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Savor the End of Summer with Delightful Recipes

Summer is coming to a close as the kids get ready to head back to school. Savor the last days of summertime...

Teens and Sexting: What Parents Need to Know

Teens and texting are two things that go together. Perhaps you have even researched or purchased an unlimited text plan...

How to Lengthen Your Luteal Phase

If you have been keeping a fertility chart, you probably understand what a luteal phase is and know how long yours generally is.

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Due Date Club of September 2014


Just in general. All the time. Over everything. I am so bad, I am driving myself nuts. I snap at my...

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September Roll Call!

Who's here!? Name: Due Date: Team: (pink, blue, green or when is your appt) How are you feeli...

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3 years ttc now it's all go !

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Trying to Conceive with Medical Assistance

Advice on ivf

Starting my first ivf in sep .iv a bag full of drugs lol and tbh I'm scared and excited .my chances...

Trying to Conceive Older Members

August Roll Call!!!

Ladies Ladies Ladies!!!!! August is the month of BFPs!!!! Let's get cracking! Name: Nickname:...

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