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From The Message Boards

Making your own cloth diapers

t-shirt fitted diapers

I just made a fitted t-shirt diaper. I used a zig zag stitch around my edges. However, those edges f...

**NEW** Due Date Club of August 2018

Early fetal movement

I have been surprised for a couple of days - I am only 11 weeks and have felt baby movements 3 times...

**NEW** Due Date Club of August 2018

What season baby will this be?

spring, summer, winter, fall? August is winter in New Zealand...

**NEW** Due Date Club of August 2018

Beta Numbers?

I had my first Beta yesterday it was 96 at 14dpo. I know that the number is ok but it is a little l...

**NEW** Due Date Club of August 2018

September due dates

wonder why there is no September due date club yet? I am technically due September 21st (although I...