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Kids Crafts and Activities

Kiddies DIY: Make Your Own Magnifying Glass

As spring heats up and kids get ready to be outside again and explore, a magnifying glass is a fun way

exercise class for kids

Kids Health

6 Fun & Easy Exercises to Do with Your Kids

Finding a good exercise can make you and your child both feel better!

girl smiling

Parenting Preschoolers

Is Your Growing Child a Natural-Born Liar?

Lying is surprising and disappointing when it first happens.

toddler sleeping

Kids Health

What Moms Need to Know About Melatonin and Children

Sometimes, sleep-inducing medicine isn't the best call.

girl playing guitar

Kids Health

Can Diet Changes Help with Symptoms of ADHD?

A healthy diet may give your child some relief.

Friends and Socializing

Quick and Dirty Tips for Choosing the Best Summer Camp

With so many options, you need a way to narrow down what you are looking for!

Kids Crafts and Activities

6 Indoor Activities That Take the Bore Out of Winter

These fun activities make a boring day exciting!

Kids Development

Early Warning Signs of Autism

The more you understand warning signs, the more you can understand your child's need.

Kids Education

9 Children's Books with Strong Female Characters, For Your Future Feminist

Books to encourage your daughter's inner feminist.

Kids Health

What Moms Need to Know About Melatonin and Children

Sometimes, sleep-inducing medicine isn't the best call.

Parenting Gradeschool Kids

Get Your Child to Stop Swearing

Are your kids swearing? Strategies to improve their language!

Self Esteem and Body Issues

5 Ways to Help Your Child Love Their Body

Body image is such a hot topic. But what about body image in our kids? Do we have to worry about that now, too?

Special Needs

4 Things Parents of an ADHD Child Want You to Know

Do you really know what a child with ADHD and his parents are going through?

Sports and Fitness

Secondary Drowning: What it is and Why Every Parent Should Know the Symptoms

Learn what secondary drowning is if your child spends time in the water.