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pooker October 5th, 2004 04:59 AM

This is a double vent. They are related, so I figured I'd put them in one post.

My dad was recently in the hospital for a blood clot in his leg. He had been sent to the hospital 2 weeks before for pain and swelling in his leg. They did an ultrasound, and said there was no clot, even though thats what they suspected. Anyhow, his leg and pain gets worse, so they admit him to the hospital, and DO find a clot. It was so big (from behind his knee down into his calf), that they took him into surgery to insert a filter to catch any pieces that might break off as they try to shrink it.

My mom has medical knowledge, enough to know that blood clot was there the first time he went to the hospital. She even told the hospital staff this - no response from them. They didn't want to admit they messed up. This was their first mistake.

Their second was taking my dads breakfast from him and telling him he had to have a procedure where they send a scope down into his heart. He's like WTH? After really sounding confused, the nurse checked and realized she had the wrong patient.

Their third was when my dad asked for some pain meds and they gave it to the old man in the next bed! My goodness they could have killed the old guy!

Finally my dad gets home and my mom goes to the drug store to pick up my dads meds. The dumb ***** pharmacist switched the labels on the prescriptions! They put steroid directions on cumadin. My mom said had he followed those directions, he could have bled to death internally. Those pharmacists were scrambling, let me tell you!

My dad thought someone was trying to kill him...LOL

Now onto my mom. Blood clots are serious - if one gets to your lungs or heart, it kills you instantly. I was realloy worried about my dad, so I sent out prayer requests to family and close friends of mine. My mom's sister, then called their brothers and told them. They called my dad to see how hw was doing. My mom gave me grief for this! Umm - they are family, what the big deal? Its not like I called their neighbors, or co-workers. It was my aunt! My mom called my other uncle, so...? The thing that ticks me off is that if no one would have called my dad, he would have whined that no one cared (he has done this before).

Don't get me wrong - I love both my parents dearly, but sometimes they make no sense whatsoever!

Well, this turned out to be longer than intended, so if you've made it this far - THANK YOU!!!

TylerJ1029 October 5th, 2004 05:52 AM

Thank god your dad is ok and thank god your mom knows what she is talking about. Is there another hospital in the area you can go to? I wouldnt want to go back to that one!
My grandfather is the same way. He doesnt want anyone to worry about him when he's sick but if you dont call or stop by he says that no one loves him. I think its a guy thing!

kookaburra October 5th, 2004 06:01 AM

How scary! It never ceases to amaze me how incompetent medical professionals can be!

I'm so glad everything turned out ok!

Ma2RayPooh October 5th, 2004 07:25 AM

ugh that hospital sounds horrible!! i would have been so angry if that happened to me or anyone in my family. i hope they get their act together before they do something horribly wrong! Man oh man I am sorry your family had to go through this all. I know it was probably really stressful! I hope he feels better soon though.

in_mommy October 5th, 2004 08:10 AM

I am so glad to hear that your dad is ok and that your mom knows what she is doing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can we say lawsuit. How in the world is that hospital functioning by making that many mistakes with just one patient, imagine how many more they are making with everyone else. That is just plan scary!! Even the pharmacy screwing up. Was the pharmacy in the hospital or just a local drugstore?

pooker October 5th, 2004 01:02 PM

Pretty scary, huh?

My dad was only there for 5 days, too! Scary, also, that the drugstore was our neighborhood one - not associated with the hospital. I have had my own share of problems with them...it was CVS BTW. Don't know how nationwide they are...

crazylady October 6th, 2004 10:38 PM

yea i know how serious a pulmonary embolism is(a blood clot that goes to your lungs for anyone who doesnt know)..my grandfather had 2 of them plus he had a blood clot in his brain(not all at the same time ...first one in his lungs, then a year later one in his brain....then 2 weeks after that one in his lungs again!) its a miracle hes still alive....im glad your dad had the same luck!!!!!
i am now going to say what i am best at saying:

Stephanee October 7th, 2004 10:48 PM

oh my gosh... im so... pissed for you... people's incompetence sometimes... im just... grrr

and as for your family.. your mother shoul dnot have gotten upset with you... but shes probably just really stressed...

good luck

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