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lilmamaw2 February 7th, 2006 12:53 PM

:unsure: k' so i'm 32wks and i'm leeking some watery stuff doc said that it could be the baby is pushing on my bladder but i go pee and it still is happing and my feet got so puffy i just woke up today with puffy feet and leeky water stuff and i've been cramping should i be more worried should i talk to my doc again she had me make an app. for tommrrow to see her but a cupple of weeks ago i went into premature labor so i'm worried that something is happing right now and if it can be prevented then i want it to be for at least another 3-4wks cuz then at least her lungs will be ok i'm freaking out someone please help me what do i do am i over reacting?????? :lol: :unsure: :(

brigitte February 7th, 2006 01:28 PM

I personally wouldn't wait to talk to her again. Without trying to scare you, your water may have broken and that means get your butt to the hospital right now! Baby could be on its way out.
Call your doc, explain the symptoms and let her tell you what do from there.

Good luck. Hopefully it's just discharge and not your water! Let us know what happens!

Mommy2Ethan February 7th, 2006 03:12 PM

is it a lot of water or a little like discharge?

lilmamaw2 February 7th, 2006 05:28 PM

well it's really light and clear/watery and i've been haveing cramps too but i told my husband that i wanna wait till it bad enough it's running down my leg before i make a trip to the hospitial cuz once we get there we'll just sit for hours before they just send me home unless its bad enough that it's leaking all over the place besides i really dont want to be checked and then that put me in labor cuz every time i get checked i end up having worse contractions than i had before

Ella! February 7th, 2006 06:25 PM

I would def. call my doctor. Maybe your water broke? I know for different women different amounts of water comes out... so maybe it's just not as much for you as it could be for someone else. Good luck and I'll pray for your little one. Keep us posted!!!!

happymommyof1 February 7th, 2006 06:35 PM

all they will do to check for water breakage is stick this little like paper strip in there just enough to get it wet... then its like a PG test, if the paper reacts a certain way, your in labor... if it doesnt, your not...

i wouldnt wait since you have had a pre-term labor scare already... and the cramping could be contractions, how long has it been going on? how much is it exactly? like, how long to soak a panti liner?

Olathe6 February 9th, 2006 04:33 PM

Ok sorry if this is kinda gross. But the last few weeks of pregnancy I was leaking watery stuff too. Thaught it was discharge and put it in the back of my mind as such. I had non stress tests for a heart condition I had so my fluid level was checked twice a week. Well sure enough it was my water leaking because when I went to one non stress test there was absolutly no water around the baby. It was a slow leak over a couple of weeks. I never had my water break and the doctor never had to break it because there was nothing to break...

*~*Jacqueline*~* February 9th, 2006 05:57 PM

Although it is a scary possibility pre-term labor is a possbility. If you honestly believe your water has broken (or even to just be on the safe side) have a doctor check you out. When I went to the hospital when my water broke with Jr. the nurse did a test with a pre-treated cotton swab that changes color when it comes in contact w/ amniotic fluid. The swab did NOT change color, and she tried to tell me I probably just peed all over my self. I told her flat out I did NOT pee on my self - I trust MY judgement over yours anyday when it comes to my body, no either re-do the test or get another nurse in here so SHE can re-do the test. I got my test redone and it turns out I was right :smile: . Why didn't the first one change colors? It was just a plain cotton swab :wacko: .
Oh, and FYI, my Dr. told me if it is CLEAR jell-o looking stuff it is probably the baby adjusting him/herself, and pressing on your cervix releasing some of the mucus plug. And your body is constantly making sure there's enough mucus plug (until it's time for the baby to be born). And to relax unless you see a "bloody show" or if your water breaks.

Hope this is at least somewhat helpful.


lilmamaw2 February 10th, 2006 08:40 AM

thanks every one for your help i went to my doc. app. and she didn't even check me i'm so mad i don't know what to do i thought she should of a the vary least checked me to see if it could be my water or if i am just peeing on my self i'm to far along to go get another doc. to even see me but i'm really worried about my baby i want her to be ok and if i go to the hospitial they'll just call my doc. and have to do whatever she says so i'm stuck and really worried for my baby

Lisadear February 10th, 2006 08:54 AM

hun ... when that happened to me and I went to my GP she didnt check me either, just told me to go home and lay down a bit and get some rest.

It still continued and I went to the hospital clinic and they checked me in immediately and put me on complete bedrest for five weeks because it was 'premature rupturing of the membranes" (which is the waterbag) and hence premature labour.
Best you check it out again since you're getting some minor pains with it too.

Thinking of you. :wub:

xxx Lisa xxx

jennyn February 10th, 2006 10:12 PM

get in to l&d now! obviously if you are posting about it it's enough to worry you, and anytime you are worried the drs should listen. go in and demand that they do the check. and it is NEVER too late to ditch a dr who doesn't listen to your concerns, even if you are in the delivery room.

lilmamaw2 February 11th, 2006 04:04 PM

i went to the hos. yesterday it's not my water or me peeing they said that she's "gearing down for the big day" and that the more activity i do the more that stuff will come out (cuz i already lost my plug) and so to protect her from germs this stuff is produced so in other words for the next 7wks (if she stays in that long) i get to deal with this nasty leeky stuff and her head in my croch which by the way hurts really bad and her but in my ribs (she's a big baby they said she can come in march even though i'm not due till april 3, ) and feet that i sware sometimes she is trying to littlary stick them out my side it totally freaks my husband and me out our son never did that but any ways thing are great and thanks for all of your support and conserns!!!! it just feels really good to know that she's ok and BIG but most importent she's ok they said right now she's at the ideal size and muturity that if she was born she would do great on her own so that was really good to hear and took care of alot of the fears i was having about her being born eirly but she's 5 1/5 lbs and i still have 7wks left so she'll be big like my lil Dillon was (8 1/2 lbs) so she'll probably be exactly what her big brother was so that makes me feel good i'm just so happy that she's doing so good!!!

jennyn February 12th, 2006 11:20 AM

so glad it's not your water and yea for big babies! it's such a relief to know that the baby will be ok even if it's born early. i know from experience :P here's to hanging inthere for another couple of weeks at least, for both of us! (i'm 34w and on complete bed rest since 24w)

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