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B's Adventure Part 1: A Nap Bait and Switch, Neon Green Poop, and a Route Inspection – Smithers
August 14 10:48am

Scary Monsters – Smacksy
August 14 6:47am

Places I've Pumped Part 3 -- The Time it Got Awkward – Smithers
August 5 10:03am

Why/How I Don't Scream at My Kids – ommilay
August 5 9:27am

Glitter Jars – jenn0324
August 5 7:23am

40...... – Nina
August 4 12:39pm

Look Fast – Smacksy
August 4 9:10am

DIY Wood Stain Using Food Coloring – ommilay
August 4 7:31am

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Due Date Club of January 2015

TPBM Thursday!

Let's play TPBM (the person below me)! Respond true or false to the previous poster's statement and...

Due Date Club of February 2015

Horrible news for my family

I just wanted to kinda update you girls. I haven't on been on as much as usual, because my family is...

Due Date Club of January 2015

Anatomy scan

I had my anatomy scan yesterday and overall went good. The great news is baby is healthy and doing g...

Due Date Club of March 2015

anyone ever get chills .....

So strange, I thought pregnant women were supposed to be hot all the time? I get chills. Bad. Like...

Due Date Club of December 2014

Official DD Club Baby Shower Guest *Please respond by Sept 1.*

Please confirm, this is the final list...haha, since september is one week away or so and I have to...

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