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Just_Marie March 1st, 2012 07:38 PM

Marvelous March chit chat thread!
You know what to do!

MomtoKatieB March 3rd, 2012 10:02 AM

Re: Marvelous March chit chat thread!
Happy March everyone! Hope the weather continues to be mild here and we don't get the blizzard everyone is half expecting since we haven't had any winter to speak of so far this year.
I was thinking about updating my siggy but I ended up deleting the request because it was an express lane one and I had second thoughts about it. What would any of you creative mommies suggest? I don't want to request another siggy until I have some ideas about what would be good.

Teeniemama March 5th, 2012 12:25 PM

Re: Marvelous March chit chat thread!
Happy March! In one week I have my first ultrasound -- I cannot wait! In the meantime, I am angry all the time, cannot stand the smell of anything, and wish I could stay in bed (except at night when I suddenly can't sleep).

I have a question! It's early and I am getting quite large. Do you think it could be twins? We had two transferred. I can barely fit into anything and the belly is there. I can't decide if I'm just really fat or if there is something going on in the bump arena. It's so early though. I don't know how long I can keep this on the down low from the people around me. I'm planning to wait till 10-12 weeks if I can.

I joined the October Playroom but I am not sure how I like it. I feel like most of them are younger and have a bunch of children already so pregnancy is like normal for them. Whereas to me this is an insane miracle. There is one girl on there who is like 20 years old and expecting her second child! I cannot help but worry about her education and future employment possibilities. I think it's best to always have a job, because you never know when your spouse is going to lose his job or you're going to become a widow. Not to be a downer. But I never want to be without income, especially with babies on the way. Did I just say babies?

Sorry to go on and on, looks like I'm very chatty today. :smile:

Just_Marie March 5th, 2012 07:41 PM

Re: Marvelous March chit chat thread!
Beth-is nobody picking up FFAs in SRU anymore? If you leave it on there with sort of what you want, someone will pick it up eventually. I could also probably make you one if you'd like-mine aren't as flashy and sparkly, and I wouldn't be at all offended if you didn't use it. Let me know

Betsy-what were your beta levels? I started showing early with all three pregnancies, and all were singletons, I'm not too tall and pouf out quick. What have you bought so far;) DDCs are strange beasts, and yes there are lots of young moms in them. There is an OM pregnancy board here but I don't think its very busy. You can share all of your wonderfuls and questions here, too:)

mum74 March 6th, 2012 05:02 AM

Re: Marvelous March chit chat thread!
Hi everyone :).... I have been majorly slack I know. Just thought I'd say a quick hello. Layla is 22 months now. She seems so big and she's mischief...into everything! I was reading the Feb thread about what you got for Valentine's Day... I didn't get anything from dh but I did get my eyes lasered on V-Day :), so that was hugely exciting (though also nerve-wracking to be messing with my eyes!)...

Betsy.... well you did transfer two so surely that means the likelihood of two is higher than standard? That would be pretty exciting!

Sasix March 6th, 2012 12:20 PM

Re: Marvelous March chit chat thread!
:waves: Hi ladies! I hope everyone is doing well. Busy at work & had in-laws visiting with their typical drama. We were sooooooooooo happy that they went home today. Mark is growing up so fast too, I look at him amazed each day with how grown up he seems. It's bittersweet. I really need to upload some new pics of him to share & will do that soon.

Betsy - I know what you mean about the DDC. The PR now is better, it's a smaller group, but even now I still feel so old compared to most of the ladies. As the others say, you are always welcome to ask whatever questions you have here.

Lenore - eye surgery is scary, but so worth it for me. It'll be 12 years since I had the laser eye surgery this August and I still find it amazing that I can see so clearly now.

Marie - your siggies are always adorable. I love the new one you have with those feet.

Beth - I look forward to seeing a new siggy from you. I need to update mine, it's been a few months.

Just_Marie March 6th, 2012 09:54 PM

Re: Marvelous March chit chat thread!
I've been debating laser eye for five years now, but I hate pain/pressure/surgery-nice for an OR nurse, hey? I'm terrifed of it. And now that I'm having trouble with reading, I'm worried I'd be doing it for nothing. I have two plans so it would be all covered, tell me I should book it?

Sasix March 7th, 2012 05:55 AM

Re: Marvelous March chit chat thread!
I was 26 when I had my surgery, and it was/is amazing. I was very nearsighted and had worn glasses since I was 8 or 9 years old. I tried contacts in my early 20s, but with allergies my eyes wouldn't tolerate wearing them for hours on end. The surgery itself was virtually pain-free and quick too. The numbing drops they use worked perfectly. And I could see immediately. With all the drops it was like looking through waxy paper, but I could tell them time on the clock across the room right after surgery. I was on 2 different eye drops for a few days afterwards, antibiotic & anti-inflammatory (I think those were the 2 types, it's been a few years). The drops left a bitter aftertaste in my throat when they dripped down the nasal cavity, that was it for discomfort. For me, almost 12 years ago, it was absolutely worth it. I had a full consult with the doctor and they said I was a perfect candidate for it. Now that I'm older, so far my eyes have pretty much remained 20/20. One eye (can't remember which one) has gone to 20/25, but overall I can say it was a worthwhile investment for me. For you, Marie, I would have a consult done. Most consults are no charge, and this will give you a chance to see what the doctor/surgeon says. And that is great that your insurance would cover it if you decide to do it.

Teeniemama March 7th, 2012 02:21 PM

Re: Marvelous March chit chat thread!
Hi again! Cannot believe daylight savings time is this weekend. I'm happy, more time to walk my doggy (if I can stay awake!) I am not looking forward to summer though, I never do, I hate heat and humidity.

Marie, I could very well be poofing out. But Lenore, you are right, there is a high possibility there are two since we transferred two and multiples are common with IVF. Wow! I guess I can hardly believe that everything worked out, including two sticking!

I want lasik surgery really bad. I've worn glasses since 4th grade (now contacts of course).

Becky, I love when my in laws visit and I love when they leave, too! I guess we all look forward to company coming and going. They don't really bring drama, just that disruption to household all company brings.

I saw this thing called the Ramzi method that predicts what your baby is early based on what side its on. Boys are carried on the right, girls on the left. (97% of the time). I cannot wait to see on Monday...

Just_Marie March 7th, 2012 09:13 PM

Re: Marvelous March chit chat thread!
can't wait for that u/s!!

I also cannot wear contacts but need glasses full time. I worked with the eye doc and I know he's giving all the OR a discount. My insurance thinks its cheaper to do the surgery than to pay for glasses each year, probably true. I should call them tomorrow and see how much they will cover then call the eye guy. They just built a big new office in town so it should be pretty at least.

twins scare me, lol!

MomtoKatieB March 8th, 2012 02:48 AM

Re: Marvelous March chit chat thread!
Can't wait to hear about the u/s, Betsy. I am also interested in what you all have posted about lasik. I would like to have it done, but guess I will have to wait until our finances are better to check into it seriously.
In regards to the siggy, I am just undecided about what I want so I have not posted a FFA in SRU yet. I just realized that I hadn't changed it in months and Katie looks so different now than she does in the siggy.

Teeniemama March 8th, 2012 05:45 AM

Re: Marvelous March chit chat thread!
Now I understand why folks are so interested in getting new siggies! For one thing, at work I can't see them, I guess they are blocked even if I'm signed in. Right now I can actually see them. You need new siggies due to baby growing up! Congratulations Betsy on your Einstein-like moment! ha ha ha!!!!

mum74 March 9th, 2012 03:08 AM

Re: Marvelous March chit chat thread!
Anyone not interested in laser eye surgery, please skip my whole post!!

My laser eye surgery cost me $6400 (we are paying it off interest free over 12 months). The private health insurance companies consider it cosmetic over here so they don't cover it. And Medicare (our public health system) also don't cover it for the same reason. Yes I guess it is cosmetic, HOWEVER, I didn't get it done because I'm vain, I got it done because I was sick of wearing glasses and constantly pushing them up on my face (they always got loose because of the kids pulling at them when I was wearing them), and because I'm long and short-sighted and until they came up with really good graduated lenses I had to swap glasses depending on what i was doing! I had trouble with contact lenses too.

I will say though that my optom at my 1 week appt post surgery, said that I am still short-sighted (but in the same breath said I did have 20-20 vision!). i have a 3 month follow up appt so will see what comes of it. At least with the place I went to, any enhancements needed are free as long as I keep my followup appts with my optometrist. I feel like I can see perfectly though :).

It doesn't hurt Marie. It is slightly uncomfortable perhaps... but it takes only a few minutes per eye and mine was so expensive because they use technology now where the laser lasers around the pupil to take the top layer off, whereas before it was a blade... so there are even less complications then there used to be and my surgeon said he used to feel nervous doing the first bit, but with the new technology (called 'intralase'), he said he doesn't feel nervous because nothing ever goes wrong :).

They gave me sleeping tablets for when I got home and that was the best! I got home about 4pm, took a tablet as they suggested (as you have to rest for the night, not watch tv etc, just rest your eyes), slept for a few hours, got up and dh had done everything for the kids (made their lunches for school the next day for the first time ever!), I had something to eat, took another sleeping tablet and went back to bed and slept through! Oh, I also took the prescribed panadeine forte... it's not pain you feel but a gritty feeling in your eyes which means your eyes are dry and so I think the painkillers just helped with that and helped me get to sleep. I had four different lots of drops - two different antibiotics, one anti-inflammatory and one lot of drops I'm still using 4 times a day (they are just to keep the eyes moist)... it was quite a regimen of drops over two weeks that's for sure!

I hope to be 12 years glasses free like Becky! But I don't really expect that as I know I'll probably get the mid-40's standard deterioration but I'll be happy if I get 8 to 10 yrs completely glasses free.

Sasix March 9th, 2012 08:23 AM

Re: Marvelous March chit chat thread!
Mine wasn't covered under insurance either, but I think insurance now is covering some of the costs. I hope you too can enjoy many years of no glasses.

Happy Friday ladies!! :waves: Does anyone have plans for the weekend?

mum74 March 9th, 2012 09:02 PM

Re: Marvelous March chit chat thread!
I made a cake for my 4yo's b'day party next week. I usually freeze the cake a week in advance then ice it the night before...one less thing to have to do right beforehand! I made the cake this morning and tasted the batter and thought...something is not right! Because I was making a big cake I doubled the recipe, but when I was putting the butter in, I must have already doubled it then was measuring it thinking 'oh that's right I have to double it'....so I quadrupled the butter instead of doubled!! So I threw the whole batter out and started again - agh!!

Might go for a swim this afternoon...but really a quiet weekend. how about you Becky?

Sasix March 9th, 2012 09:20 PM

Re: Marvelous March chit chat thread!
Bummer on having to throw out the batch and start over. I'm sure the next one will be yummy. DH has some appointments tomorrow (doc and something else that I can't remember), but other then that it's just the typical - laundry, housework, grocery shopping & try to relax some. I also hope to scrapbook some too. We have our monthly crop going on the Paper Scrapbooking Board with some great challenges. I got 1 page done towards the challenge tonight, and 3 others are started but not completed. Here's the 1 I got done. It was fun to do a girly page for a change. :lol:

Enjoy that swim for us too, Lenore. We still have a few more months before it's swimming weather here.

Just_Marie March 10th, 2012 06:46 PM

Re: Marvelous March chit chat thread!
hi ladies!
It sounds like the eye guy here is looking for a casual OR nurse now that he's starting office cataracts, so maybe I'll get a job plus a discount, lol!

we interviewed a potential nanny today, someone short term while we bring a girl over from Asia-its exhausting! She seems great, fingers crossed!

we took the kids to the ag fair today, they had a petting zoo and tractors and combines, a horse drawn wagon ride-lots of fun. Then we did the interview here, had supper, put the kids to bed and now I'm doing an online live thing for my Master's tonight, its a bit dull as you can tell since I'm surfing;)

dh works tomorrow, so we have nothing planned

mum74 March 11th, 2012 03:40 PM

Re: Marvelous March chit chat thread!
Hope you got some relaxing in Becky! Lovely scrapbook page :). I don't know where you find the time to do it with working and Mark and the usual household things!

Hope the nanny works out Marie :), and would be great if you managed to get the OR job and get a discount ;).

Dh took the boys to the soccer yesterday afternoon. I just did housework and then put Layla to bed and thought it would be so lovely to sit down with dinner and watch a chick flick (one that dh would never watch with me!).. 'Picture Perfect'...quite old now but I still like it :). Of course, thinking you have some time to yourself never goes to plan as Layla kept waking and the movie didn't finish before everyone got home! Oh well, we put the boys to bed and then I finished watching it, though hopping up and down a million times through a movie sort of kills the 'relaxing' part of it if you know what I mean :).

Sasix March 13th, 2012 06:21 AM

Re: Marvelous March chit chat thread!
I definitely understand things not going as planned. Saturday, I got Mark down for a nap and shooed DH & MIL out of the house errands. I figured I could have a couple of hours to myself to scrapbook. DH & MIL were gone for hours, but poor little Mark kept waking up with his teeth & then being so crabby with little sleep. I ended up having to lay down with him to get him back to sleep and even then he wouldn't let me leave. Every time I would move, he would grab ahold of my shirt and snuggle up to me. So there went my plans for some "me" time. I know these cuddle days won't last though, so I do treasure them when I get them.

All in all, I got 3 pages done this weekend counting the one from I posted already. I need to upload the pics to photobucket and then I can share them too. I don't have much scrappy time, but do enjoy it when I can find the time. I'm hoping this summer to re-do our basement area and move my scrap area into the big room and also have it set up so Mark can play while I play or I can set him up at the table with me scraping/crafting too. right now, I'm in the unfinished section of the basement. It worked for me these past few years, but now I'd like to move things around. And also create more of a play area for him too, and for DH. DH has all these lego sets he cant' wait to build with Mark. :p I figured we'd move the coffee table/end tables out for a bit & have more floor space. Also add some additional shelves/bookcases to get things up & out of the way. Wish me luck on those projects.

Teeniemama March 14th, 2012 11:45 AM

Re: Marvelous March chit chat thread!
We had our first ultrasound on Monday! It was such a relief to see the baby and that heart beating so fast...the baby measured eight weeks, right on schedule. I would upload a pic but am feeling kind of private about putting her on the Internet. Please bear with me!

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