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Vikings Unit Study

In this unit study you will learn about Leif Erikson, Erik the Read and the Vikings. You will also learn some basic geography including latitude and longitude and directional terms. You will learn how to use a map and make some maps of your own. You will get to dress up like a Viking, build a Viking long house, make your own Viking games and more. This unit study is geared for elementary students and planned as a 4 week unit.

Lesson 19

1. Read pages 28-31 in Who Were the Vikings.

2. Get out your map of where the Vikings went. Point out all the places Vikings went. Review the 5 oceans and 7 continents.

3. How did Vikings find their way? Was Greenland green? What was the climate in Greenland. Review the meaning of climate.

4. Finish your Viking costume. Make a Viking helmet.

Instructions for making a Viking helmet

  • Measure around your child's head. Cut out a strip of poster board the length of your child's head plus an additional inch. (You will need a little extra room once you wrap this in tinfoil.) Tape the ends together to make the base of your helmet.
  • Cut two more strips of poster board about an 1 1/2 inches wide. Tape these two strips to your crown in a cross pattern making the top of your helmet.
  • Take two styrofoam cones to make your horns. (These can be found in the imitation floral section of your local craft store.) You will need 2-3 golf tees for each horn to put these in place. Line up the "horns" on the poster board on the section running left to right across the top. Push the golf tees through the poster board and into the styrofoam to hold the horns in place.
  • Wrap your helmet in tinfoil.

Lesson 20

It's party time!

Get out your Vikings costumes and decorations. Use your recipe for making Viking wild berry juice and make up a batch of your own. Make sure to bring your invitations to your party.

Get dressed up in your full costume and read your Viking poems and play hnefatfl!

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