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JM Polls and Challenges

his parrtgfents aborftgve

if he utilizes it he will receive rich dividends for his labor. In whate...

Due Date Club of July 2018


We got the results back for gender from the blood test! We're having a BOY!!! We already have 2 boys...

Due Date Club of July 2018

Good news and gender!

Last month all four kids, my mother and my husband came down with Fifth Disease. I asked my parents ...

JM Polls and Challenges

Russia, China jab Trump after president's national security remarks

SAG Awards 2018 Live Stream[/URL...

JustMommies Welcome Center

Sunday some of the best ways people can protect themselves

Fognini - Berdych in diretta...

All About Colors - Teaching Colors to Preschoolers

By JustMommies staff

Teaching your child colors doesn’t have to be boring. Some people teach colors just by pointing to objects and saying what color they are. This is something you can do regularly to help your child understand colors but it is kind of boring. Children love to learn through playing and games so why not
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Baby Geniuses: The Top Ten Educational Games For Your Toddler

By Nancy Da Silva

Have you ever seen a toddler open a present and be more enraptured by the packaging the toy came in then the actual toy itself? You’ll be talking with friends and family and look over at your toddler and notice that he’s playing with the box that expensive toy came in, instead of the toy. What does
» Read more