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From The Message Boards

Due Date Club of June 2018

Annddd......panorama test results are in

Got the call while I’m visiting my family for Thanksgiving so was able share my news with them. I...

Due Date Club of June 2018

JM extra slow?

I haven't been around lately because JM has just been loading SO extra slow. Like walk away and wait...

**Helpful TTC Information**

My iui was horrible

This is my 5th iui. Never any problems today my cervix was stenotic meaning closed so tight he could...

Trying to Conceive

I might just be going crazy.

Husband and I have been TTC #3, this was our first official month of trying. So it wouldn't upset me...

**Helpful TTC Information**

How to conceive as soon as NOW

Hi there Now I know what worked for you won't necessary work for the next lady or the next But ...