Inspiring Robots with Big Personalities

By their very design, robots are comprised of nuts and bolts. But we've rounded-up a bunch of robots that have heart and many endearing qualities as well. For instance, take NAO, a humanoid robot therapist who works wonders with autistic children WALL-E fans will flip for this real life WALL-E made with LEGO Mindstorms and motors. Why wait until Halloween to dress up in a fantastic costume? Here's how to make a DIY cardboard box robot costume using items you already have around the house! If your kiddo wants a robot to cuddle at bedtime, look no further than Bloofbird's plush robots, which are crafted using eco felt made from recycled plastic bottles. We've come across a plethora of impressive robots that artists have pieced together using found, repurposed and recycled objects. Check out the robots created by Toby Atticus Fraley, Gordon Bennett and Mark May. Pick your favorite robot friend from this robot orphanage