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acupofjoe March 1st, 2013 12:31 AM

Ok so i want my almost 14 month old to wean. My other two kida i let selfwean and i am not doing that again...oldeat weaned at two and half and ds a little after three but he still asks for it anyways i need her weaned. I do not like it at all, i dont enjoy it and i feel like it makea my skin crawl when she is nursing. I do feel bad but i cant take it anymore...ive felt likethis the past month and half. I cant really describe the feeling when she is latched other than its a dreaded feeling and i very much cant stand it. i dont know how to wean her...i already am away at work a lot during the day and she wants it to fall asleep at night. I dont know if i hate it this bad because ive done it the past six yrs straight or what but this needa to end. The other night i couldnt take it anymore and let her scream in her room for almost an hour and the kid is so stubborn for it she would have screamed all night if id have left her there. Anyways any advice?? If i am around she has to nurse and as much as i love her and dont want to traumatize her i am regretting even nursing at all to begin with.Sry if typos, on phone

fairymommy March 1st, 2013 01:39 PM

Re: advice
Will she take a bottle? and will she take a bottle from someone other than you? I guess if it were me, I would start with pumping a bottle and having someone else (dh) give it to her. and gradually work our way to doing a bottle of formula instead of bm.

acupofjoe March 2nd, 2013 10:36 PM

Re: advice
She is over a year old and we are no longer using bottles. She does take a sippy cup though just fine. I think she is wanting the comfort part of nursing and I am stuck on what to do for that because she is not attached to a lovey or anything like that...If mama is around she knows I have the boobs and insist on that, lol.

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