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Jenn1320 May 30th, 2012 11:45 AM

30 week appt today and PISSED...updated!
I have a VBAC/RCS question for you...
I had my 30-week appt today and saw the nurse practioner.

Everything looked great- 18 lb weight gain, bp looks great, strong h/b.

However, she informed me that my doctor would be doing a rcs unless I go into labor on my own before 39 weeks. (WHAT?!)

I asked why, and she said "Oh, statistics show it is much safer for the baby."

Only with Noah did I labor before 39 weeks, just b/c my water had broken, and they had to induce me b/c contractions hadn't even begun. I mean, how many people actually go into labor BEFORE 39 weeks on their own? Sound super fatalistic to me.

I told her that I didn't want to schedule a rcs. Why couldn't I go until 40 weeks? She then said, "Well, in two weeks you can ask her. She MAY let you go to 40 if things are progressing well." So I asked what testing they'd planned to do to see if "things are progressing well" and she said, "there aren't any". ????

I feel like I've had the ol' bait and switch!

DH said "Well, let them schedule- we won't show up."

I mean, I am not anti-cs under necessary reasons, but to just schedule one b/c I am at 39 weeks sound bunk to me.

What do you think? I am bummed.

***my doc's nurse just called (NOT the NP) and said she doesn't know why I was told that. She said as long as the baby is healthy I can go to 41 weeks or more. She said, "you are fine, today looked great, and we are rooting for you". I feel sooooo much better. Still wonder why the NP said that, but remembered that she said her background was in high-risk pg before coming to this office, so maybe that's why. So happy to not feel like I'm on the clock!

3Sapphires May 30th, 2012 01:04 PM

Re: 30 week appt today and PISSED
do you have any other VBAC friendly doctors/midwives in the area?

IMO it sounds like they will find any reason to get you in the OR.

You can refuse anything you want, but that won't stop them from trying to bully you.

Jenn1320 May 30th, 2012 04:37 PM

Re: 30 week appt today and PISSED
Thank you, yes, I just got a referral for another doctor. I'm waiting now for a call back from my doctor to either confirm or deny what the nurse told me. It's been an emotional day. Yeah, I'm also feeling like they've started looking for reasons.

She also mentioned me looking out for bp issues, swelling, migraines, etc- all things I've never had problems with before. Makes me again think it all points to a rcs. :(

3Sapphires May 30th, 2012 05:34 PM

Re: 30 week appt today and PISSED
don't let them worry you. Switch doctors if you have to, don't let them pull anything on you.

You can do this!!!

Even though with my last pregnancy I was having higher BP and did end up almost being sectioned at 39 3 days my bp was ok at the hospital and I sent home. The next morning I was in labor.

Luckily I had a very supportive MW. You need to have someone who is YOUR advocate!

Kierasmom June 3rd, 2012 10:40 PM

Re: 30 week appt today and PISSED...updated!
Just refuse. You don't HAVE to have a c-section if things are going well. Don't let anyone bully you.

I had BP issues, and went until 39 weeks, 4days. One of the doctors did a light induction since it was getting worse. I was 3cm already and my body just needed a little nudge. It was really easy. Best birth I've ever had.

alwayssmile June 4th, 2012 07:33 AM

Re: 30 week appt today and PISSED...updated!
Saw your update. At every appointment I'd bring up that you want to be able to go to 42 weeks and you'd agree to non-invasive tests when you hit "post dates." That's the deal my providers asked of me if I wanted to VBAC! I'd also call around just in case you need to switch. I HATE how many OBs play the old bait and switch at the very end. :(

Jenn1320 June 18th, 2012 03:08 PM

Re: 30 week appt today and PISSED...updated!
Thanks, yes, I asked AGAIN at my last appt, and was told I could go even past 40 weeks, and as long as everything is looking good then I could go for the VBAC.

I asked my doctor why the nurse told me that and she apologized and said it was "miscommunication". She said maybe the nurse thought I was electing to have a rcs, and those are done at 39 weeks. However, I know that is NOT what she said, she said "it is safer than VBAC after 39 weeks", so I am still on guard.

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