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Trying to Conceive

TTC Lingo. Pretty funny!

I thought you ladies would get a kick out of this video since,'s your life right now! LOL TTC Lingo is really a whole new language, isn't it? :D ...


Kids Friendly Video Content

Hi mothers out there, I found some children friendly content videos and I thought I should spread my word to you guys. He is called Marky Monday and he post videos on every Monday on YouTube. If you decide you like it, please subscribe to channel. Thanks. :)...

JustMommies Welcome Center

Weekly Pregnancy Info VBlog

Hello Soon to be Mommys!!! I am creating a VBlog with information about pregnancy week by week as well as other important topics that you will want to know about during your pregnancy! Youtube Username: AMomToBe This is my first Child and I would LOVE to share the knowledge that i have gained from research, social life and my own pregnancy! I would also love you to share your experiences, questions and or opinions as comments, Video responses or messages! If you enjoy the videos plea...

In the News

Supreme Court Will Take on Violent Video Games, Finally


In the News

Boy Scouts now offer video game merit awards

Mainstream media (by way of the blogosphere) recently became aware of the six-month-old news that (OH NOES!) Boy Scouts of America now offers video game awards in the form of a belt loop and the more advanced video game pin....

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