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blueeyes25s February 1st, 2012 09:05 PM

Dawn's TTC #1 Journal
Well, I never knew these journals were here until probably just over a month ago...I guess I didn't do much reading else where. Anyways, Febraury marks our 2 years of our ttc journey so I decided to start a journal to help pass the time. I am going to start are the beginning so I can share the start to my journey but first I should introduce myself for those who do not know me.

I'm Dawn (28) and DH Nathan (33). I have 2 kitties; Roxy and Bella. I recently found a passion in running and over the summer (2011) I lost 28lbs!!! Currently I am taking cake decorating classes, I also love baking...baking and running, who knows how those two go together lol :p I hope to someday own my own bakery and specialize in wedding, birthday, and special occassion cakes!

So 2 years ago DH and decided to start ttc; I would have like to started earlier but DH kept dragging his feet waiting for 'perfect' time which I had to tell him many times the 'perfect' time will never come! Anyways, we started in February two years ago. I took birth control right up until the end of January, I kept contemplating whether to get off sooner because some doctors recommend being off the pill for 3 months before ttc other doctors say you can start right away and you are most fertile after coming off the pill. Well, the first month it didn't happen but I didn't get discourged. I wasn't really charting, I think I tried but kept forgetting to temp and I wasn't sleeping very good then either. After my first month of obsessing whether AF was coming or not and of course I tested prior to AF showing up to only be disappointed I decided the next month I am just going to be patient and not worry about it. So March rolls around we try again...a lot more causally then we do now :giggle: It's now April, the week of my birthday and things were feeling a little different. The girls were beyond sore...they felt really tender and very heavy a complete different feeling for my usual ttw sore symptom. Everything I was eatting tasted beyond amazing, my nose was very sensitive, and was getting nauseous everytime I riding or driving in a car.

One night we went out to dinner with a friend and I decided not to drink and stick with water just in case, then I started getting all the questions....so that let me to POAS early again even though I wasn't going to. I believe AF was due the day of my birthday or the day before so I was planning on testing on my birthday if AF haven't arrived but I tested early. I got my first BFP...I was in shock and beyond excited! Of course the FRER were showing a faint line so we went and got the digi to confirm and got our confirmation. I called the doctor's and they said I didn't need to come in because the hpt are just has accurate as there's so I scheduled my appointment for when I would be 9 weeks. They also told me my due date was of December 25th!!!!

So my 9 week appointment comes up and I was feeling very nervous because my bbs were not as sore as they were in the beginning, other girls on the JM were talking about how they bbs were getting bigger and I was kind of wondering why mine wasn't; so I was a little worried. We go to the appointment to find I was losing my baby. We confirmed the following weekk by having intensive ultra sounds done to just confirm I was having a miscarriage. Later that week, I had a D&C.

The doctor said the good news is, we can get pregnant and that we can start trying again right away. Although the following my we did BD but were really trying, AF was late and got another BFP...this was on a saturday. The doctor said as soon as I get another BFP to call immediately so they can have me come in to test my progesterone levels. Well, I had to wait until Monday to call so when Monday came I called first thing in the morning and AF ended up showing up later that day. I went in for a blood test on Tuesday to confirm I was not pregnant. I still wonder to this day; did I ahve two miscarriages did it have something to do with my miscarriage.

It was summertime by the time this all happened so we decided that summer we would try but not try...nothing happened and then last year November I got a new job and we had to take a break from ttc for 3 months because I have to be with my company for a year to get short term disability. So we took at 3 month break and picked and started trying again after those 3 months which would have been March 2011. That is when I joined this fourm and have been trying since....

That is my story that leads up to bringing me to JM. I am off to bed so I will pick up tomorrow!

JennyLee February 2nd, 2012 06:26 PM

Re: Dawn's TTC #1 Journal
Oooh, I get the first comment! Glad you started a journal, Dawn!

blueeyes25s February 3rd, 2012 07:50 AM

Re: Dawn's TTC #1 Journal

Originally Posted by JennyLee (Post 25563649)
Oooh, I get the first comment! Glad you started a journal, Dawn!


Belita February 3rd, 2012 03:09 PM

Re: Dawn's TTC #1 Journal
Welcome to the journals! It has really helped me to have one and I hope it helps you!

Mom2JDub February 3rd, 2012 03:13 PM

Re: Dawn's TTC #1 Journal
Yay! Dawn started a journal! I hope it's a short-lived one... no offense. I mean, I hope you'll be starting a grads journal soon. ;)

blueeyes25s February 3rd, 2012 06:01 PM

Re: Dawn's TTC #1 Journal
Thanks Robyn and Adrienne! Adrienne, I knew what you meant :smile:

blueeyes25s February 3rd, 2012 06:26 PM

Re: Dawn's TTC #1 Journal
After AF showed in March 2011 I decided it was time to finally get this temping thing down and start using OPKs. I bought the Wondfo opks from Amazon and began temping in April 2011. I then learned I was Oing a lot later then I expected, around CD 16 - 18. It's later than I expected because my cycles are only 25 - 28/29 days but averaging around 26/27 days. A few months went by, nothing... Then 1 day someone asked if my LP was always that short (averaging about 10 days). I looked back and realized, yes that was about average for me not having a clue that even mattered or was an issue. So I did research to find out yes 10 is to short but it is borderline to short so I didn't really look into it anymore thinking 10 days should be fine...right?!?!? Then eventually Adrienne joined our board and realized she had a short LP and discovered that B6 is the trick to lengthening your LP! Thanks again Adrienne!!! So I started taking B6 and B12 to help lenghten my LP. I was not very good at remembering to take it everyday so I slacked for a while.

Then in September I had my annual exam and brought all my charts and questions along with me to discuss my concerns to my doctor (same doctor that did my d&c). She really feels that because we got pregnant once it should happen again but at the same time she said it shouldn't take longer than 6 months to a year...

Anyways, she did some basic blood testing such as thyroid testing and a couple other test which all came back normal. Of course the timing wasn't right so I couldn't have my hormones level tested or anything like that but it was a start. The doctor did refer us to a specialist if and when we are ready to take that next step. She also suggested to start with having DH get a SA done first and then go from there.

Of course my doctor didn't go into any testing other than the blood test so we can't come to any conclusions but from the intense ultra sounds done prior to my d&c abnormal was found on my end with my ovaries. That is where we left it for the meantime and went on with trying and have gotten a lot better about taking my B6 and B12 everyday.

blueeyes25s February 3rd, 2012 06:59 PM

Re: Dawn's TTC #1 Journal
Sorry these posts are really long, I am just trying to bring you all up and my journal up to speed.

So last cycle, January 2012 I wasn't using opks but starting temping again and found out I O'd super early; CD11! I ended up with a 15 day LP!!!! Super crazy right! I was very excited to see this and at the same time I was getting really excited for this cycle not knowing what to expect but at the same time I knew we only BD once prior to O because I never O'd that early and don't expect to O until much later.

So that's pretty much it! This cycle I decided to start taking baby aspirin once a day along with my B6 & B12 so I'm hoping this long LP is a sign of good things but I don't want to get my hopes up just yet. DH and I were discussing him getting an SA, he just isn't jumping on the first opportunity to do so but not totally opposed to it. I was hoping we could do this right after the first year but it didn't happen yet. I don't like putting things off but decided we can continue to put money in savings and hold out a cycle or two and see what the next couple month brings if my LP continues to stay lenghtened. If nothing happens then DH will get a SA done so we can either rule that out or figure out a solution. If everything comes back good and I do not get pregnant by the time I am 30 then we will start with testing... at least that my plan now and if I can wait but that's just over a year away. That way it gives us time to continue to save money. The financial part of it, is what makes it difficult to go and start with testing now.

I do like what someone talk me and how she looks at this situation. She tried for about 12 years her husband had back sperm and she had bad eggs so she did IVF and got her little girl but she had to take out a second mortgage of $30,000 for her little girl. I thought, 'wow that is crazy!' She said, "it is know different that a person going out an buying a brand new truck for 30,000 but that truck will not be around for the rest of your life." I thought this was a great way of looking at the situation and said she would do it again in a heartbeat!

I think besides the struggle of not getting a BFP our biggest struggle is NOT KNOWING WHY it's not happening but I believe we will find out someday or get those answers. I will keep you all posted on any updates or what and when we decide to take the next step.

blueeyes25s February 3rd, 2012 07:04 PM

Re: Dawn's TTC #1 Journal
That brings me to today! Now, that is my story and my stuggle. Now, this brings me to today. Today I was feeling pretty good and I am starting to get pain around the ovary area, my pre-O pain. It starting early since I'm only on CD6.

Another girl announced she's pregant today at work, she is 11 weeks and due right away the time my SIL is due. I swear it never ends, so now I'm expecting one more person to pop up pregnant...it seems to happen in 3s.

Other than that, really nothing new and glad AF is over so we can start trying. I will be using OPKs again and plan on starting them right away tomorrow so I don't miss my O, I am really hoping for another early one FX!

Belita February 4th, 2012 08:10 AM

Re: Dawn's TTC #1 Journal
What a journey so far. :fingerscrossed: it's your cycle!

blueeyes25s February 4th, 2012 06:48 PM

Re: Dawn's TTC #1 Journal

Originally Posted by Belita (Post 25570881)
What a journey so far. :fingerscrossed: it's your cycle!

Thanks! I don't think my journey is nothing compared to what some of the ladies on here have and/or is going through to get there BFP.

Belita February 4th, 2012 06:57 PM

Re: Dawn's TTC #1 Journal
No, but that doesn't mean that you haven't been through a lot yourself.

blueeyes25s February 4th, 2012 07:00 PM

Re: Dawn's TTC #1 Journal
It's CD7 and I took an OPK test, it wasn't quite + but it was close. I typically have progression OPK's so I'm thinking I will get my + soon. My only concern is that the B6 is going to make O to soon. If I O prior to CD 12 this cycle I am thinking I will cut my B6 in half and take 50 mg instead of 100 mg. I have read it can be a concern to O before CD12, I don't remember why and will have to research that but I remember reading about it once.

Belita February 4th, 2012 07:10 PM

Re: Dawn's TTC #1 Journal
Yeah, I was afraid of that, too. I'm on the 50mg and I Oed on CD 11, which I Oed on for my pregnancy cycle. I wouldn't want to O any early than this. I hope you don't O too early!

blueeyes25s February 5th, 2012 07:50 PM

Re: Dawn's TTC #1 Journal
Thanks Robyn I hope I don't either and I am feeling frustrated right now... :eek:

Here is my OPK test from Saturday (2.4.12) [IMG]http://i1112.photobucket.com/albums/...s/baed9eb1.jpg[/IMG]

This morning my temp jumped to 97.2 which is usually a post O temp and today is ONLY CD8

This is today's OPK and I took 3 of them at 3 different times today and got the same result! http://i1112.photobucket.com/albums/...s/e4c06916.jpg

Now I'm wondering if I did O...I just couldn't have, ugh :overreact:

I guess we'll see what happens tomorrow. Oh...at least we are able to BD yesterday; figured I needed to start early this cycle.

I feel like I have totally screwed up my cycles and this is just never going happen :tantrum::cry:

blueeyes25s February 6th, 2012 06:05 AM

Re: Dawn's TTC #1 Journal
Quick update....temp is still up but I didn't sleep very good; I tossed and turned all night and my OPK was neg! Not feeling so good about his cycle and it's so early :cry:

JennyLee February 6th, 2012 09:22 AM

Re: Dawn's TTC #1 Journal
I had a cycle where I got a really early positive opk that turned out to be a fluke. I just kept testing and BDing, and ended up actually Oing later than normal. So, I would say keep at it and don't lose hope!

KatieKat February 6th, 2012 09:30 AM

Re: Dawn's TTC #1 Journal

Originally Posted by blueeyes25s (Post 25573021)
It's CD7 and I took an OPK test, it wasn't quite + but it was close. I typically have progression OPK's so I'm thinking I will get my + soon. My only concern is that the B6 is going to make O to soon. If I O prior to CD 12 this cycle I am thinking I will cut my B6 in half and take 50 mg instead of 100 mg. I have read it can be a concern to O before CD12, I don't remember why and will have to research that but I remember reading about it once.

Hey there! Glad you started a journal :D If you do find anything about early O-ing being a problem - can you share it on the board? I'm an early O-er (this month it was CD 10!! - usually around 11/12) and I'm worried it's a problem but haven't been able to find any concrete info on it.

Sorry you're feeling down about this cycle - I hope the early + OPK was just a fluke!

Belita February 6th, 2012 01:04 PM

Re: Dawn's TTC #1 Journal
I'm sorry, Dawn, You do look like you've possibly ovulated. I hope it's just a couple of fluke temperatures with a not-quite-O surge.

Katie, I have a friend who also Os early and she's 14 weeks pregnant after her second cycle of trying.

blueeyes25s February 6th, 2012 07:35 PM

Re: Dawn's TTC #1 Journal

Originally Posted by JennyLee (Post 25578941)
I had a cycle where I got a really early positive opk that turned out to be a fluke. I just kept testing and BDing, and ended up actually Oing later than normal. So, I would say keep at it and don't lose hope!

I plan on continue testing and BDing but the rise in temp is what's making me think I O'd...

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