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Implantation Bleeding Statistics

Some women experience bleeding when the fertilized egg implants into the uterus. We have created the chart below to help establish some statistics on how many women have implantation bleeding and when implantation bleeding typically occurs. This is based off of emails submissions collected from Justmommies members. .

  Did you have implantation bleeding?  
  Yes No Total                
# 312 562 874                
% 36 64                  
  If you had implantation bleeding, how many days past ovulation were you?  
  5 dpo or less 6 dpo 7dpo 8dpo 9dpo 10dpo 11dpo 12dpo 13dpo 14 dpo or more Total
# 65 19 39 33 35 41 18 34 21 72 312
% 21 6 13 11 11 13 6 11 7 23  
  How would you describe the amount of bleeding?  
  light moderate heavy total              
# 245 58 9 312              
% 79 19 3                

updated April 9, 2007

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