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ShelliBelli August 15th, 2007 01:12 PM

So I called the family planning place or whatever it is yesterday Im going next Thursday to get a test (even though Ive taken like 10 home ones) Then I will be able to apply for medicaid then talked to my obgyn and they will take me as a medicaid patient.

So anyway my story is that my boyfriend had been dating for 3 years, thought he was the one and all that good stuff. Well weve known for like 2 months that Im pregnant, been in MAJOR denile and havent told anyone and I havent been to the doctor yet due to finanaces and all that crap. He is still in denile, its finally sinking iton me and i realize that its not going away. We broke up a few weeks ago, we were already having some problems but then with my hormones it just went crazy and he wont even speak to me now. Then last week I lost my job. I am under some MAJOR stress right now. My parents are going to die even though Im 29 Im still not married and they are so against that. Then to make it worse im whie, hes black and my daddy thinks that is just the end of the world. So anyway, its coming time that Im gonna have to be telling and going to the doctor and all that good stuff by myself so I need some support. Any good advice from any of you girls?

Melanie. August 15th, 2007 01:41 PM

Hun, your baby's race is none of your parents business to discuss. You made the baby, it's yours. Don't let anyone put you down or make you ashamed. That's the part of your post that hit me the most. It shouldn't matter and it doesn't to people who have some sense.

To everything else in your post, I wish you luck and I hope you stick around.

Star August 15th, 2007 01:55 PM

You might actually be surprised about your parents. I had just gotten laid off, wasn't married (still am not), and my mom was just happy she was going to be a grandma. It totally threw me off!

As far as jobs go, find a new one before you start showing. People can't NOT hire you because you are pregnant, but you know some will still discriminate. Chances are you won't be covered for a maternity leave, but it will give you a chance to save up some money beforehand.

Good luck with everything, stick around!!!

HighwayDaisy August 15th, 2007 05:36 PM

Sounds like we're in a similar position. I'm 28, and unmarried. I'm white, the father is black. There are two issues here for my family. But, as Mel said, that baby is yours. And in the end, your parents can either chose to respect your decision and be supportive, or not be part of their grandchild's life. I gave my family the same option. I told them that I didn't want the negativity around my son, didn't want him to be punnished because they didn't agree with my lifestyle. My mom and my stepdad have been fantastic. They're excited. (Yes, I was very surprised by this). My father has chosen to no longer be part of my life. It's not fun, but it's his choice. And I would prefer that to him hating his grandson.

Hang in there girl, what matters is that YOU love this child. Please let me know if you need anyhing.

Grateful~Gentle~Mama August 16th, 2007 08:38 PM

Ditto what the previous posters said.

I really hope that your parents are able to be mature and accept the fact that you are giving them the wonderful gift of a grandchild because there is going to be enough stress for you having to deal with the pregnancy alone. I am going through that as well, so if you ever want to talk, please PM me.

I can feel your fear about the race thing too because my dad would think it was the end of the world too. That is the most irritating thing about him, IMHO. It drives me INSANE and I am ashamed to even type this. :ph34r:

Good luck, please stick around an join the ddc you would belong to because I'm telling you, JM is my biggest form of support, makes me feel I'm not alone and that there are some people out there that care about me and my baby boy!

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