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mommy melisa April 6th, 2011 02:04 PM

Peaking order
Hi my name is Melisa. I babysit in my home and have done over a year now for extra income since my dh is unemployed. I'm not licensed right now, if my dh isn't able to find work I might get licensed so I can have more kids and the other perks of being licensed.

Anyway, my dd (age 2 1/2) has been kind of bossy/mean to the kids that I babysit that are younger then her. My SIL has been doing daycare for over 25 years says it's normal that all of her own kids did it and now her grand-kids are doing it. I guess it's because it's their home and they are establishing the rules on their toys and other things sorta say. Plus, I don't really have a separate room other then her bedroom for the kids to play in since I'm in an apartment right now.

So is this normal? Have you experienced that with your own kids? I really hope she grows out of it soon. :mellow:

Albertachick April 6th, 2011 10:01 PM

Re: Peaking order
When I first started out, I made sure that they day home children had seperate toys to play with, so that MY own children didn't feel so invaded (so to speak), also my childrens bedrooms were off limits to the day home children.

It's really hard for children to have to share their home, their mom, their toys AND their bedroom.
I didn't have a seperate playroom either, so the day home kids played in the living room.

The toys that my children didn't want to share or let the day home kids play with stayed in their room and if my children wanted to play with them and not share then they played in their room.

Wheelsonthebus April 8th, 2011 11:33 AM

Re: Peaking order
omg, yes! My own DS has been a NIGHTMARE since starting my home daycare. I can't even imagine how'd he be if they were in his own room! Everyone keeps telling me he will adjust. I find that having a quiet space where my DS can go to be alone is helpful, although I'm starting to wonder if I'm just prolonging the adjustment by spoiling him and treating him different than the other kiddos.

mommy melisa April 15th, 2011 01:13 PM

Re: Peaking order
Yeah, I think she feels a little bit invaded right now... being the only child she hasn't had to share her mom or her things with anyone else. I have no choice having them play in her bedroom because we are in an apartment right now. I did put her favorite toys in my room away from the other children and let her choose to share them or not. I got a couple of new children this week and she's doing pretty good with them so far. *crossing fingers* We are looking into getting a house soon... so it will be nice to have the playroom separate from her bedroom. I know she needs her own personal space a way from the other children.

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