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From The Message Boards

Unplanned Pregnancy

I think I am pregnant from a one night stand...

So, I have not yet taken a pregnancy test but I have already had this gut feeling for the past week ...

Unplanned Pregnancy

Pregnant From A One Night Stand

Hey Everyone, I am looking for a place to share my story and hope to find women in a similar situati...

Unplanned Pregnancy

Unplanned pregnancy with a stranger.

Hi, my name is Keri, and I got pregnant with a stranger during a one night stand. I got some posting...

Not Trying Not Preventing

Pregnant or Not??

So I got this line nigara it came out of no where it's very faint but still noticeable, so I took a ...

Am I Pregnant

is this implantation bleeding? *TMI*

:tmi:Hey! So I am 10dpo. I woke this morning to some dark red/brown blood on my liner. It was a mode...