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When Your Teen Doesn’t Want to Go to College

Justin just isn't ready for college. He's not even sure if he ever wants to go to college, and tells his mom "No, not interested." What would you do if he were your child?

Baby Names from the 80s

What were you doing in the 80's? Moon-walking with Michael? Playing Pac-Man on your Atari?

The Realistic & Amazing Bodies of Mothers

Every mother who has grown a baby and given birth knows what an absolute miracle it is that a woman's body is capable of such magnificent undertakings .

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Hi! Am looking for a new siggy. A turning 2 bubble fun siggy with multiple photos. Thanks!...

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Joining in!

Well, I never thought I'd have 4 children but here I am. In shock and disbelief! My name is Jess, m...

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We mentioned in another thread about not sleeping well. Is anyone else having dreams that are getti...

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My baby's beat app

I found this app for iPhone and was super curious! It allows you to listen to LO's heartbeat. I was...

**NEW** Due Date Club of April 2015

When is your first appointment?

My nurse intake is august 28, I'll be 9 weeks. And my first Dr. Appointment isn't until September 8...

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