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pattyandthemoos November 5th, 2013 02:10 PM

Do people understand why you want a vbac?
Do people in your life understand why you want to have a vbac? What about your dh?

My sister was really the only person who understood why I didn't want to just have another csection. Dh is always supportive of whatever I want to do, but he didn't really care if I had another csection either. I don't think he ever really understood my feelings. Fortunately, I've always gotten a lot of support on JM so that has helped me. But the people in my life have never really understood.

KMH November 5th, 2013 04:44 PM

Re: Do people understand why you want a vbac?
My DH was literally the only person who understood. Especially with twins, if I mentioned a VBAC they thought I was completely insane. Eventually I got tired of the comments and just played along with the "oh you are having twins...that's an automatic c-section" game. I'm glad I stuck to what I wanted and that the babies cooperated...it was amazing!

SkyBaby November 5th, 2013 09:55 PM

Re: Do people understand why you want a vbac?
DH is supportive after I showed him the statistics. He would also support me if I chose a rcs. I've hashed out all my reasons for wanting to avoid one this time around and he doesn't really fully understand why. As long as it's clear this choice will not hurt the baby, he's ok with it.

My parents and his parents though don't get it at all. They all think I'm nuts. My mom and his mom both had csections for all their kids and never really had any major disappointment to work through. They both just felt like they gave birth. My mom doesn't believe the facts and statistics regarding vbac vs rcs that I've shared with her over the months since I found out I'm pregnant so I try real hard not to bring it up. When she asks me about it, I just give her some vague, beat around the bush answer because I know she won't get it. DH's parents pretty much feel the same. In fact, FIL believes csection is the easier option! They will not be allowed anywhere near me when I go into labor unless they can all keep their mouths shut.

melaniek85 November 6th, 2013 08:39 AM

Re: Do people understand why you want a vbac?
My family and dh understand I want to attempt a vbac and are supportive but still don't really get it. My mom had two c sections, so she's all for them and thinks it easier. Dh supports me but doesn't think a c section is a big deal and doesn't understand why it matters how I give birth as long as baby is healthy. The understand the reasons like I want easier recovery, want to be able to care for our toddler and newborn quicker, want a shorter hosp stay but none of them understand the emotionl reasons at all.

MashaMommy April 25th, 2014 07:27 AM

Re: Do people understand why you want a vbac?
My DH was supportive and so was my doctor. However, many didn't get why i would not just get a planned c section.

After the disastrous one I had, i feel like some people are like "told you you should have had a planned one"

Oh well, i don't regret trying it. I loved the experience (everything up to the disaster) and feel like i still made the right choice. At least I did absolutely everything I could to avoid another c section.

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