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pregnantandscared February 12th, 2006 12:55 PM

i love my little guy with all my heart and soul, but i am not at all worried about him. maybe it's cause my folks worried about me way too much and it drove me insane. i am a fighter and always have been. when i was little the doctors found (well actually i found and told my doctors) a tumor on the side of my head. they told me that if we didnt remove it i could get cancer. my mom was so scared that she couldnt even be in the room with me when they removed it. i just laughed and said lets do this. they told me that if i felt anything let them know and they would give me more stuff to numb the area. well i felt everything and it kinda hurt, but i thought it was cool so i didnt say anything i just laughed. i blame my folks for me not really caring about life. when i was little i used to want to know what death was like so i did stuff like jump off my roof and just crazy stunts like that. (i gave my parents good reason to worry but it drove me insane) but i am finding now that i am not worried about my little guy. i am not worried about whether he is healthy or whether he will be "normal" whatever the h*ll that is. i am not worried that i might miscarry or that my little man might be born still born. i know these are all possibilities and i dont want any of them to happen, but i really dont worry about it either. (which is weird cause i have already been to the er due to bleeding everything turned out fine thank god) does this mean i am not a fit mother? or am i just going insane?

momma06 February 12th, 2006 01:28 PM

It doesn't mean that you're an unfit mother. Heck, your pregnancy will be much smoother since you don't worry about that stuff. Also, since you're not stressed about it, it's actually better for your baby.

Ella! February 12th, 2006 04:19 PM

Doesnt mean you're unfit, you just arent a worrier. Can I have some of that "non worry"? lol :P

pregnantandscared February 12th, 2006 04:23 PM


Doesnt mean you're unfit, you just arent a worrier. Can I have some of that "non worry"? lol :P[/b]
lol thanks guys. wish i could share it cause there are times i wonder if i am ever gonna worry about this little guy. i kinda wonder if i am gonna be the mom who says "oh look he's leaning out a third story window but i know he wont fall" then leaves the room (which i would never do.) i know i am gonna worry about the dangers of life but i am afraid i am not gonna worry as much as i should.

pcgirl February 13th, 2006 11:32 AM

I think that's wonderful! There's already too much in life to worry about and trust me...you'll worry sooner or later .... all parents do.

I think about my first baby, almost 18 yrs ago, and I was a lot like you. I didn't worry about anything....I was young, healthy, thought I could conquer the world (Im not saying youre like that....but I sure was) so I didn't think anything bad could happen to me...

LOL, of course I was wrong....

It's good not to worry now while you're pregnant. It will only help your baby. You will, at some point, worry eventually...you have the rest of your life for that to happen :P For now, don't sweat it.

Good luck!

MyGirlz February 13th, 2006 04:20 PM

Just because you don't worry about those things doesn't mean you're a bad mom. You may just have found a sense of calmness about things out of your control (miscarriage, still born babies...) which is something most of us aren't nearly lucky enough to find. Why worry about something that's out of your hands right?
I on the other hand was worried sick (and I mean SICK) about miscarriage when I first found out I was preggers. I thought of the baby every single second of the day, and wondered "omg! ARe you still alive in there!!" and prayed all the time that my baby would survive the riskiest part of pregnancy.
When your little one comes, you'll find all sorts of things to worry about, but for now enjoy the fact that you're not a worry wart like the rest of us!

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