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mrsrrjgandmx April 6th, 2010 12:34 PM

Need to get this out
I'm paranoid about my relationship with DH. I won't go into too much detail but every 2 years he and I have a huge massive blowup to the point where horrible things have happened and I've left. We are coming up on our 2 year wedding anniversary next Monday and I have this horrible feeling that yet again something will happen. Things are fine with us other than the usual hustle and bustle of day to day life. He knows and I know that we love one another but something is nagging at me that there is something bad looming on the horizon. I'm hoping that I am wrong but sadly I am never wrong with these things. I hope that this time I am very wrong. Needless to say I'm on edge and apprehensive......I cannot wait for this to go away.

josephinebowman April 6th, 2010 02:33 PM

Re: Need to get this out
Maybe mention to him that you are apprehensive. Could be he also is on edge. AND don't agree to go on the Maury show just in case.

mrsrrjgandmx April 6th, 2010 03:23 PM

Re: Need to get this out
LOL I wouldn't ever do something like that. I know he isn't on edge about us because as he has expressed to me many times recently he's perfectly happy that we're fat and happy. This is just something I am hoping doesn't repeat itself but every 2 years it does so I'm trying to be less pessimistic about the trend that has become the flow of my life.

in_mommy April 7th, 2010 01:35 PM

Re: Need to get this out
(((HUGS))) I hope your gut feeling is wrong this time!!!!

Brandielou April 7th, 2010 11:03 PM

Re: Need to get this out
Good luck. I was in a relationship for 11 years and it was always bumpy but I stayed and got married in hopes that everything would be ok and it never was. We are going through a divorce and I am discovering that he may have fathered someone else's child (they are together and already living together and I've been gone only 3 months and I just got divorce papers 3 weeks ago). If things have been like this, they probably aren't ever going to change but hopefully everything will be ok (which is what I always tried to think) and your feeling is wrong and our anniversary will be a wonderful one :)

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