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MeganLindeman October 15th, 2013 07:34 AM

Doctor think I am pregnant, but negative tests? Help?
I have been having pregnancy symptoms for about a month or so. I have also missed my period last month and I should be starting in 5 days, but if I don't get it, that will be my 2nd missed period in a row. I have taken many home pregnancy tests and a blood test at my doctors. That same day of the blood test, I was telling my doctor about my symptoms and this odd spotting that I had, and it wasn't my period. She gave me an exam and saw the blood that I had and she said it looks like implantation bleeding because there is a difference between period and implantation bleeding. She told me if my blood test comes back negative and I still feel like I do, to come back in two weeks because I may not be producing enough hormones and she may give me an ultrasound because she said she is pretty sure I am pregnant. I asked her other things that could be wrong, but she denied any other things that could be wrong. I have been very tired, sore breasts, and everyone has been telling me that they have grown a lot, which I am almost a D now, and started around when I missed my period last month, headaches, weak, stomach aches, increase eating, bad cramping and bloating, super sensitive (crying constantly and cranky), missed period (always start on the 20th), my face looks different, like glowing and very pale which is unusual for me, also, I have been getting super hot randomly.

Has anyone else felt like this?
I have heard about a lot of women actually being pregnant, but test always come out negative until they're like a month or so.
My boyfriend and I aren't trying for a baby, I am 19 and he is 21, but if I end up being pregnant, we would be keeping it and our parents already know about this situation. It is just annoying because I am feeling this way and no one can give me an answer but that I am pregnant.

Also forgot to mention, I do know when conception would have taken place because my boyfriend and I had been drinking and had unprotected sex and I am almost positive he went inside. Though we have had unprotected sex before, he always pulled out before, even though I know that doesn't help, but this time I am sure he didn't pull out in time.

I am on birth control, but before this situation, I was on antibiotics for about a month and a half, so I know that pretty much cancels out my pills from what my doctor said, especially since I didn't take them at the same time everyday.

MerinSun October 15th, 2013 05:42 PM

Re: Doctor think I am pregnant, but negative tests? Help?
I would say that it is very likely that you are, but not enough to say for sure, lol. I would say there is a 60/40 chance that you are. Many of your symptoms are classic, but not necessarily all at once, lol. For instance the "glow" that women achieve is usually attributed to them during the 2nd trimester when their morning sickness abates. They just look better because they're not upchuckng every 5 minutes, lol. Keep us posted once you find out!

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