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CandC2012 December 13th, 2013 07:56 PM

Courtney's TTC Journal
I am new here, and am so excited to be starting a journal--I only wish I had started one sooner! I just wanted to start a journal, to help me remember everything down the road. I would have loved to have kept track of my journey from the start, but better late than never. :)
Well, I am Courtney, I'm 22--almost 23--and DH is 27. We got married in August 2012 and we were both open to starting a family right away. I've never been on BC or any contraceptives, and I've always had regular cycles. And I come from a rather "fertile" family, haha. :)

Because of my fertile family background, I really wasn't concerned about TTC, so DH and I started out NTNP, then after a few months of not getting pregnant I started temping to make sure I was ovulating- I was. A few more months went by and now I am full-fledged TTC, taking my BBT and checking my CM, and trying various supplements to see what may give me my BFP. My cycles on paper look pretty great- usually O around CD 16, and have 29 - 31 day cycles. The ONLY thing I have noticed is that I barely ever get any EWCM. Usually at best I get creamy, and occasionally, if I'm lucky, I might see a tiny, tiny bit of fertile-ish quality CM, being clear-ish with a tiny bit of stretch to it. But even then, I'll usually notice it once, and the next time I check it's back to creamy.

I am finally biting the bullet and visiting an OB/GYN next Friday- I've actually never visited one before (I know I should have!) so I'm not totally sure what to expect, but I will be talking to her and see if I can get some answers about why I'm having such difficulty getting pregnant.

Right now I am on CD 2 (grr AF showed yesterday). I was an emotional wreck yesterday (poor DH) because I want to be pregnant soooo badly. Today was better, I'm picking myself up and getting together a game plan! This cycle I am going to try some new things, so I'm excited :)

First- I am going to use Pre-Seed. My lack of EWCM has me concerned, so this is something I've been thinking about for a while. I ordered some last month, but was traveling during my O time and forgot to bring the stupid lube! So missed that chance. Also, I'm going to try some guaifenesin. Not sure if it's best to do both Pre-Seed and guaif? But going to try anyway. Ordered that yesterday, should be here soon. And then I also ordered some vitex. Not really sure if I need it, but I figured why not? It's supposed to help regulate hormones, so that can never hurt! I tend to be rather emotional fairly often (ahem... again, poor DH), so I am a little suspicious of some sort of hormonal imbalance. My sister has PCOS and a ton of my family has hypothyroidism, so it's very possible I have something out of whack.

Well that's it for now. If I can figure it out, I'll try to link up my FF chart on here.... No clue how though. I am SO bad with computers :P

CandC2012 December 14th, 2013 10:59 AM

Re: Courtney's TTC Journal
Saw another pregnancy announcement on FB today. I was actually happy for this one though! I know she had a lot of trouble conceiving her first, so it was exciting to hear that she was expecting her second :) A girl I knew briefly from college just got married in June, and they announced on FB "Merry Christmas from the 3 of us! The addition to our family due to arrive in May." I wasn't so excited about that...

And then there's my sister, 6 years older than me and married 9 months after me, who got pregnant her second month. (She cried the first month when she got her period, though...lol.) The real stinger with her is that she's been complaining the whole time- she's so tired all the time, she as no appetite, she doesn't know how she'll make it through the whole pregnancy, let alone ever do this again.

I guess I just don't understand why it's so easy for some people, and so hard for others.... Sigh.

CandC2012 December 15th, 2013 10:52 PM

Re: Courtney's TTC Journal
Today was a fairly good day. I had a few ups and downs, because I'm just a kind of sensitive person and I get stressed out easily. But I'm getting better at keeping it under control and not getting so stressed!

I reminded myself today that when DH and I got married I left it up to God when I would get pregnant. We agreed to trust God in that area, and even though I haven't gotten pregnant as quickly as I wanted, I do have to remember that God's got it figured out :) So in that sense, today was a refreshing day. I'm going to endeavor not to stress out this cycle. I'll do what I can do boost my chances, but if it doesn't happen, then it just isn't the right time yet.

We'll see how long this positive and relaxed thinking lasts ;) I'll have to be reminding myself of this constantly, I'm sure!

I thought my DH ordered my guaifenesin for me, but I mentioned it today and he said he hadn't- grr! He told me several days ago that he would do it so it had completely slipped my mind, because I thought it was taken care of! So I'll be ordering that in the morning (pay day lol). Thankfuly I'm only on CD 4, and I wanted to start them on CD 11 probably, so they should come in time. I am considering buying the real Mucinex max strength extended release, rather than the generic immediate release tabs like I was going to, but I'm not sure yet. It would be nice to just take a pill twice a day, since I already have to do that. But you certainly pay for the brand name.

CandC2012 December 18th, 2013 10:24 PM

Re: Courtney's TTC Journal
It's been a busy few days for me. I'm ready to relax! Tomorrow should be good. I'll have the morning free to catch up on some housework, and then DH is taking me thrift store shopping! My favorite :)

Then Friday I have my OB/GYN appointment, oh goody! Haha. My best friend just had her first ever "lady doctor" appointment too, so she filled me in on what to expect. I feel so young and inexperienced sometimes. (Probably because I am....)
I'm really not looking forward to the whole thing, but I am hoping she might offer me some valuable advice and maybe even some suggestions for TTC... hopefully! I talked to a lady who goes to our church, and she had kind of a bad experience with this OB/GYN (I found this out AFTER the appointment had already been made, of course), so that makes me nervous as well.

I got my mucinex today, and I did end up going with the brand name. I have such trouble with my CM never getting very fertile quality, so I'm really hoping this will help! CD 7 today, so will be starting taking it on Sunday, probably. I've already been having a lot of sticky/tacky and sometimes creamy CM, more than normal, so I'm feeling optimistic about this cycle :) 17th time's the charm, maybe!

CandC2012 December 20th, 2013 04:00 PM

Re: Courtney's TTC Journal
Well, I had my OB/GYN appointment today. It went well, she's nicer than I expected based on what I had heard, but she's putting me on birth control, which seems to be the opposite of what I want! She said it can help get me a really strong ovulation when I go off it, and that a lot of women get pregnant right away doing that, so who knows. I'll try anything at this point. Unfortunately, anything "fertility" related will not be covered at all by my insurance, but the doctor and nurse who were with me today are doing everything they can to make it appear as just general health stuff on paper so the insurance will cover it, so that's really nice!

She wants me to get some blood work done, checking my thyroid (strong family history of hypothyroidism), for diabetes, and then a blood pregnancy test to make sure I'm not pregnant before they put me on BCP. Which also means I have to abstain for two weeks before I get the blood work done, so that there's no chance of me having an early pregnancy that isn't caught in the blood work. So I'm due to O in about a week (CD 9 today, I almost always O on CD 16), so as soon as I've O'd I'll start the two-week abstaining period and get my blood drawn.

Also, DH needs to get a SA at some point. I have a follow-up appointment on January 14th to get the BCP prescription as well as a papsmear and to discuss my lab results, so DH needs to have the SA done before then. He's really hoping I get pregnant this cycle so he won't have to do it-- he is NOT excited about it haha! I'd be totally fine with getting pregnant this cycle, since I'm not really excited about going on BCP to get pregnant! :P

It all seems a little weird to me, I never ever thought I would be going to a doctor to seek any medical help (not that this is much medical help at this point, but still.) I used to be one of those naive people who assumed pregnancy would "just happen" lol.

Anyway, tomorrow is our church Christmas communion service with a little Christmas party afterwards, and then starting Sunday it's going to be a Mucinex and BD marathon! I'm really excited to try the Mucinex. I've tried so many other things for my CM, including EPO, which has worked so well for so many other women, but did absolutely nothing for me! I'm still taking EPO just on the off chance that it helps me produce more CM for he Mucinex to work with. I don't know if it's actually making any difference, but I feel like I'm doing something at least lol. I got vitex too but I ended up being too nervous to try it. I have normal cycles currently and I really don't want to mess them up. So I may have wasted my money, I don't know.

I am just ready to start BDing already! Not that I'm expecting anything to come of this month. I don't even know what I would do if I got a BFP, I've seen so many BFNs that I'm sure I wouldn't actually believe it. I really don't know how I'll react when the waiting has paid off and I've finally gotten that BFP.

bandriessen December 20th, 2013 04:18 PM

Re: Courtney's TTC Journal
I'm happy your appointment went well! How long have you been trying? Have you asked some of the other ladies around here to look at your chart? They seem to be masters at this stuff, I'm still trying to learn it all myself, too! Maybe they have some helpful advice to offer you? I hope you get the bfp soon!!

CandC2012 December 20th, 2013 04:42 PM

Re: Courtney's TTC Journal
Thank you! I was nervous about the appointment (I get nervous about everything lol) so I was relieved that it went so well. I've really not talked to anyone else on here. I guess I've had a hard time connecting to anyone, but I haven't really tried so I imagine that's my fault. :) And honestly, I don't even know how to get my charts on here for anyone to look at!

I've been trying for...well this is my 17th month of not using any protection (I've never been on birth control), and probably the last year at least I've been more seriously trying. Thank you, I hope I get my BFP soon as well!

Are you currently trying? Maybe we'll both get our BFPs soon :)

bandriessen December 20th, 2013 04:48 PM

Re: Courtney's TTC Journal
Aww well I just joined too so we can be newbies together. :) I think I saw in the fertility board a thread on how to get your chart on here. Are you using fertility friend? I think you can also copy and paste the link from the website? Its been helpful to just snoop around and see what others are going through, you can learn a lot!! Who knows, it could be something as simple as missing your O date! If anyone could be helpful its these ladies!!

CandC2012 December 21st, 2013 11:17 AM

Re: Courtney's TTC Journal
Haha, I have definitely been doing a lot of snooping as well! There is a lot to learn. I never worried about it much before I got married, because my family has a history of fertility--when they want to get pregnant, they do. My mom had 9 kids, plus a miscarriage at the end, and she said it took her 6 months with the first one (she had been on BC for about a year and a half) and then the rest it took one time trying. My oldest sister has had three so far, plus a miscarriage, and she has PCOS, hypothyroidism, and for her last one she was overweight. She got pregnant a couple times using condoms and not trying (obviously, hence the condoms lol). And then my other sister got married this past summer and got pregnant her second month.

I could go on (there are a lot of big families in my extended family), but I think you get it. :) Based on the rest of my family's experiences, I really did not expect to even HAVE to try, let alone try for so long!! So that's been hard at times. Especially since my sister got married so much later than me and pregnant so quickly. (Interesting tid-bit, that sister married my DH's brother. Kind of weird.)

Sorry for the long post. Didn't mean to vent like this! So I think I read one of your posts and it said you were going to TTC in January, is that right? I hope it happens quickly for you when you start trying, and that you don't have any bumps on the road, just a perfect 9 months! :)

Oh- I'm working on my chart. Trying to figure it out!

CandC2012 December 21st, 2013 01:30 PM

Re: Courtney's TTC Journal
AAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!! I have EWCM!!! I have NEVER had that before- seriously, NEVER. I am so excited!!! It's way early too- CD 10 and I usually O around CD 16, give or take a day. I'm almost jittery with excitement! :)

CandC2012 December 21st, 2013 08:10 PM

Re: Courtney's TTC Journal
Here is the link for my chart, just in case anyone wants to see it :) This is my first cycle using FF, so I don't have any previous months on there.

4aab13 Ovulation charts on FertilityFriend.com

CandC2012 December 22nd, 2013 12:51 PM

Re: Courtney's TTC Journal
Well, CM was back to my normal creamy and scant today. Not sure what was up with yesterday, having so much EWCM, that was weird! I'm going to stick with my plan to take Mucinex anyway, starting tonight, since I forgot this morning, and I've been loading up on EPO to try to get more CM. Due to O on the 26th :) I'm really really hoping I get pregnant this time around- I'm still not excited about going on BC for a couple months.

bandriessen December 22nd, 2013 07:54 PM

Re: Courtney's TTC Journal
How long are your cycles usually? Did you bd when you had the ewcm?? Yes, we are going to start in January, AF is due the 24-25. I usually have 25-26 day cycles. I'm excited!! Glad you got your chart up!

CandC2012 December 22nd, 2013 08:42 PM

Re: Courtney's TTC Journal
Yep, we BD'd yesterday as soon as I noticed the EWCM! I was so excited... I never have EWCM, I was beginning to think it was a myth ;) But that was one reason I thought maybe I haven't had luck getting pregnant so far, if DH's swimmers couldn't swim to where they needed to go....

Typically I have cycles between 29 and 31 days. Used to always be 29 but after getting married they lengthened a bit (I think marriage stresses me out a little! Lol).

Good luck with TTC next month! I'll be KMFX for you!!

KellJoO December 23rd, 2013 07:35 AM

Re: Courtney's TTC Journal
Welcome to the board!

I'm Kelley. Hope you find some useful info here, I've found that journaling helps a lot.

My first concern is why your doc wants to put you on BC ? I've seen far too many women (myself included) that have more problems than anything after going off BC. I was on it for about 10 years the first time, then went off and it took me about 4 months to get back into a regular pattern cycle. Then it took me an entire year after that to get pregnant. Sadly I lost that baby, and went back on BC because we were planning our wedding. I went off in July and last cycle was my first normal cycle!:( What did she recommend you go on? I would really get a second opinion on that. I dont think that is a good way to solve your problem. Just my two cents!

Then I wanted to add my input on the Mucinex! I used that last January when we got our BFP. I am not sure if that is what did the trick or not, but I started using it on CD10 or so and ovulated on CD15. I used it for a couple days after, I think about a week total. I bought some again and I should have started a couple days ago, but I'll start now anyways. I'm on CD14 now, but my OPKs dont look like I'm going to O for a couple days yet anyways.

Best of luck to you!!! :)

CandC2012 December 23rd, 2013 11:07 AM

Re: Courtney's TTC Journal
Hi Kelley! Thanks for sharing your concern. I'll be honest, I actually don't really know why she wants to put me on BC. I don't have very good feelings about it. I *think* she wants to try to give me a good ovulation, or something like that...? I don't know. I've never heard of that before, so it makes me a little wary. On the one hand, I think "I should trust the doctor, I'm sure she knows what she's doing." But on the other hand, I'm afraid of BC for the reasons you wrote- I don't want to mess up my cycle and have it take me even longer to get pregnant! I've never been on BC and really never planned to be. I think I may just tell her when I go back that I'm not comfortable being put on BC and I'd rather try naturally for a while longer, if that's my only option (since my insurance doesn't cover anything for fertility).

And also, a lady at my church saw this doctor for a while, she put her on progesterone-only BC (she wasn't TTC at the time but was planning to in about a year). Well the lady got pregnant on the BC after about 6 months. She was surprised but very happy because she knew she wanted kids, but it ended up being ectopic and had to be aborted to save the tube. So she was devastated of course. She said she blames the BC for the ectopic. Don't know if that's true or not, but it does make me want to stay away from progesterone-only BC, just in case! She also warned me not to see this doctor, said there's a much better one about 45 minutes away who is worth driving to. So I don't know.

That's exciting to hear of your Mucinex success!! I've tried various other things to try to improve my CM, but nothing seemed to work. I even tried FertileCM which had loads of reviews about how much EWCM it produced for other people...for me, no change lol. Mucinex so far has given me a nice boost, so that's great. Good luck for you this cycle!! Maybe we'll both get Mucinex BFPs ;)

KellJoO December 23rd, 2013 01:13 PM

Re: Courtney's TTC Journal
I would seek another opinion, if I were you. Dont jump to any decision just because one doctor says its a good idea! Your end result is to have a baby, not prevent it! LOL. I understand that some doctors believe it can help regulate cycles, but I personally have had the opposite effect. I dont think I will EVER get back on BC. We will prevent naturally!

Good luck with the Mucinex! When do you plan on testing? I am going to try and hold out for 11DPO. And only cheapie tests until/if I see something. Then I have two boxes of the good tests! :)

CandC2012 December 23rd, 2013 02:18 PM

Re: Courtney's TTC Journal
Yeah, I don't even think I have any need to regulate my cycle, so it confuses me. I've always had regular cycles, 28-29 days before I got married, and then 29-31 days when I got married (I think just from the added stress of marriage. It was a big adjustment for me!). I had a couple long ones during super stressful times which delayed my O, but that didn't worry me, and they went right back to normal after the stress was over! I've been temping and I know I O... I've used OPKs as well, but I'm not consistent enough, so I haven't used any this cycle. But I get positives with those (when I use them right! lol) as well, so Oing isn't an issue. And my LP is long enough too, so I don't think I have any issues there. So I really don't get the BC thing. I think she just wants me to have a stronger O or something, but I would be more interested in trying some natural supplements to improve my O, if I need to. She didn't even look at any charts or anything though (I brought my last three months' worth of charts), so I really don't trust her opinion too much lol. I think it was just an easy and quick thing to suggest that wouldn't cause my insurance any issues. So honestly, at the next appointment, I think I'll tell her thanks, but no thanks on the BC, and that I'll be trying naturally for a few more months. If I decided to see an OB/GYN again I'll go to the one 45 min away that the lady at my church suggested.

I'm not a huge POAS addict, like some people :) Some months I don't test at all, just wait for AF to show. I sometimes do though... I think a couple months ago I started testing every other day starting 7DPO which was a little early! I only have cheapies though, and actually they expired 11/29, so I'm not sure how accurate they'll be anyway lol.... I'll probably use up my expired tests, maybe starting at 10DPO, longer if I can wait ;) Of course if they're negative, I'll probably still hold out the hope that they're expired so I can't trust them so maybe I actually am pregnant..... I killed myself last month because I tested several times, each time a blaring BFN, but I STILL held on to that tiny shred of hope that just *maybe* I was pregnant and it was just too early to tell... That was not a fun AF for me (or for DH lol. Poor guy had to deal with a practically manic wife!).

I think if I don't have luck this month, I'll probably break down and buy a ton of cheap OPKs and HPTs for next cycle... if I have a bunch of them, I'm sure I'll become a POAS addict lol! I'm the same as you though--if I get a positive on a cheapie, then I'll go get a good test!

KellJoO December 23rd, 2013 02:44 PM

Re: Courtney's TTC Journal

I tell myself the same thing every month...... I will not be a POAS addict. I'm almost embarrassed to say how many tests I've gone through at times LOL

I hear ya on last cycle though...... it was rough for me too. I got some pretty deceiving lines on cheapies. I am trying a new brand this time around so hopefully no more of the bad tests. That was really disappointing. So then of course I burnt up my GOOD Stash too cuz I had faint lines on cheapies... ugh.

CandC2012 December 23rd, 2013 04:16 PM

Re: Courtney's TTC Journal
Thankfully I've never had any false positives or super faint lines on the cheapies. I'm not sure what brand they are (my mom bought them for me lol.... she wants me to give her grandbabies!), but I know they aren't Wondfo or whatever the brand is I see people using a lot.

I can't imagine how tough that would be though--you get your hopes up, then realize it's just a bad test :( I don't blame you for going through your good ones, I would have done the same thing! I hope the new brand work better for you!! If I knew what brand I had, I would recommend them. Like I said, I've never noticed false positives or evap lines, and my sister used them when she was TTC and she got a BFP super early when she got pregnant (and her baby is almost 6 months old now, so it was a true positive too, lol), so I trust them.

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