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♥susan♥ June 13th, 2011 11:14 AM

Bedtime/Nap Help
My son just turned one and we are in the process of weaning from EBF. We are down to only nursing at night. My biggest issue is that he has always fallen asleep nursing wether it be at night, naps, or in the middle of the night. DH works nights four nights/week. The past week and a half, Kylan has been sleeping 10-12hrs so I haven't had to worry about middle of the night feedings. When DH is home and Kylan wakes at night, DH will go in and get him back to sleep. Any suggestions on how to get him to sleep without nursing and back to sleep if he wakes when DH isn't home? My other dilema is the bottle/sippy cup. He takes a sippy fine with water and a few sips of milk at meals, but he wants his milk in a bottle. At his checkup, the pedi said to ditch the bottle and make him take milk from a sippy...easier said than done!

RUNNER25 June 29th, 2012 11:48 AM

Re: Bedtime/Nap Help
My sons were the same way, always nursed to sleep (nap or bedtime). When we decided to wean from that DH took over putting him to bed. I gave him about a week or so and then I tried it and he didn't even cry to nurse. We just hold him to our chest and walk around in his dark bedroom, singing softly. He falls asleep within minutes. We always sing the same song and now when we start singing it he immediately puts his head down! It's just developing a new routine.

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