The 411 on Doulas, Midwives, Home Births and Birth Centers from Inhabitots

In the last decade, more and more women in the United States are beginning to take charge of their births. The groundbreaking documentary films The Business of Being Born, and More Business of Being Born have helped educate women about the process of labor and delivery, empowering moms-to-be with vital knowledge to make informed decisions about the way they'd like to bring their baby(ies) into the world.

A hospital is no longer viewed as the only backdrop for giving birth. Home births have risen by a dramatic 20%, between 2004 and 2008. Learn why here. There are many fears surrounding home births, but we uncover the truth behind 5 common home birth myths. There are also myriad benefits in delivering your baby in a birth center. Here are more than 15 reasons why a birth center might be a great choice for your family.

Midwives also offer an array of amazing attributes as health care providers. Learn more about why mothers and babies benefit by having a midwife. Of course, you can still have the birth you desire in a hospital setting. Birth doulas provide invaluable support in any setting. Not convinced you want to hire a doula? We do the research for you! Read Should You Hire A Birth Doula? And if you decide the answer is a resounding "yes!" then read our guide on How To Find A Birth Doula.