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volz83 June 30th, 2013 09:40 PM

I'm back ^_^
Hello Ladies!

It's been almost (next week) 3 years since my successful vbac and I just found out this weekend I'm expecting my third baby! For those who wish to hear about my experience as a vbac just read below!

First off, my son (who is now 6 yrs old) was born via c-section. I knew nothing about my rights as a woman and what procedures where and just blind-fully trusted my doctor to make all the right decisions for me and my baby. When I was considered a "week" over due I was induced (1st BIG mistake) when that wasn't doing anything, the next day, my doctor pulled my mother aside and said "I should send her home, this baby isn't ready yet" but instead she decided it was best to brake my water to "speed" things up. Long story short, sure I had contractions but ended up having a prolapsed cord (cord coming out before baby). The labor nurse had to hold the cord in her hand inside me all the way until my son was pulled out (to keep oxygen flowing to my son). After I woke up I stopped breathing and almost lost my life. I was drugged up and wasn't even able to hold my son until a full day later in the evening. I also ended up having breast feeding issues such as milk production and the fact that my son was being fed formula so he didn't want to breast feed and would scream and cry. To add insult to injury after I was stable, my doctor came in and told me "It's a good thing we took him out, your hips and bones are "TOO" small and you would never be able to push him out or a bigger baby"... my son was 7lb when born.

So after that experience when I became pregnant with my second child, my daughter, I sought out to do things MUCH differently! I refused to believe that I couldn't birth a child that God himself meant for use to be able to do. I read up on a LOT of stuff, this forum was SUCH a huge help with pointing me to research and good questions to ask my doctor along the way. I ended up getting a dula who is also a close friend of the family to help me out. Truthfully, I wasn't too happy with my new doctor.... he was just "odd" lol but he was confident in his skills to preform a vbac. Though he did tell me "everything has to go right, their can't be too many bumps in the road". Of course I went a week over due and my doctor was wanting to push for a c-section, go figure when I had it scheduled for "last resort" I went into labor! Labor started on a Friday (July 2nd) at 5:35 am and I progressed nicely with contractions. I got to meet the nurse whom helped save my son's life from when he was born and my doc even though I had my doubts really came through for me! I held off as long as I could with contractions until I gave in for the drug lol But thankfully, contractions kept up just fine and at 5:35 am the next morning my daughter was born! It was the most empowering, most amazing moment to feel her come out and then be handed right to me!! The BEST feeling! I wasn't drugged out of my mind, I got to hold her first, and I got to breast feed right away! I ended up going on to breast feeding her with NO problems!

And guess what?! I pushed out an 8lb 4 ounce baby in less than an hour.... and my old doctor said I could never do that! If your considering to be a vbac I really encourage you to look at it. Do research, lots of it, you'll find it's MUCH safer than you think! Doctors will give you numbers or put it in ways that make it sound unsafe but they fail to tell you that you face more risks with a c-section. I know so many woman who've had vbacs and do not regret it one bit! O yes and recovery is SO much better than a c-section hands down!

Anyways, this is my story and I can't wait to have another vbac! In fact, the experience was so life changing I knew as soon as I had my daughter I wanted another baby, to experience that again! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me!

One of the best advice I can give is: get a list of all the questions you have and run them by your doctor, get to know them, find out if "if such and such situation happens, what would you do" etc. I shared with my doctor how scared I was to have my water broken (from my first son) and he didn't ever once push for my bag to be broken with my daughter. ^_^

SkyBaby July 3rd, 2013 05:29 PM

Re: I'm back ^_^
Awesome story! My daughter was 9 pounds, 2 ounces and I too was told my pelvis was too small to have her naturally. I'm hoping this baby is different.

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