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ms.amy January 11th, 2008 01:32 AM

I had an emergency c-section for my daughter two years ago the doctor said it wasn't due to my progression but from the babies heart beat dropping, after the operation was done we figured out that the umbilical cord was rapped around her neck and during the contractions her airway was being constricted.

Anyways I am pregnant again with my second child and am quite nervous! I had a panic attack during the c-section with my daughter and had to have meds to sedate me I was still awake but drowsy, I kept telling my husband I was going to die! and I honestly felt that way! I would like to attempt a VBAC but I am nervous about that too! I fear the unknown I guess lol.....

I fear a c-section because of the panic attack I had with my daughter, I shook uncontrolably, and I seriously thought I was going to die and Im not too sure why, I was afraid of losing to much blood and needing a transfusion I have AB- blood which is pretty rare and fear complications during that, I don't want to be put under and that needle that they had to stick in my back 8 times before getting it in scared the crap outa me too!

I fear a VBAC because of horror stories. Most recently coming to mind uteran rupture resulting in Hystorectomy.
I was also told by a midwife in my first pregnancy that my birth canal was extremely narrow where the bones normally project outward mine kinda bend inward. That kinda scares me because I dont want the baby to get stuck, how the heck would that end?!?

I just really don't want anything to happen, I was even considering taking anxiety meds during this pregnancy because for some reason it's the only time I feel out of control over my own body and kinda freak! Can some of you woman help me cause I think I might just give myself a heart attack!

Anything would be appreciated!

~*rach*~ January 11th, 2008 07:56 AM

Your story sounds like mine! LOL Rylynn's heartrate dropped and when they delivered her by c-section they cord was around her neck 3 times. Scary!

I am not pregnant yet, but I have been doing to LOT of research I am terrified of having another C-section, but like you I am terrified to have a VBAC. Most research shows that having another c-section is more risky then trying for a VBAC. I know how you are feeling. DH is ready to try for #2, but the fear of labor is holding me back which is too bad!

SugarNSpice January 11th, 2008 07:58 AM

I understand your fear....but seriously the best thing you can do to eliminate those fears is educate yourself!!!!! Read read read all you can on VBAC!!! It will help so much!!!

Do not even worry at all about rupture. The risk of that happening is so low that it's hardly worth even thinking about. Less than a 1% chance of that happening. There is a greater chance of something else going wrong. And did you know that uterine ruptures happen on un-scarred uteruses too?? My midwife, who has been in practice for 18 years and has done many VBACs, told me that the only ruptures she has ever seen were on UN-SCARRED uteruses!!!!

And honestly...if you stay away from medical intervention, you basically eliminate the risk of uterine rupture all together. The only real risk of uterine rupture is when you introduce labor-inducing drugs like Pitocin and Cytotec. If you allow your body to go into labor and progress on it's own, you basically have nothing to worry about and you're chance of a successful VBAC are high.

And don't automatically believe all that small pelvis talk. You never know how your pelvis will widen, stretch during labor. Did you know pushing in a squatting position can expand your pelvis up to 1 inch???? There is a lot more to birth than how big your pelvis is. Position during labor means a LOT more than the size of your pelvis or the size of your baby.

Ya know, after my first DD was taken by c-section, my OB told my husband that I would never deliver vaginally because I had a small and tilted pelvis.
Well you know what?? My 2nd DD was born....BY VBAC...and she came out in about 5 pushes......and I didn't even tear.....it was no difficulty and it went beautifully!!!!

True cases of CPD (baby's head to big for mother's pelvis) are VERY VERY RARE!!!!! MOST women can give birth. The problem lies when doctors interfere in the natural processes of labor by introducing pitocin, epidurals and all kinds of other intervention that disrupts the natural flow of how mother nature intended for it to work....

If you really do want a VBAC, please start now and educate yourself all about labor and childbirth and about VBAC.
I HIGHLY recommend that you get the books "Silent Knife" (I'll see if I can find a link) and "Ina May's Guide to Chidbirth". I found both of those books incredibly insightful and eye opening.

Check out the stickies in this forum, there is a lot of great info and links.

Good luck....and just set your mind to it and start learning NOW.....VBAC is totally safe. You can do it.

WendyBird January 11th, 2008 08:04 AM

I am so sorry that your last birth was such a traumatic experience! I understand where you are coming from, though.

Okay, first things first....take a deep breath! Second....stop listening to the horror stories. That's all they are, horror. They don't represent the "norm". Women, for some reason, want to tell everyone the most horrific situation they can thing of to "prepare" you for what could come. Don't listen to them, it will just make you freak out more. The best thing you can do is start looking for positive experiences and do research to find out the truth. I'm glad you came here, because this group is so positive and supportive! You'll be sure to find a lot of great information here. We have a lot of sites linked at the top of our forum that you can start reading.

Call me ignorant.....cuz maybe I'm just not remembering correctly...but I didn't think that the cord wrapped around the baby's neck was a problem, so long as it was still in the womb? I thought it could be a problem once baby is born, but before then, there is no breathing going on, therefore it isn't restricting the airway? Ladies...am I off on this one? Anyway, my point, I suppose, is that that is not a reason (regardless of if it was a true emergency) to have to have a second cesarean. The chances of it happening again are small. I would say you are an excellent candidate for a VBAC, even with your suspected "extremely narrow" pelvis.

I know that the unknown can be scary, but the risks associated with a repeat cesarean are even more scary, in my opinion. VBAC's are very safe. The biggest problem is finding supportive doctors along the way.

Well, I'll leave it at that for now, and let the other ladies chime in.

Good luck, and congratulations on your pregnancy!

Kelllilee January 11th, 2008 08:54 AM


Call me ignorant.....cuz maybe I'm just not remembering correctly...but I didn't think that the cord wrapped around the baby's neck was a problem, so long as it was still in the womb? I thought it could be a problem once baby is born, but before then, there is no breathing going on, therefore it isn't restricting the airway? Ladies...am I off on this one?[/b]
yes, you're right. Having the cord around their neck is VERY common, I think somewhere around half of all babies will have the cord around their neck (both of mine did). Normally this is not a problem at all. The only time it becomes an issue is if it shortens the cord to the point of the baby not being able to descend and be delivered or tangled so much it compresses the cord cutting off blood/oxygen supply. It's unusual for the cord around the neck to be a true concern. I think a lot of doctors use it as an "excuse" though...

SugarNSpice January 11th, 2008 09:55 AM

Yes Kelli is right. Cord around the neck is a easy excuse. <_< But it's not uncommon.

KBeans January 11th, 2008 01:15 PM

wow ladies! you are such great informants :D you make me proud :lol:

i agree with everything these ladies have said before me. there are tons of horroro stories for every single way of birth. but the chances of these things happening are not the norm, however people feel the need to talk about thier negtaive experiences and make them sound so common.

UR scares me too, i admit. but there are ways to help eliminate and lower your chances of that happening. pitocin and epidurals should be kept away from. some women do use pit and epis during VBACs and do just fine, but most of the time, interventions become your enemy not your friend. and these 2 things can either cause or hide the signs of a UR. as scared and nervous as i am/was about UR i joined a yahoo group for UR moms, i wanted to know what they felt, what happened, what signs they saw/felt before hand and when it happened. doing this actually made me realize how RARE it really was in an unmedicated, non-intervented birth! every single one of their stories started with "i was induced, i had pit or i had an epidural".

you should read this, i really enjoyed it and hope you will too.
o darn! the link wasn't added to the sticky. it was something written by a women talking about trusting her scar and how it can withstand pregnancy etc...ggrr is anyone has it please add it, i don't know where it is :(

anyways, i just looked through our sticky again "what every VBAC mom should know" and wow!! there are some awesome links for your exact situation and questions. definitely go read all you can on everything VBAC and natural birth! you can do it mama! you are an excellent candidate for a VBAC :cheer:

Gdursunoglu October 12th, 2012 12:56 AM

Re: Uteran Rupture during VBAC?
Hello everyone, I had a uterine rupture during VBAC 3 months ago. I am fine and my baby is fine. I had 4 cm dialation when I went to the hospital with contractions 2 minutes apart. Everyone thought it was going to be a fast and easy birth. I was trying to lay down on my bed when suddenly I felt it ripped apart and my water broke at the same time. It was an undescribable and horrible pain so I started screaming. Nobody believed me for 10-15 minutes and they thought my pain threshold is too low. Midwives brought a pilates ball and made me sit on it as I kept screaming because of pain. Luckily my doctor arrived and realized my uterine is in "tetanic" position ( it contracts but never relaxes) and he understood the rupture. I was rushed to the O.R and had an emergency c- section. He had a hard time getting out my baby because of the hardness of my uterus muscles...it wasn't a nice experience but thank God nothing happened to me or the baby. We were both fine and I healed faster than my first c- section. I wanted to have VBAC so bad and had been reading and learning about it since my first baby...it was very dissappointing. BUT I would do it all over again. So pleaae don't be scared. Try natural! Rupture risk is too low and in my case I blame the sex we had to induce the labor ( I was 39+4 and my doctor told me he won't wait after 40) my labor pains started 2 minutes apart ( not hours apart like books say) anyways, good luck whoever wants to try it...

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