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Carwen*Angel December 26th, 2012 07:28 AM

Are you hitting the sales this year?
If you are, it's worth browsing online first. I was hoping to get Michaela's 6-9 month clothes in the sales - was just going to try Asda and Tesco in person but decided to have a bit of a look online today first and am glad I did!! Asda (George) and Tesco (F&F) had practically nothing left in 6-9 months, neither did M&S, Next or Gap - but if you preggo ladies wanted to look up newborn stuff that's what they seem to have the most of!!

After a bit of browsing though I managed to find stuff on Mothercare and Vertbaudet which was all 20%-60% off. I also checked my emails and had a code for an extra 10% off sale items on Vertbaudet providing I ordered by end of today (PM me if interested). I also managed to get her a high chair from Mothercare with 30 off!!! She has got numerous sleepsuits, bodysuits and socks as well as a couple of pairs of leggings, several T-shirts and a hoodie jacket in 6-9 months now - and Nanna had already cleared away all the 0-3 stuff to give to my cousin's daughter who is pregnant at 16 - so all her drawers are empty ready for the new stuff until she's big enough. :) :) :) Both fab sales and I had the use of Shaun's card for them. ;)

I was after a toy box for the kids as well and couldn't find one on sale, but my Auntie Pat gave me 30 for the kids for Christmas and my Uncle Tony gave me 15 so putting those two together I should still be able to get the sort of toy box I want with the present money, so I'm not too bothered.

I also managed to get a few clothes for myself, I am struggling a bit since the baby weight came off, as seem to still be a good 14 on top due to my boobs but somewhere between a 10-12 waist and a very funny shape indeed from having a c-section, and most of my trousers and jeans are 12s and just seem to be uncomfortable and sliding down even with a belt. I like wearing dresses and have been living in the few I have with leggings recently. Very.co.uk had some brilliant offers on tea/day dresses, I have ordered 4 and some nice tights, one dress was only 7 and another only 5!!!!!!! Usually the things at that sort of price in sales either aren't my size or aren't my style. I also got a slightly dressier skater style dress from River Island for 10.50. Looking forward to getting those. Again both those shops seem to be having great sales. Now I need to get all my clothes out, Ebay the maternity stuff (unless any of you are interested in some free maternity clothes 14 tops/dresses and 12 bottoms if so I'll take pics and post), and try on everything else and sort it into stuff to keep and stuff for charity bags.

Argos are a bit naff this year on practical stuff by the way, the high chairs for example were all like 5 off here and 2 off there. However they seem to have some toys on 50% off but I'm not bothering with those.

All this and we haven't even had our Xmas Day yet ha ha ha. Highly chuffed with what I've managed to get for not very much money today and I am still going to go to Asda and Poundstretcher to look at what Chrimbo stuff is on offer for next year. We would really like a plastic fibre-optic tree.

~.Sally.~ December 27th, 2012 01:19 PM

Re: Are you hitting the sales this year?
Glad you did well at the sales. We did Toys R Us for Alyssa to spend some of her christmas money and had a look in ASDA. Got a nice dress for Alyssa from Next and a landline phone from argos at half price (dropped the other one in the bath).
Would have liked to have gone round more shops but found it so busy.

Fae*Aibell December 27th, 2012 02:34 PM

Re: Are you hitting the sales this year?
Not hitting the sales at all this year. Don't have much money and i have amelia's birthday party next thursday to throw so my extra money is going into that. I have 21 coming to it!!!! So glad to hear you got good bargains though Sharron. I love getting a good bargain, makes the buy so much sweeter;)

sarah* December 28th, 2012 11:44 AM

Re: Are you hitting the sales this year?
i have lots of maternity stuff but thank you for offer, bless you xx

I looked on ASDA and everything i wanted was sold out except two shirts for Lucas and two tops for connor :) and everything in tesco, peacocks and h&m were sold out :( going to check out the jan sales in town although i most prob pick up everything for the kids and nothing for me, always seems to happen lol

PrincessLou79 December 28th, 2012 12:47 PM

Re: Are you hitting the sales this year?
I won't be going anywhere near the sales!!

RandomRobot December 31st, 2012 09:30 AM

Re: Are you hitting the sales this year?
went to the next sale and got a few tops/trousers for the boys...we went to meadowhall in sheffield and i got 2 gorgeous cath kidston purse/bag sets for my neices at better than half price for their birthdays this year, also got some books for ciaras birthday and some lego sets for the boys birthdays at a great price :)

for myself i got a kenwood mixer..been after one for years and currys had some at half pice :cheer:...I save all year for my *sale* money so this was a treat to myself :) totally broke now but very happy with it :)

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