Half of Pregnant Women May Try to Self Induce Labor

According to a new poll conducted by Ohio State University researchers, pregnant women often try natural induction methods to bring on labor without consulting their doctor.

HealthDay News reports that the most common methods women try are walking, sex, eating spicy foods, and nipple stimulation. Women in the poll also reported trying masturbation, acupuncture, laxatives and herbs to induce labor.

Most of the women who attempted self inductions were over 39 weeks pregnant. It was also more common in younger moms and first time moms.

This information is important for midwives and doctors to know about, especially since most of the patients aren’t consulting their healthcare providers before they try these methods.

The study’s lead researcher Jonathan Schaffir said, "Obstetricians and midwives may want to offer some additional reassurance to make patients feel like they don't need to pursue these other techniques.”