Tips on Volunteering and Doing Charity Work as a Family for the Holidays

The giving spirit of the holiday season inspires many people tovolunteer their time and resources to support charities. This comprehensive guide to volunteering with kids will help you get you started down the do-gooding path with youngsters in tow. We also suggest six family-friendly green volunteer projects for the holidays , from collecting winter coats to creating handmade goods . Family traditions are always a treasured part of gathering to celebrate as a clan. Why not strengthen your brood's bond by volunteering at your favorite local charity? These seven sustainable ways to celebrate the days leading up to Christmas include playing secret Santa for a neighbor in need by leaving a home-cooked dinner or some sweetly wrapped toys on their doorstep. Spending time with the grandparents this holiday? Ask grandma and grandpa what their favorite cause is and have them share it with their grandchildren via volunteering. Many of the best holiday gifts can't be purchased in a store. Give your kids the priceless gift of learning to care about others by making one of their presents a voucher to donate money to the charity of their choice. Another way to give back? Adopt a rescue dog who needs a forever home. There's typically an upswing in pet adoptions during the holiday season, but please make sure you're ready for the responsibility of caring for a dog. Here are 8 questions to ask before adopting a canine companion.