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Just_Marie December 30th, 2008 05:59 PM

Hello Buddy!

What plan are you on and what are your exercise goals this week?

EricsMom January 9th, 2009 12:34 AM

Hi, Marie!

So sorry that I haven't posted in 2 weeks. My home computer wasn't working and I've had no time at work. I struggled to get through Christmas and I've been on a roller coaster so far this year.

I've been reading posts for an hour now and I'm newly motivated for tomorrow. I had my DH buy me a new bathroom scale for Christmas and my sister bought me a really nice digital food scale as well. I don't think I'll be going to Weight Watchers meetings this month, but I do have the new program material from week 1 so I'll be following the plan starting tomorrow morning. I'm not sure what I'm going to do about exercise but I'll set my goals small, just to get through this week:

- stay on points for 7 days
- exercise 3 days for 30 min. Anything over that is bonus time!
- drink 1.5 litres of water EVERY day (I need to do this for a bladder condition I have anyways but I rarely stick to it)
- take my meds EVERY DAY (vitamins, anti depressants and Metformin)

I promise to be a better buddy in the weeks ahead! I see that you've got some good goals for the year ahead and that you've started an exercise routine. Good for you!

I hope you and your family had a great holiday season and I look forward to chatting with you daily.

Just_Marie January 9th, 2009 09:28 PM

Its great to see you back!! Are you doing Flex, or the new program? I'm just trying to decide if I'm gonna keep going to meetings or try it online-next week is my last coupon, so I need to decide within two weeks. Those are great goals-you can do this!!!

EricsMom January 12th, 2009 11:24 AM

Hi, Marie.

Today is my first official day on track. Stocked up the panty and the fridge yesterday, planned out my week's menu (incl. a few new recipes) and I got rid of any leftover junk food from the holidays (incl. pop). One day at a time, right?

I'm following the Flex plan for now since it's what I know. I want to go back to meetings as I need the accountability, however, I won't be able to afford that until next month at least. For now I'll be weighing in at home. I'll make Monday mornings my WI day.

At this point I am down 12.6 lbs from my highest point a year ago. My first goal is to lose 11.4 lbs. and then I'll only have 20 lbs to go until we can do our next round of injectibles.

So which program are you following? Is WW's how you've lost all your weight so far? What do you do for exercise?

Do you struggle with balancing work/family and exercise time for yourself? That's my biggest problem. I'm not a morning person and I don't want to go to the gym after work as it takes away from the 2 hours I have in the evenings with my son. By the time he's settled in bed I don't have the energy.

Just_Marie January 12th, 2009 05:42 PM

I lost my first 20lbs with a low glycemic diet, then lost another 15 on WW Core. Right now I'm trying to get back on Core.

I have a treadmill and elliptical in our basement, and I also have a gym pass at work-I'm trying to do min 5 miles a week, plus I'd like to sneak in one workout with weights. I find its a bit easier since I have quite a few days working at home, so I can get my cardio in. My biggest challenge is keeping my diet clean. I don't have alot of "bad" foods in our home, so those aren't temptations. Baking is evil for me, as are large quantities of chocolate. I'm working at drinking more water and getting my 5 miles in-tonight my goal is to get in 2 miles in 35 mins, same as yesterday.

I'm also not a morning person, I wish I could get my workout in before starting my day, but I like my sleep too much:) You need to learn to make time for yourself to do this-esp once #2 turns up, you'll really need to figure out how to take care of yourself then:)

Keep me posted!!

EricsMom January 16th, 2009 12:14 AM

Hey, Marie.

Congrats again on the IVF appt. I'll be keeping everything crossed for you!

This has been an on again/off again kinda week. I'm trying not to get too down about it (because then I eat). One thing that has helped is we're getting my DS in to a more strict routine so every night I take him upstairs at 7:45 and we both brush our teeth (so I'm not eating after 8pm which is huge for me). The miserable weather lately isn't helping my mood and financially we're really strapped so I don't have the cash for the next injection cycle anyways. My goal is June and I hope to drop 40lbs by then. I'm working on relaxation techniques (to help me sleep which I don't do very often) and trying to post more which helps me stay motivated.

Your progress is very inspirational and I wish you the best of luck in your IVF journey.

Just_Marie January 16th, 2009 09:05 AM

Aww, hang in there Candie----its tough having to wait until June, and I know you're having a tough time with it. I know its hard, but maybe try to focus on your 40lb loss by then--that's 5 months from now-you can do it!! Getting your mind off of TTC and focusing on something else will make the time go faster-that's what got me thru the past year since my referral to the RE went in. Post on this board-the daily diet and exerice entries will keep you thinking about healthy lifestyle, even if you're not doing it. The girls on this board are great-they'll all very upbeat and motivated, and are willing to take us with them-why not let them help us?

EricsMom January 26th, 2009 02:33 PM

Hi, Marie.

Sorry I've been MIA. I was off work all last week sick - most wicked headcold I've ever had. I literally felt stoned for 3 days straight and didn't move off the couch. My poor DS has been sick for almost 10 days as well. Feeling better today (though still really tired) and motivated again. I managed to lose 1.4 lbs (even while enjoying comfort foods) so I'm at 270.0 and have exactly 30 lbs to go til we can do our next injections cycle. I must remember that I'm down 14 lbs from my highest and that's awesome.

I ordered the Biggest Loser cookbook and fitness book and received them last week. I started reading them on Sat. and was actually very impressed with the meal plans - very well though out, well planned and easy to follow. I'm trying out some of the recipes this week and getting back with my IR diet (which is basically what the BL meal plan is).

Yesterday was a pretty good day and today is great so far. I've been feeling the "I want sugar" nag for the last 30 min. even though I know i'm not hungry. I almost went for a hot chocolate but had gum instead. It's a long road of course but every day is a new day.

I'm still very lethargic from being sick (and my lungs take a while to recoperate due to a prior illness). That being said, I'm focusing on food this week. If I get in some exercise, great, but I'm concetrating on the meal planning and water for now. I've got the week planned out. The end of the week will prove a challenge since it's my birthday on Thurs. and we'll be eating at my mom's Thurs, girlfriend's Sat and inlaws Sun.

How was your weekend?

Just_Marie January 27th, 2009 06:15 PM

Yay for your loss!! We went to my IL's for the weekend-lots of fat and carbs, and NO exercise:( I followed my WW diet today, but can't get my exercise in---tomorrow morning for sure! I might have to do two videos tomorrow to catch up a bit!

On day at a time, one meal at a time, one snack at a time--think of how great you'll feel and look as this weight comes off! You can do this!!!

EricsMom January 28th, 2009 10:06 AM

Hey, Marie.

Love the new family pic. I had another good day yesterday. Managed to stave off a sugar craving. No exercise but 2 successful food days. Had a bad night sleep and woke up really tired. Didn't prepare my breakfast and lunch last night so I ran out of the house this morning with no food and ended up stopping at Tim Horton's for a sausage bagel and XL triple triple . . . very bad I know. I figure if I watch everything the rest of the day I can recoup from my bad morning decision. I really needed the caffeine boost today and unfortunately I'm addicted to sugar so the 2 go hand in hand. Live and learn, right? I'm trying to avoid my obsession with my new scale and managed to not weigh myself this morning which is a good thing. I don't want to be a slave to the numbers. I think I'm going to pull the bridesmaid's dress I wore for my g/f's wedding in 2003 out of my closet and hang it on my bedroom door. When I wore that dress I was the size I need to be for our next injectibles round. Besides, it's a fairly plain red dress and it would be nice to fit it and then have it altered in to a knee length cocktail dress.

I've got so much work to do I should get back here. I'll try and touch base this evening.

Are you getting excited about your cycle? Nervous? Have you done injectibles before?

You said you're in Alberta, right? Where abouts? I think next summer we're going to take an Alberta road trip, depending on gases prices and what not.

Oops, better go . . . bosses are abound!

Just_Marie January 28th, 2009 05:55 PM

You need to stay away from Tim Hortons! My guess is that you had approx 10pts just that meal alone-I'm only allowed 25 in a day!! All that fat and sugar-oh no! Go put that scale under the bed in the spare room, if the numbers are getting you down and discouraged, then stop going to Tim's and stop weighing more than once a week.

I think taking out that red dress is an excellent idea, try it on tonight and see how tight it is, then check again in four weeks, if your diet is clean and you watch your fat and high sugar carbs, you'll get into it:)

I'm in Grande Prairie, we've been here nearly ten years. Gas is 81 cents a litre right now, how about you guys?

I haven't done injectables before, I'm not too worried about it-I had GDM with DS and had 4 insulin shots a day for three months, this will be a nice break:)

Keep checking in here, I/we will keep each other motivated, we'll lose weight and get those bfp's!!

EricsMom January 29th, 2009 10:11 AM

Back on track today. I did well the rest of yesterday and didn't let my breakfast sabotage my mindset. Didn't eat after 7:30, made sure to squeeze some fruit and veggies in and tried to get my water in. Decided to weigh myself this morning (as I haven't in 2 days) and after 3 full days on track I'm down 2.6lbs so I'm really happy with that. I can already feel it in my jeans that I'm not as bloated because I've had no pop or sugar (aside from my Timmy's episode) in 4 days. Sitting her eating my oat bran. Decided that today is my birthday and I'm going to STOP looking at my birthday as a negative (and all I haven't accomplished) and START being thankful for everything I have. My DH had flowers, a card and a CD sitting on the table when I came downstairs this morning. More importantly, he wished me a happy birthday before leaving today (he hasn't done that in over 5 years). I don't care about presents, I just want acknowledgement that it's a special day. He definitely won brownie points today. Thankfully my work forgot so there was no birthday cake here. I'm going to have enough trouble navigating dinner the next 4 days.

We're in Surrey, just outside of Vancouver. I filled up yesterday morning and gas was 96.2. My DH's aunt lives in Dawson Creek so we'll probably be headed up your way next summer.

This feels like a long day already.

Hope you're having a great OP day!

Just_Marie January 29th, 2009 03:22 PM

Happy Birthday Candie!!! Here's a virtual cake for you, enjoy:) http://i103.photobucket.com/albums/m...s/bdaycake.jpg


Stop at the store on your way home tonight and buy yourself a package of those McCain singles cakes-they're 2pts each---you know those amazing McCain chocolate cakes, well they make singles now!! I bought some at Walmart today--they're small, but it'll be a wonderful treat on your b-day;) And just feed the rest to your family for dessert.

WTG on your 2.6lb loss!!!! You are doing great!!!!

EricsMom January 29th, 2009 05:00 PM

Awww, thanks!

So far so good . . . staying strong. Passed up the office pizza for lunch and had a salad instead.

Ready to call it a day here.

Have a great night and we'll chat tomorrow.

Just_Marie January 30th, 2009 07:58 PM

Yay for passing on the pizza!!!! I am so tired and snacky tonight, I had two Kitkat singles and didn't workout--these meds are exhausting me!

Just_Marie February 1st, 2009 09:56 PM

I've been so unmotivated all weekend; I'm so tired and so lazy, and so snacky! I'm tracking, but way over my pts the past three days. How are you doing?

EricsMom February 2nd, 2009 12:18 AM

Hi, Marie.

It's been such a busy 4 days I haven't had time to get on the computer.

It's been a challenging weekend to say the least. With dinner out on Friday, Saturday and Sunday I had alot of challenging meals but I made the most of them. I ate as many veggies as possible, drank a lot of water and avoided regular pop altogether (a previous addiction for me). I know I'm not down as much as I'd like to be but as long as the scale says I'm down tomorrow I'll be happy. I just reminded myself that it was my birthday, it only happens once a year, I'm going to enjoy it without going overboard on the food but still treat myself. All in all I think I made some good decisions. We'll see how the scale reflects it all tomorrow morning.

I haven't exercised at all this past week. The week coming up I'll have to start squeezing it in.

Sorry to hear you had a lethargic weekend. The meds can be very draining. What are you on right now? I'm trying to keep my mind as focused on the weightloss as possible as to avoid thinking of our next treatment so much. As you know that is very hard to do.

Time to go plan my breakfast and lunch then head off to bed. Take care and we'll chat tomorrow. Hope you get a good nights rest.

EricsMom February 2nd, 2009 02:10 PM

Well considering the challenging food weekend I had I was down 2.8lbs today. YAY ME! I'm very happy with that. I think I did very well navigating what was a very challenging weekend. I'm on track again today and looking forward to the week ahead, taking each day one day at a time. My goal is to lose another 10 lbs by March 2 and get in 500 minutes of intentional exercise. Time to get my butt moving.

How are you feeling today? I like your new siggy. Just read that you're a nursing instructor? That's cool. How long have you been in nursing? I was taking courses to do transcription from home but haven't been able to afford finishing them. I'd love to take my LPN but through private college its $24,000 or $5,000 through public college but there's a 3 year wait list.

Well I best get back to work. Have a great day.

Just_Marie February 2nd, 2009 04:55 PM

WTG with your big loss!!!! Woohoo Candie!!!! I'm so proud of you!!!!

I'm less snacky and feeling a bit more motivated today, I think I'll Shred tonight once DH gets home. I'm currently on the Suprefact bcp nasal spray five times a day; just tired, some insomnia, lots of hot flashes at night. I start Gonal F and Luveris next Tuesday, along with abx.

Part of me says what's the point if I'm gonna get fat with injects and pg, or just fat with injects? But part of me has been putting off losing wt for 28 months for that same reason, right? I just need to work at it until I know I'm pg, then go straight onto my GDM diet, which will be close to my WW one anyway. I just wish I wouldn't have lost momentum from Oct-Jan, I could have been at goal weight by now before even starting IVF:(

EricsMom February 3rd, 2009 12:16 PM


Thanks. I TOTALLY understand the thinking "well if I'm gonna get fat anyways". It's hard to get out of that mentality. My injectibles I did Gonal-F for 2 full weeks because I wasn't responding. I didn't have weight gain from the meds. I did gain about 5 lbs during the month but that was because I was on such a huge hormonal roller coaster that I was eating every comfort food in sight. I had a hard time dealing with the meds not working. We were all shocked as heck when they cancelled my cycle and told me to take the Ovidrel "just in case" and I O'ed anyways - my progesterone was 76. No BFP though. I find that yesterday and today I'm struggling more with feeling down about the whole TTC thing, weight, etc. and last night I found myself looking for sweet. Thankfully I budgeted for a treat last night. It's hard to deal with when there's people around you getting preggers without a second thought. It always seems like those you shouldn't have children can breed like rabbits and those that should struggle. Kind of a metaphor for life in general I guess.

I'm in the process of getting private speech therapy for my son - what a hassle. It's going to cost $100 per week (NO idea how I'm paying for that) and there's such a shortage of therapists. Thankfully will still have the publicly funded therapy until June, but he needs more than 1 day a week and once he starts Kindergarten we lose it all together.

This week is feeling very long already. I think I need to get out and go swimming or something this week - help break up the week and get a little exercise in to boot. Hmmm, maybe tomorrow since it's cheap night at the pool . . .

Back to work. Hope you have a great day. Try and focus on how far you've come, how awesome you've done and how healthy you're going to be when you see that BFP at the end of this month! Just think - next Christmas you'll have 2 children to shop for!

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