Demanding Jobs Linked to Premature Labor

A new study found on Reuters has discovered a link between demanding jobs and pregnancy outcomes. According the study, women who worked physically demanding jobs, long hours, shift work, or temporary jobs were at higher risk of having a baby born prematurely or born at a low birth weight.

Researchers followed 1,100 pregnant women and found that women who considered their jobs physically demanding were more likely to have a premature or underweight baby than women who did not work at more sedentary jobs.

The study, published in the obstetrics and gynecology journal BJOG, found that of the women that reported working in physically demanding jobs, 21 percent delivered an underweight baby compared to a 14 percent rate of underweight babies in the moms who did not work physically demanding jobs.

Women who worked a lot of over time or who did shift work were also at higher risk for delivering an underweight baby.

Interestingly, long hours and shift work were not the only factors that resulted in premature birth and underweight babies, working temp jobs also appears to contribute to premature labor. Women who had temporary jobs were four times more likely to give birth prematurely than women who had permanent positions.

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