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Am I Pregnant

Anovulatory Cycle or Pregnant

Hello I am new to fertility forums. I use Natural Cycles and I had some weird temperatures this mont...

**NEW** Due Date Club of July 2018


Anyone getting a preventative cerclage? I am at 13-14 weeks. Praying all goes well and i have no mo...

Secondary Fertility Issues

TTC #3 with unexplained secondary infertility, 1st round IUI

So, I'm new here :D I am 34 TTC #3 after two successful pregnancies in 2007 and 2009. I actually use...

Not Trying Not Preventing

Pregnant or Not??

So I got this line nigara it came out of no where it's very faint but still noticeable, so I took a ...

Due Date Club of June 2018


Vent on the way... I HATE insurance. I don't even know what I'm paying for. I just received a bill...