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Trying to Conceive

my syptoms... what do you think?

7 DPO - a little bit of bleeding, very light pink (after sex) 8DPO - have cold symptoms but not a proper cold if that makes sense - body aches - more tired - going to the toilet more than usual 9DPO still same symptoms as 8DPO - CM looks like lotion I'm on antibiotics at the moment so i should not have a cold? What do you guys think?:confused:...

Trying to Conceive

Irritability & moodiness is this a preggo symptom for you?

Okay for me irritability and plain out witchiness (without the W, lol) is a major pregnancy symptom - especially with my girls. Now the only problem is it is also a PMS symptom for me too. The difference is with PMS it goes away in a few days and with pregnancy it sticks with me for 9 months, lol. Well not the whole 9 months, but I am quite a moody pregnant person. Anyhow, is this a pregnancy symptom for anybody else?...

Trying to Conceive

My science experiment ~ updated 10 dpo pics

Okay, this is probably a huge waste of money, but I got a good feeling about this cycle and have been teasing dh that this was my science experiment so what the heck. Tomorrow I will be 5dpo. I am planning to test tomorrow forward to see how early I can get a BFP. I need to go out and get some tests. I won't blow this much on tests any other cycle, but I figure it's our first real month of trying what the heck let's go all out. Be looking for my tests to follow. It should be entertaining, ...

Trying to Conceive

OT but pregnancy related - Shape of a mother

Does anyone look at this website regularly? I love it :) It's one of the things that helped me get through the hard times TTC. I love looking at the pictures and reading the stories. Warning - It has womens bodies on it so don't open it up at work. I don't feel like I should have to post a warning but the last time I posted a link to this website someone told me in PM that they were "offended over the nature of the pictures" So I guess I better give fair warning that it is a website abo...

Trying to Conceive

No period in 4 months

I have been taking birth control for the past 3 years. I finished my last pack in January and had my normal period from the pill beginning January 27th. I have not had a period since. I have had no spotting, pregnancy symptoms, nothing. It has been 4 months and nothing. My husband and I want to try and have a baby but I'm obviously not ovulating which is frustrating. I have made an appointment with my OBGYN but was wondering if anyone had any advice or suggestions? I have not taken any preg...

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Labor and Childbirth

Cervical Dilation in Pictures

Your doctor has measured you and told you that you are 1 to 2 centimeters dilated, but what does that

Am I Pregnant?

Mood Swings, Could I Be Pregnant?

Can mood swings be a sign or pregnancy? Ask any pregnant woman if she has had mood swings during her pregnancy and you will most certainly hear yes. Although not all women experience moodiness and irritability, most will experience at least some degree of mood swings during pregnancy. Whether moods swings

pregnant woman being monitored at the hospital

Concerns and Complications

Predicting Baby's Arrival: The Fetal Fibronectin Test

Fears of early labor can prompt this particular test.

Am I Pregnant?

Homemade Pregnancy Tests: Fun Alternatives to the Modern Pregnancy Test

It may sound crazy to some, but there are a surprising number of ways to make a pregnancy test at home.

Baby Names

From Abuela to Yia Yia: Names for Grandparents and Tips for Finding the Perfect One

Picking your grandparent name can be a fun experience and bring you close to your new grandchildren.

Concerns and Complications

Umbilical Cord Prolapse: What Pregnant Moms Should Know About It

A risk to your unborn baby you should know about when you’re in labor. What can be done about it?

Do's and Don'ts

Flu Shot During Pregnancy

Getting your flu shot during pregnancy is a very good idea!

Feelings and Emotions

Lies We Tell Pregnant Women

You're expecting, and boy, is it exciting! Well, until Great Aunt Susie starts talking, joined by the ladies at work, and then there's the internet. How do you know what to believe? Soon you don't know how to tame the swirl of mothering advice in your head. Lies? Truth? Somewhere in the middle? We're here to sort it all out for you.

First Trimester

Quitting Smoking During Your Pregnancy

It's difficult but important for the health of you and your child.

Labor and Childbirth

How Doulas Change the Way Women Birth

Doulas offer new, more accompanied ways to experience birth.

Miscarriage and Pregnancy Loss

Signs of Low Progesterone

Your body's reactions can be confusing to understand.

Nutrition and Fitness

8 Reasons to Love Your Pregnant Body

This season is worth embracing.


5 Beauty Apps That Make Every Postpartum Mom Feel Beautiful

Finding the right app can really fill you with inspiration.

Pregnancy Week by Week

4 Weeks Pregnant: Your Pregnancy Week by Week

4 weeks into pregnancy is exciting and may mean talking through unplanned pregnancy or telling your partner about the pregnancy.

Prenatal Testing

NT Screening: What is it? What does it mean if you're high risk?

Understanding "high-risk" is a good way to get the answers you need.

Second Trimester

Go-to Clothing to Transition from Pregnancy to Postpartum With Style

You've gotten used to changing shape - here are a few items that will help that transition look great.

Third Trimester

8 Reasons to Love Your Pregnant Body

This season is worth embracing.

Twins and Multiples

Pregnant with Twins and Scared? Tips for Twin Mommies-to-be

Just find out you're having twins and scared of what's to come? Tips to help you prepare.