Modern-Day Parenting Dilemmas - We Miss the Good Ol' Days

If you're a modern-day parent, you've most assuredly heard from an elder something along the lines of, "I'm sure glad I'm not a parent in today's world!" Nowadays, moms and dads have so many issues to deal with that convolute the art of raising children. Remember when you were a kid, you could play outside til nightfall without a care in the world ? Now we're afraid to let our children out of our sight . Read the convincing case for sending your kids outside to play by themselves . Speaking of playtime, there used to be plenty of it back in the day. But cut to present day and an increasingly competitive academic environment and job market, and many parents push academics over play, which may harm kids' health . On the contrary, some parents feel their kids don't know how to play well enough, so they're paying 'recreation experts' $400 an hour to teach their child how to have fun and interact with other kids . And what ever happened to good, old-fashioned slumber parties ? Kids are no longer allowed to wile away the night having fun with their peers due tooverprotective parental fears. There's also more of a spotlight on gender identification these days. One mom recently wrote a book on raising her 'gender-creative' son , but we're wondering why this topic is even up for discussion at a child's young age of exploration. Parents in this age of technology also have their hands full, monitoring their childrens' social media activity , and trying to limit or eliminate screen time while staying aware of the many downfalls of kids' addiction to tech and screen time . All of these conundrums make us nostalgic for simpler times and the good ol' days!