Happier Marriages - Working Moms or Stay at Home Moms?

According to ABC News, a new study finds that working moms may have happier marriages than moms who stay at home.

The study published in the Journal of Family Psychology looked at 169 couples over the first four years of marriage. It compared the couples’ workloads before and after having children to see how their workloads affected their marital satisfaction. What the study found was that moms who worked heavy workloads reported feeling happier in their marriages. Their husbands felt happier too. The more they worked, the happier both partners were. The same was not true when men worked heavy workloads though. Both men and women reported being less satisfied when the husbands’ workloads increased.

One reason for this, researchers suggest, is that when mom is working, dad steps up to the plate and helps out more with the children and housework. "The research repeatedly shows that when husbands help more with childcare, wives are happier,” co-author of the study, Ben Karney, explained.

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