Bingo Questions Bingo Answers
1. What country is Erik the Red from Norway
2. Who is Leif Erikson's father? Erik the Red
3. what describes the type of weather a place has over a long period of time? climate
4. What tells the subject of a map? map title
5. What explains what symbols mean on a map? legend
6. On a map, what is something that stands for something else? symbol
7. What are imaginary lines running east to west across the earth? latitude
8. What is 0° latitude and the halfway point between the North Pole and South Pole? equator
9. What are imaginary lines that run north to south across the earth? longitude
10. What is 0° longitude and an imaginary line running north to southg through Greenwich, England? Prime Meridian
11. Where was Vinland? America
12. What was the name of the king in the story Leif the Lucky? Olav
13. What direction would you be going if you traveled from Iceland to Greenland? west
14. What direction would you be going if you traveled from Iceland to Norway? east
15. Who was the first white child born in America according to the story Leif the Lucky? Snorre
16. What was something they had on the prow of the ship? dragon head
17. What did the Vikings call the natives of America? Skrellinger
18. The Vikings left Vinland because they didn't feel _____ any more.


19. What was another name for the Vikings? Norsemen
20. King Olav had taken the _____ faith. Christian
21. What was the climate in Greenland? cold
22. Latitude and longitude are measured in ____. degrees
23. What did the people of Vinland do with their furs? barter
24. Why did Leif call America Vinland? grapevines