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longing March 24th, 2013 08:23 PM

New here and need other women in the 2ww
so I am currently 6dpo,i don't chart my temp or use OPK's but i pay very close attention to my body and my cycle since suffering a miscarriage back in June. I had typical O pains on tuesday which was a day or two early for me.i have a 29 day cycle at this point and AF lasts for 6 days now whereas before my MC i had a normal 28 day cycle and AF would last for 7 days. So this is our first time TTC since my MC and my husband and I have a beautiful 19mo old daughter,but my Husband is in the army and in VA for AIT,so we're a few states apart and cannot consistently TTC for a few months but I went to visit him for the weekend for his birthday last weekend and it was as close as we could get to DTD and hopefully successfully conceive. I know I am going crazy and it's veryyy typical for me to overanalyze anything and everything but I have this same intuition/feeling as I did with my daughter that our attempts have worked and that I am pregnant. But at the same time I drive myself crazy hoping its not all in my head. However i have nausea/a few times vomiting since last night,along with sore breasts to accompany it. I have recently started checking CP and 2 days ago it was so high i could barely reach it and very very soft,the next day it was very slightly lower and one half was soft,the other half was the tip of the nose feeling like its supposed to,and today its closed,not soft at all,and a little high,but just barely above it's normal placement. :confused: any other ladies in the same boat?? I know its probably way too early for symptoms and i dont want to get my hopes up too high or anything but I'm ready to have another child and if things dont work now it will be July before we try again. So come vent with me and pass the time!!! :p good luck all and FX for all of you in need and please keep your FX for me.

sorry ladies AF lasts for 5 days now not 6. gotta love typos!

maryandrio June 18th, 2013 12:40 AM

Re: New here and need other women in the 2ww
its good.......

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