Hip Rocking Toys for Tots

Are you ready to rock? Most tots don't even need to be asked that question when presented with an irresistible rocking toy. Let your little one get up on his high horse (literally!) on this Beck to Nature rocking horse, which is so aesthetically appealing it can double as room decor.

The Moulin Roty Les Jouets Retro Rocking Horse boasts an heirloom quality, timeless design that may be passed down and enjoyed for generations. If your taste is more modern than retro, get a load of this amazing incarnation of a rocking horse: theHut Hut by Kalon Studios. This rolling ride-on horsie puts a different spin on the classic toy, outfitting the animal with sturdy wheels to ease on down the road. Designer Gunther Schunn's kid-powered light-up rocking horse introduces kids to the concept of green technology by lighting up once kids put it in motion. You'll be spoiled for choice when you behold our round-up of 7 rip-roarin' rocking toys for green kids. James Harvey's amazing cast of handmade rocking animals include a rhinoceros and an elephant, and proceeds from their sale go to animal conservation efforts in Africa. PlanToys' rocking alligator and pony are colorful, adorable and affordable! Giddy-up!