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**jessie** August 28th, 2007 04:02 AM

Hi Ladies. I just thought I'd introduce and tell a little bit about myself. Im very happy to have found this forum - everyone seems so supportive and knowledgable! Well, I am 26 yo and me and my husband have been married for over 3 years. Actually we've been together for a total of 7 years now :) We currently have no children, but both would really like to start a famlily as soon as circumstances allow. I am currently in vet school and have 2 years left to go (have already been in school at university level for 7 years now!). Vet Med is such an intensive course and me and my husband are forced to live separately for about half of the year while classes are in session. This is because of his work circumstances cannot allow him to be in the same city as the university. Its been a really long hard haul, but he has been really supportive! We cant wait to be finished!

I had been using the Implanon as BC, but we chose to have it removed this past June after 2 years due to its side effects - depression, mood changes, no sex drive. We talked it over and decided not to start immediately back on hormonal BC, as many have the same SEs as the Implannon and since I am away most of the year and not having sex anyway! My cycle came back immediately. I had a period 3 days after removal, then 28 days later (with prior ovulation), and now I am due again in 7 days. I really feel I may be pregnant (we did not use protection during my period and have not been putting on the condom until right before ejaculation. Sorry TMI!) and am so nervous! I began having cramping approx 6 DPO (appox bc I wasnt charting) and have increased creamy CM, and have been nauseous every afternoon for about 5 days. The cramping has been going on for 2 days and is much unlike my PM cramping (I usu only have PM cramps for less than 1 day before bleeding begins). Ive never been one to have an overactive imagination about these things! I would be excited and happy to be pregnant, but would be so worried/upset about completing school with a baby! Its probably nothing - I will just have to wait and see! I just needed to talk with someone who may be going through the same thing. I dont want to say anything to hubby or friends before finding out for sure. Thank you all for listening to me!!!

Kalia20 August 28th, 2007 12:32 PM

I don't know what Implanon is, is that like the IUD that is inserted inside the uterus? I've never heard of that myself. Do you still have periods with that? (I'm more curious about different options of BC now that I'm pregnant and don't want to have another right away after, if I ever change my mind about having a second.) If not, maybe could it be your body readjusting to bleeding again? You said you arent one to imagine things, and those DO sound like pregnancy symptoms. Nothing but a blood test can confirm that. I had all those, plus my boobs HURT even getting washed in the shower and had to pee so much at night!!

Congrats on having a long and happy marriage :bluecheer: Wow vet school! Must be trying learning about how to take care of sick animals when they can't tell you whats wrong. All the vets I have been to, all women actually, have been very loving and caring people. If you are pregnant, no doubt that baby will be loved and cared for a will be very lucky to have such loving, responsible parents.

You are so close to finishing school. Hmmm thats tough. Does your school offer online courses for distant education? Is there a day care at your school? Is there anyone that could take care of you baby where your school is while you are in classes? Is it possible to take a year off? I really can't help you there unfortunately. There are some women on here that had their babies and were still able to go to school and make something of themselves. I can't imagine how hard it would be to be a mom AND have the discipline to go to school. Those ladies could offer you better help than I could.

**jessie** August 29th, 2007 02:48 AM

Thanks so much for your wonderful response! It makes me feel sooo much better to have had some venting time! The Implanon is not an IUD, its one that goes into your upper arm. It’s a small flexible plastic rod (Just one, not like the Norplant that has 5! Yuck!) that is inserted subcutaneously and secretes low levels of progesterone for 3 years. Its one of the most effective BC methods and theres no maintenance at all for the 3 years, but it can be taken out at any time. It has the benefit that your cycle goes immediately back to the way it was prior within one month of removal. I knew a gal that got pregnant before her first period after removal! It takes about 60 seconds to insert and theres no sutures. Its also not associated with causing weight gain. Some ladies get there periods, but most have decreased mestruations or none at all. I had no periods for about 1 year and then I had AF once every 3 months for the next year. My best friend gets a very light period once a month regularly. My DH felt it caused mood swings, but Im not so convinced – I think the stress of exams made me much more moody that BC could ever do! I really liked it because I never had to think about it. You should ask your Dr about it, Kahlia, as I know you will be directing all your energies to your precious little one, and shouldn’t have to be bothered with taking pills or injections!

Today my cramping is much less, but I did take an Acetaminophen earlier for my back. Still no sign of AF, but she is not due for several more days. Still increased CM and bloating, but Im thinking that you are right – this is just me getting used to cycling again after being on BC for so long. My boobs aren’t sore at all – I poked around on them this morning! My plan is to wait for AF (or HPT if she does show up next week). If she does come, I decided I need to go back on hormonal BC and wait until Im done with school, which is really the responsible way to go. I feel so frustrated sometimes. I want a baby so bad and I just feel my time is ticking away (my BDay is on Friday). I see my friends already having homes, babies and careers and here I am – still in school! I feel rotten to say so, but sometimes its easy to get jealous. I will be nearly 29 when I graduate, and then 30 if I do an internship. Its one of my biggest fears to wait that long and then find out I have trouble getting pregnant. Thanks again for listening, Girls. This is a big help for me!

amy1980 August 29th, 2007 08:15 AM

Don't have much advice for you, but just wanted to wish you best of luck with everything.
Make sure you keep us posted....
I'm sure whatever was it goes there's a reason behind it :) I'm newly pregnant and it was very unplanned...but I've come to realize that there's a reason DH and I have been blessed with this chance to have another beautiful baby :)

Kalia20 August 30th, 2007 09:54 AM

Well, symptoms are different for every woman. I'm one of the lucky ones that didnt puke all the time unless i took my prenatals in the morning. But Oh gawd did I ever feel like it! Was the wishing I would throw up just so the feeling woud go away kinda thing. My friend that just had a baby had practically no symptoms at all... I had a choice name for her lol.

A girl at work was saying how her clock is ticking and shes 30. Thats not to old!! Im 25 and my bf is 34 in a couple weeks and its both our first. My dads parents had four between the ages of 38 and 44 when they started. They wanted to travel, do everything they wanted and be financially stable for when they started. They were awesome parents. Don't feel like you are behind or anything cause you're not. You're in what sounds like a happy strong relationship and you both want to be parents. And almost done school. I'm actually jealous cause I want to go to school and have a career instead of just a job and am wondering how to do that with a baby and his weird work hours. Personally I can't go a day without my bf, so I really admire couples that are able to be away from each other for long periods of time. I've had long distance relationships and I know they are hard.

Even if you aren't, it will be blessing for when it does happen for you.

sara~b August 30th, 2007 07:35 PM

Just lurking but I wanted to get some clarification here. You said in your original post that you'd been having symptoms for 5 days and AF is due in a week. If you have a regular 28 day cycle with O on CD 14 then you would have only been 2 DPO when you got your first symptoms. That's way too early! Sounds to me like you're coming down with something! I'd wait and see if you're late and then test.

**jessie** September 2nd, 2007 05:57 AM

Thanks so much for checking my info – its great that you took the time – I think I was inaccurate in my first post. Ive been recording everything to date, so this is what I have: My first day of my last period was Aug 8th. I usually have 28 day cycles, so AF is due again Sept 5th (this Wednesday). Im not sure when I O’d. The first day I began having these uterine cramps was Aug 28th (CD 20). I had the cramps for 5 days straight – felt like AF was coming at any time – I was in the bathroom with tampon in hand several times but nothing was there except inc CM! On Aug 31, I noticed a sm amt of blood on my towel after taking a shower and drying ‘that area’ but there was never anything else after that.

I am with all you girls – Im just assuming that its either me coming down with something, or possibly just a weird cycle. I think I will take a HPT either Monday or Tuesday (CD 27 or 28), just for piece of mind. If that comes back BFN, then I think I will make an appointment with my doctor because this is just really weird for me – I never have cramps except the day my bleeding actually starts. Does anyone know if cystic ovaries causes cramps (although my cramping is in my medial lower abdomen, and I imagine ovarian pain would come from one side???)? My mother had to have an ovariectomy at a relatively young age for this reason.

Thanks girls for everything. Im sure Im just overreacting, but its so nice to have people to share with!!! I will post my results in another day or two!

Jax September 2nd, 2007 10:37 AM

sounds exactly like the symptoms I had when I found out that I was pregnant = ) right down to the tampon in hand. hah. and I did have a little bleeding, as well. Let us know how the hpt goes.

Kalia20 September 2nd, 2007 10:48 AM


Does anyone know if cystic ovaries causes cramps (although my cramping is in my medial lower abdomen, and I imagine ovarian pain would come from one side???)? My mother had to have an ovariectomy at a relatively young age for this reason.[/b]
Yes they do. I had a cyst in my right ovary. Don't know how long it was there. I never got pregnant for 8yrs, hes been tested and hes fertile and I assumed I was infertile. Sometimes after sex, I would severe cramps all accross my uterus afterwards. The pain would die down after awhile. Last march, the pain was unbearable, called an ambulance the pain was so bad, I was even puking. Turned out I had a cyst the size of a golf ball in my right ovary that was full of blood and it burst on me. The pain then was on the right side unlike before. With the internal exam and u/s, I could not stop myself from crying it hurt so bad. I had a surgery done the next day to remove it. I had a coloscopy (sp?) done a couple weeks later, bled of course afterwards and didnt know if it was my period or just bleeding from my cervix. A couple weeks after that, I saw the dr that did my surgery again for the follow up, and he told me I was infertile. Well, four days later, I got pregnant!! All's I can figure is that I was "lucky" from never getting pregnant with my left ovary and the cyst blocked my eggs from coming out on the right side

**jessie** September 9th, 2007 01:41 AM

Just a quick update: I took a ClearBlue HPT this last Wed. (CD 29) and it was a BFN. I must admit I was a tad disappointed when I saw a BFN, but its definately easier that way. I am now 5 days late :( I must really be messed up! Even DH brought it up last night that I am late, I didnt think he paid attention to such things!!! Im hoping AF shows up soon (or something!).

Thank you so much girls for your posts! I wish you all the very best! I have learned so much from JM, its really a great tool for learning...

**jessie** September 9th, 2007 09:47 AM

Just to add to the drama - I retested this morning with FMU (CD 33) with the same test, the ClearBlue Easy +/- HPT. I knew I was going to test and I woke up way too early, POTS, then looked at the test, thought it was a BFN again and then went back to bed. When I woke up 2 hrs later, the test on the counter showed a faint positive. I dont really know what evaporation lines looke like, but the faint line is blue, not colorless or grey. The test I took 2 days ago did not have this line even 12 hrs later, it was a clear BFN. I have been incredibly nauseous lately but I feed like if I was preggo I should be getting a clear positive by now! I ordered a couple of the digital tests, and I will test on Tues or Wed - whenever they arrive!

Has anyone had similar issues with this test?! Blue colored evaporations or false positives? I know that reading the test 2 hrs late is technically invalid, its just the first test didnt look anything like this!

Kalia20 September 9th, 2007 10:32 AM

I dont know about Clearblue cause I've never used it, but I do know that with the cheap/ pink ones that a positive will hold for 48hrs.

Jax September 14th, 2007 06:14 PM

go test with a digital! No messy "what the crap does it say" kind of response... plus I've heard they're pretty sensative. Let us know!!!

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