14 Weeks Pregnant: Your Pregnancy Week by Week

You are now fourteen weeks pregnant. Your pregnancy might seem to be slowing down a little now. You are probably looking forward to feeling your little guy or girl kick for the first time. If you have been pregnant before you may notice your baby kicking a little sooner than if you are pregnant with your first. At first you might think you are feeling gas bubbles but at some point your baby will give you a good kick and you will know for sure what you are feeling. You may have some questions about what to expect and be curious when your baby will start to move. In this week’s newsletter we are going to discuss your baby’s first kicks and also bonding with your baby in the womb.

What is going on with mom & baby

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Baby: Baby’s crown to rump length is 9-10 cm. (about the size of a lemon). Your baby weighs about 50 grams. Your baby is beginning to breathe and swallow amniotic fluid now. This helps to support the development of your baby’s lungs and digestive system. Your baby has meconium in her intestines now. Meconium is your baby’s first stool. It is made up of amniotic fluid, bile, and shed skin cells.

Mom: You may be having difficulty sleeping. Sometimes women have problems with leg cramps when they are pregnant. If you wake up with a charley horse or leg cramp at night, try stretching or massaging your leg. You can use a towel to stretch with. Wrap the towel around the arch of your foot and pull on the towel as you stretch.

This week’s Pregnancy Checklist

  Check your closet, do you have enough maternity clothes to wear.
  Look at bedding options for your baby’s crib.
  Talk to your partner about any upcoming appointments or ultrasounds.
  Purchase a new support bra and/or maternity underwear.
  Look into options for your baby’s sleep: cribs, bassinet, or Amby bed.
  Take a new belly picture for your scrapbook or journal

When will you feel your baby move?

You may be starting to get anxious about feeling your baby move. Some of you may have already felt something that you think is your baby moving. Some women have felt their babies move very early in their pregnancies and others don’t feel movement until later. Okay, so what is normal? Well, that may depend on who you ask but in general, most women feel their babies move some time between 16 and 20 weeks of pregnancy. If you have been pregnant before you may notice your baby kicking sooner.

What does it feel like?

Your baby actually starts moving around much sooner than when you feel her. You may start to notice quickening soon. Quickening is the term used to describe feeling your baby move. What you probably will notice first is a fluttering or even a feeling that sort of feels like a gas bubble. You may not recognize your baby’s first movements as kicks. It might be hard for you to distinguish quickening from gas. Eventually your baby’s movements will become stronger and more recognizable.

How much should my baby be moving?

When you first start noticing quickening, it may be inconsistent. You might notice what you think is baby moving and then not feel anything again for several days. This is normal in the beginning. Your baby is still kicking around inside you. You just might not feel all of her movements. Once you are feeling your baby kick regularly, you should pay attention to any decrease in movement. If you notice a decrease in movement or are worried you should call your doctor.

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By margaretb1 on 06/09/16 at 7:42 am

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By 1stTimeMommy92 on 09/09/13 at 8:50 am

I am 14 weeks and 3 days and cannot wait for the u/s. Everyone is saying girl, I just cant wait to finally know!!

By Dominicanamomi on 04/15/12 at 9:48 am

I just turn 14weeks like you said MelyssaStar I can't wait for the sex of the baby when I get my next u/s and how big the baby got and everyone I know s  ...

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