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7 Signs You Might be a Tiger Mom

If you haven't heard the term "Tiger Mom," you may be surprised to learn that people consider you to be one.

Top 7 Potty Training Mistakes

So you think you're little one is ready to potty train? If she's been waking up dry in the morning, or has expressed an interest in the potty...

Relaxation and Meditation Techniques for Kids

Your child may not talk to you about stress. That's because children usually don't know what stress is or how to verbalize when they are experiencing it.

The Common Core FAQ

Although the Common Core State Standards (referred to as "Common Core" or CCSS), a set of K-12 English and Mathematics education standards...

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December 2014 Playroom

My Little Man is here! :)

Sorry it's taken me so long to post pictures! Breastfeeding takes up way more time/sleep than I had...

Due Date Club of March 2015

What's everyone up to this weekend?

Hi Mommas, Anyone have plans this weekend? I'm laying low, just finishing up that To Do list I ha...

Due Date Club of March 2015

Jakobee Redell Micah (pics)

OK so figured out how to upload pics from my phone so here he is :) I am so in love!...

Due Date Club of March 2015

Jakobee is here!!!!!

I had Jakobee this morning at 9:33am.. Went into labor last night around midnight and pushed 3 times...

Due Date Club of March 2015

Go boobs!

Ok, yea, boobs are full on leaking now. I think, maybe Vienna, posted something about this a few we...

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