it would not open, I kept getting an Error on Page in my browser. So anyway, I thought that this past cycle might have really been it, since AF was running almost 3 days late! I kept testing and BFNs and finally she showed. I was crushed. Now we are starting again with cycle# 3 TTC. I am on CD3 and I just joined fertility friend and took my first temp this morning! I hope we catch an eggie this month!

<>*NaYoMi_BaBy_Dreamer*<> August 25th, 2009 12:07 AM

Re: Andie's Journey, TTC #1
hey! glad to see that you have posted in your journal...i see your name a lot on the main forums....so to see your journal updated was great...your one day behind me cycle wise...there are a lot of girls on here with cycles near ours...funny how that works...ne how i hope you get your :bfp: this cycle

KaiyaRae'sMomma August 27th, 2009 03:52 PM

Re: Andie's Journey, TTC #1
August 27, 2009 CD 6 of Cycle 3 TTC #1. I am over the "I'm not pregnant" depression from last weekend. I'm in a great mood and I am SO excited to get back to BDing and try again. AF is finally on her way out of town and I hope she doesn't plan to visit again for a long, long, time! I don't know why, but I just have a really good feeling about this month! I hope this excitement and good feeling don't lead to more depression at the end of the cycle! I am really trying to leave it all in God's Hands and have prayed for the strength and courage to accept His decision! Of course it is still upsetting when it doesn't happen, but DH and I are doing our part and the rest is and will always be up to God! Anxiously awaiting some BDing sessions and praying for a baby bean. I hope to be joining the May 2010 DDC!

<>*NaYoMi_BaBy_Dreamer*<> August 28th, 2009 12:51 AM

Re: Andie's Journey, TTC #1
hey there! i like your signature...i hope you get your :bfp: this cycle

KaiyaRae'sMomma September 10th, 2009 06:40 AM

Re: Andie's Journey, TTC #1
September 10th, 2009. My niece Annabelle was born yesterday, 9-9-09! She is so precious and I cannot wait to meet her in person soon. This cycle our TTC got interrupted by Poison Ivy!! DH somehow ended up with it all over his body around my CD10, I ovulated on CD 13 or 14 (FF changed the date, I thought it was 14). So we have not BD at all since CD9 and I'm so bummed, but it was not worth getting poison ivy in places it does not belong! Whatever is meant to be, will be! I'm hoping DH has super sperm and it was hanging out in there from our last BD session to get an eggie! haha but I'm pretty much counting myself out this month. Maybe next month will be our month! Who knows!

chrissy323 September 12th, 2009 11:00 AM

Re: Andie's Journey, TTC #1
YAY for being an aunt!! Congrats and hope you are having a great weekend:D

<>*NaYoMi_BaBy_Dreamer*<> September 12th, 2009 07:41 PM

Re: Andie's Journey, TTC #1
our cycles are very close babybound...how exiting!!!

KaiyaRae'sMomma September 22nd, 2009 03:45 PM

Re: Andie's Journey, TTC #1
9/22/09 CD 4 of Cycle #4, TTC #1. I hope this will be our cycle. Stinking DH had poison Ivy ALL OVER last cycle smack dab in the middle of my most fertile and ovulatory days! We pretty much knew we were out, but I had some hopes he had super sperm that would survive 5 days and catch an eggie. This month I'm so ready to BD like it's the end of the world during my fertile days!! I can't wait, only about 10-12 more days till O. Let's hope I can chart my way to a BFP this month!

KaiyaRae'sMomma October 17th, 2009 11:26 AM

Re: Andie's Journey, TTC #1
October 17, 2009. I AM PREGNANT!!!! I got a very faint line on Thursday Oct 15, DH did not believe me, didn't see it and said I was hallucinating!! This morning I got a nice dark line and a Pregnant on a digi! I knew it! I am over the moon, so excited!


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