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fiefer87 September 22nd, 2007 08:31 AM

I know feeding and textures issues have been addressed in various forms on earlier posts, but I was wondering if any other parents have children that don't know how to chew. Alexis is 5 and has had feeding issues from the time she was 11 months old. She stopped eating solids at 11 months and was on nutren jr from then until just 2 weeks ago (my ins. refused to approve it since she has gained enough weight to be in the 52%). At 2 years she started eating baby food again. She has a lot of texture issues and she would gag and vomit any any higher textures. In Feb, we went to a specialty feeding clinic in PA and we able to get her off of baby food and onto finely ground foods. Since Feb when she was placed on the texture fading program she has progressed to coarsely ground food, but we haven't been able to progress beyond that. We are working with speech and OT along with phone visits with the clinic in PA (we live in NY and its a 5 hour drive for us) but she still has not learned how to chew.

We have to teach her how to chew and then get her to carry that over into ever meal. Alexis has a lot of trouble carrying over skills in addition to refusing to close her mouth (or open it so we can place food on her molars) to bite down on food. We have been able to get her to independently hold food and place it between her front teeth, but most times she just suck on it and not really bite down.

Has anyone experienced anything similar and have any other suggestions that we might try?

pattyandthemoos September 22nd, 2007 11:07 AM

wow! Our kids have so much in common. Brandon had this same issue. He went to a feeding clinic for a while because of his chewing/swallowing issues. He had failure to thrive and kept falling off the charts because he wouldn't eat. We had him on purreed food for a really long time and really he mostly drank pediasure until he was three. He is finally eating better but there are still a lot of textures he just doesn't eat. I remember he didn't like certain textures, like I couldn't get him to eat things like pudding or mashed potatoes, he didn't like the texture. I really couldn't get him to eat much of anything for a while if it had a texture to it. What we did, with the advice of the therapist, was just work on adding to the things he would eat. I started cooking around him and making things I knew he would eat and focusing on what he did eat. Then I would add things to his diet here and there that were similar to the things he already liked. I just kept introducing them to him. He tended to eat soft things and not things that he had to do a lot of chewing with. Just keep doing what you are doing and adding texture a little at a time. It is a really slow and frustrating process but it does get better.

((((((HUGS)))))))))))) I will try to think on this some more.

fiefer87 September 23rd, 2007 11:31 AM

That's really good to know. I was able to get Alexis to eat chopped cantelope this afternoon with minimal fuss. :bluecheer: She did some gagging, but she mostly just swallowed it. She's decided that soup is her new favorite food, so hopefully we will be able to work with the soup better and increase the textures within that soup base.

ccinla June 1st, 2010 07:46 PM

Re: VI children that don't chew?
Has the no chewing gotten better? I am in the same boat with my now 3 year old. We see an OT, but she still doesn't know how to chew.

nvr.4.gtn June 5th, 2010 01:00 PM

Re: VI children that don't chew?
hi welcome to JM.
I would send a pm to Patty asking her to respoind to this post. Its 3 years old so I don't want her to not see it.

I am no help as my dd is VI but she has no issues with foods other then she refused them till 9 1/2 months but now eats everything

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