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miamor May 17th, 2013 10:14 AM

even with pinterest..
i'm still having a hard time finding things LO wants to eat....last night i ended up making pumpkin/chocolate pancakes and scrambled eggs because i knew he'd eat it...and man did he eat it. he had enough for two kids i think.
he did eat a zuchinni/parsnip/carrot frittata the other day, but only about 1/2 a slice of it. good thing we aren't vegan or i'd really be lost!!

mgm78 May 19th, 2013 01:08 PM

Re: even with pinterest..
hummus? DD lived on hummus for a long time. I bought her some Soy Boy tofu raviolis and she gobbled them up for lunch today. I was lazy. Have you tried any of the cashew cheezes yet? we did cashew cheeze quesadillas for snacks and meals last week.

miamor May 19th, 2013 08:35 PM

Re: even with pinterest..
yah, he wont eat hummus. he likes to dip things into it for fun, but not for eating. i eat hummus as a snack a few days a week but he wont follow that lead :)
tonight i made some crustless quiches with grated zucchini and criminis and he ate that up. it had cheese and eggs which he loves. he's definitely not vegan :P
no idea what's for dinner tomorrow. i have some leftover brown rice from last night's brown rice and mushroom burgers, so i want to use that in something. i better start looking.

mgm78 May 20th, 2013 06:16 AM

Re: even with pinterest..
DD likes the FFV website recipe with barley and red beans, it is a crockpot recipe, but i have made it on the stove.

myfavoriteshoes May 20th, 2013 08:07 AM

Re: even with pinterest..
I am looking around too.. Sam is so picky! If you find something good, lemme know!

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