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wishinghoping September 8th, 2007 07:29 PM

I really need someone to turn to right now..... I am a stahm to 3 beautiful boys.... I had a misscarriage a little over a year ago ( a little girl) and was devestated!!!!! I wanted another baby but DH wasnt even thinking about it..... so anyway... we had some comdoms break on us last month and I am pregnant..... DH is less than thrilled. He isnt mad he is just ignoring me... If i say anything about babies or the pregnancy he ignores me... turns the music up... leaves the room anything to avoid the situation. I am heart broken... what am I supposed to do????????????? This is us... how can he not be happy? or at least a little bit warmer about it... I have only told my best friend and i asked if I could tell my dad and he told me I needed to keep my mouth shut..... what now???

Kalia20 September 9th, 2007 10:39 AM

He could just not want to get all excited about another pregnancy for fear of another miscarriage; avoiding it for fear of being hurt again. Sounds like he just needs time, as hard as that is on you. My guess would be, maybe once you get past that point that you had the miscarriage he will start to warm up. Hopefully!

This is our first, and last Oct I had a false positive on a home pregnancy test and he got extremely excited about me being pregnant. He was crushed when we found out with a blood test it was negative. Yay me, got the rare false positive. When I got pregnant in April, he wasn't nearly as happy. He said he just didnt want to be disappointed again. Took him a few months, but now that I'm getting fat, hes warming up to the idea and is getting excited about becoming a dad.

What to do now, I have no idea, I'm not in your situation, do what feels right for you.

wishinghoping September 9th, 2007 06:38 PM

thank you for the response.. I am thinking and hoping that once we find out the sex he will get more into it

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